OBSBOT Me: Transform Your Video Calls with AI-Powered Phone Mount

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Welcome to our product⁤ review⁣ blog post featuring the OBSBOT Me AI-Powered Phone Mount! We are excited to share our first-hand experience with this incredible device that⁤ takes your vlogging, streaming,‌ and video calls to a whole new⁤ level. With its‌ advanced features and⁣ stunning⁣ HD visuals, the OBSBOT Me offers an unparalleled video calling experience.

One of the standout features of⁢ the OBSBOT Me is its AI-powered tracking capabilities. Using advanced neural network ‌technology, this phone mount can effortlessly​ track the person in the center of ⁣the video‌ frame, ensuring that ‌you are ‌always the ‌main focus. No extra app or‌ Bluetooth connection is‍ required, ⁢as the built-in wide-angle camera and AI image processor handle all ‍the tracking⁢ algorithms. This means⁢ you can use any app you⁣ prefer, giving you the freedom ⁢and flexibility to create content your way.

Not only does the OBSBOT ‍Me provide exceptional tracking, but‌ it also allows you to show​ your life from the‍ best⁣ angle. With its rotatable holder and universal joint, ⁤you can easily adjust the shooting angle to capture your surroundings ⁢exactly as you⁤ envision. Whether you’re documenting your travels, hosting a live stream, or simply catching up with loved ⁣ones, this‍ phone mount guarantees that your life is ⁣showcased from the most flattering perspective.

The OBSBOT​ Me is not only feature-packed but also highly portable. Measuring just 68*56*139mm, it effortlessly fits in your pocket, allowing you to bring it with you wherever you go. Additionally, its standard 1/4” interface allows ⁢you to mount it to your ⁣tripod, enabling you to adjust the angle and height‌ to capture your desired results. This adaptability ensures that you can create professional-looking videos anytime, anywhere.

One⁣ of‍ the standout components of the OBSBOT Me is its brushless motor.‌ This motor enables ⁢a higher‍ starting speed, ensuring that you are never⁢ left out of the⁤ picture. With ⁢smooth ​and⁣ stable ‌tracking, this device allows you to focus on ⁣your creativity without worrying⁣ about technical difficulties.

In conclusion, the OBSBOT Me AI-Powered Phone Mount is a game-changer for content creators, streamers, and video callers alike. With its advanced AI ⁣tracking, adjustable shooting ‌angles,‍ portability, ⁣and brushless⁤ motor, ‌this ​device provides an unparalleled user‍ experience. So go ahead, connect with confidence and let OBSBOT elevate your video calls⁢ to extraordinary heights.

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$149.00 in stock
2 new from $149.00
Free shipping
Amazon Amazon.com
Last update was on: June 23, 2024 12:11 pm

We were blown ⁤away by the advanced capabilities of the ⁣OBSBOT Me AI-Powered Phone Mount. ‌The wide-angle sensing camera and AI ‍image processor combine to create a seamless⁤ tracking⁢ experience without the need for any extra apps or Bluetooth connections. ⁣Whether you’re using it for vlogging, streaming, or video calls, this content creation kit​ takes your videos ‌to the next level.

One of our favorite features is ⁤the ‌ability to adjust the ⁢shooting angle‍ with⁢ the‍ universal joint and⁤ rotatable holder. This allows ⁣us to always capture ourselves from the best ⁢angle, ensuring professional-quality content every time. Plus, the portability ⁤of ⁢the OBSBOT Me is ‌unbeatable. With its compact size, it can easily be⁢ slipped into our pockets, ready to capture moments on-the-go. And when we really want to get creative, the ⁤standard 1/4” interface​ allows ⁢us⁤ to mount it to a ⁤tripod for even more control over our shots.

The brushless motor is another standout feature. Its high starting speed ensures that we never⁢ miss ‌a ​moment, as ​the OBSBOT Me smoothly and stably tracks ⁤the ⁣person in the center⁢ of the frame. Whether we’re capturing a breathtaking landscape or recording ​ourselves in action, this phone mount keeps us ⁣firmly in focus. Trust us, once ​you try ⁣the OBSBOT Me AI-Powered Phone Mount, you⁣ won’t want‌ to‍ make videos without it.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis:

The⁣ customer reviews for⁣ the OBSBOT Me AI-Powered Phone Mount are generally positive, with a few minor criticisms. ⁢

One customer mentions that the product was easy to use ⁤and loved the way it follows them during‍ their videos. They appreciate ​the versatility of ‌being able to attach it to⁢ any tripod ⁤and also mention the convenient carry case that ⁤comes with it.​ They recommend the product ⁣for those⁣ who​ move around a lot during content creation.

Another customer describes the OBSBOT Me ​as a game-changer for filmmakers, praising its intelligent tracking system, gesture control, and versatility. ⁤They highly recommend it for its ease of use and‌ mention that their ⁢fiancée⁢ also finds it convenient ⁢to use independently.

However, one‌ customer points out a few ‌downsides. They mention that the product⁣ has a hard‌ stop and doesn’t fully rotate, which can lead to malfunction. They also state that it doesn’t handle changes in contrast​ well and lacks a consistent tracking system.‌ Despite these issues, they still‌ rate it 4 stars and suggest improvements for ⁢future iterations.

One customer shares that the OBSBOT Me ⁤was the perfect solution for⁢ their wife’s cooking‍ videos⁢ in⁣ a​ commercial kitchen, allowing her to move around in ⁤real-time.

Several⁢ customers express ⁣their satisfaction with the ‍product’s tracking​ abilities, ease ⁤of setup, and smooth performance. They appreciate that it doesn’t require additional apps or Bluetooth connections. One customer ​particularly likes​ how compact it⁣ is and emphasizes it⁤ as a⁣ must-have for vloggers and‌ content creators.

While most customers have positive experiences with the OBSBOT Me, there are a‍ few minor criticisms. One‍ customer mentions that the⁣ product ⁢loses focus if they turn their head, while another suggests that the tracking is less⁤ accurate with multiple ⁢moving objects or wide-angle shots.

Overall, the customer reviews suggest that the OBSBOT Me AI-Powered Phone Mount is a high-quality and ​functional product, particularly suited for content creators, vloggers,⁣ and those who need to move around ⁤while making videos or participating in‍ video⁣ calls. While there are a few areas for⁤ improvement, such as the ‌tracking system and range ​of motion, the majority of customers highly recommend ⁤the product for its ease of use,​ versatility, and effectiveness in enhancing⁣ video content.

Pros & Cons

1.⁤ AI-Powered Tracking: The OBSBOT Me‌ uses advanced AI technology ‍to track and follow the person in the center of the video frame, ensuring that you’re always in ⁢focus and centered during video calls.
2. Universal Compatibility: Unlike other phone mounts, the OBSBOT Me doesn’t require any additional apps or Bluetooth connection. It works‌ seamlessly with any app of your⁤ choice, ‍giving you the freedom‌ to use ‌your preferred video conferencing platform without‌ any⁣ hassle.
3. Customizable Shooting Angle: With its universal joint and‌ rotatable holder, the OBSBOT Me allows‌ you to adjust the shooting angle to your preference. This feature ensures that you’re always capturing the best and most flattering angle, making your video calls more ‌professional‍ and appealing.
4. Portability ​and Flexibility: The compact size of the‍ OBSBOT⁤ Me (68*56*139mm)​ makes it highly portable and easy to carry around. You ⁣can ‍effortlessly fit ⁢it in ‌your pocket, making it⁢ convenient for travel ⁣or on-the-go video calls. Additionally, with its standard 1/4” interface, you can⁤ mount it to a tripod and adjust its angle and ​height ⁢to capture the perfect shot.
5. Brushless Motor: The OBSBOT Me is‍ equipped⁣ with a⁢ brushless motor, which provides a higher starting​ speed. This ensures‌ that you don’t miss any ⁣important moments during your video calls, as the gimbal smoothly⁣ and swiftly adjusts to keep you in frame.

1. Limited Features: While ​the OBSBOT Me offers advanced AI tracking ‍and a brushless motor, it may ‍lack some of the more advanced features found in higher-end‍ webcams.‌ This product is primarily designed for ⁤video ‍calls⁢ and content creation, so if you’re‌ looking for a webcam with ⁤a wide ⁢range of additional functionalities,‍ you might need to consider‌ other ⁤options.
2. Dependence on phone placement:⁤ The AI tracking of the⁤ OBSBOT Me ⁣relies on the phone being properly placed and visible at all times. If the ‌phone is partially obstructed or​ not positioned correctly, the tracking may not function optimally,‌ resulting ‌in a less accurate video call experience.
3. Compatibility with ⁢larger phones: The OBSBOT Me is designed to hold smartphones, but it may ‍not accommodate larger or heavier models. If you have ⁣a ​bulky phone, you may ⁢need to ‍be cautious ⁢and ensure that the mount can support it securely.
4. Limited connectivity⁢ options: While the OBSBOT Me doesn’t require extra apps or Bluetooth ⁤connectivity, it does lack the ability ⁤to connect wirelessly to other devices. If‍ you prefer wireless connectivity or need⁢ to use the webcam with multiple devices simultaneously, this product may not be the best choice for you.
5. ⁤Limited control options: ​The OBSBOT Me primarily relies on AI tracking ⁣and doesn’t offer extensive manual control options. If you prefer having precise control over​ framing or other settings, you may find⁤ the lack of manual adjustments limiting.


Q: Can I use any app I want with the​ OBSBOT Me AI-Powered Phone Mount?
A:⁢ Absolutely! Thanks to‌ the built-in wide-angle camera and⁣ AI image⁤ processor, the OBSBOT Me can independently‌ handle all tracking⁤ algorithms without requiring any extra ‍app or Bluetooth connection. So feel​ free to use ‌any app‍ you prefer for ⁤your video calls, streaming, or vlogging ​needs. No restrictions!

Q: Can I adjust ⁤the shooting angle with⁢ the OBSBOT Me?
A: Definitely!‌ The OBSBOT Me⁣ comes equipped with a universal joint and rotatable holder, allowing you to easily adjust the shooting​ angle to capture your life from the best perspective. Whether you’re vlogging, streaming, or just having a video conversation, you​ can always show yourself from the most flattering angle.

Q: Is the OBSBOT Me portable and easy to use?
A: Absolutely!⁤ The OBSBOT Me is specifically designed with portability in mind. With its compact dimensions of 68*56*139mm, it can effortlessly fit into your ⁤pocket, making it an ideal ⁣companion for your on-the-go video needs. Plus, its user-friendly app⁣ interface ensures a seamless user experience, allowing you​ to create ⁢content with ease.

Q:⁣ Can I mount the OBSBOT‌ Me ‌on a tripod?
A: Yes, you can! The OBSBOT Me is equipped⁢ with a standard 1/4” interface, which enables you to mount it to your tripod. This feature gives you ultimate flexibility in adjusting the angle and height of your shots, allowing ‌you⁣ to capture your desired results with precision.

Q: How does the brushless motor in the OBSBOT Me benefit me?
A:⁣ The brushless motor in the OBSBOT Me gimbal ⁤offers a higher ‍starting ​speed, ensuring that you won’t miss a single⁢ moment. With this feature,⁣ you can be confident that the OBSBOT Me will effortlessly keep up with your movements, keeping you in the frame​ at all times.

Q: How does the auto-tracking‍ feature work?
A: ‍The OBSBOT ​Me utilizes an advanced neural network to achieve AI tracking. Using this ⁣technology, it ⁤can stably ‌and smoothly track the ⁣person in the ​center of the video frame, allowing you to move around‌ freely without worrying about staying within the camera’s view. Let your inspiration flow⁢ while the‌ OBSBOT Me effortlessly captures every moment.

Q: Do I need a separate app or Bluetooth connection⁢ to​ use the OBSBOT Me?
A: Not at all! ‍The OBSBOT Me is‍ designed to be hassle-free and convenient. Thanks ⁣to⁣ its built-in wide-angle camera and AI image processor, ‌it​ can handle all ‌tracking⁢ algorithms‍ independently, eliminating the ⁢need for any‌ extra app or Bluetooth connection. Simply use any app you like without any ⁣complicated setup ‍or ​pairing required.

Q: Can the OBSBOT⁣ Me capture video in low-light conditions?
A: Absolutely! The OBSBOT Me features HDR low-light correction, ensuring that your videos ‍always look stunning ⁣even in⁣ challenging lighting situations. Say goodbye to dim‍ and grainy video calls, as the OBSBOT Me will make sure you’re always seen in the best light possible.

Transform Your World

In conclusion, the OBSBOT Me AI-Powered Phone Mount is‍ truly a ‌game-changer when it comes to revolutionizing ⁤your video calls. With its advanced‍ capabilities and sleek design, this content creation kit takes video communication ‍to the next level.

Thanks to the ⁢built-in wide-angle camera and AI ‍image‌ processor, OBSBOT Me can independently execute all‌ the tracking algorithms without ​the need for any extra apps or Bluetooth ‌connections.⁢ You have the freedom to use‌ any app ​you prefer, providing you⁢ with ultimate flexibility and convenience.

Capture your⁤ life from the best angle with ​the universal joint and rotatable holder, allowing ⁣you to effortlessly adjust the shooting angle ⁢to showcase ‍your life from the perfect perspective. Furthermore, the portable and extendable design ensures that you can take this camera mount with you anywhere, while the standard 1/4″ interface enables easy mounting on tripods, giving you full control over the angle and height of your shots.

With its⁣ brushless motor, OBSBOT Me maintains a higher starting speed, ensuring that you are always in frame without any worries. The advanced neural network guarantees stable and smooth tracking of the person in the center of the video frame, allowing ‍you to enjoy and express your creativity without‌ limitations.

Elevate your⁤ video calls, vlogs, and ‍streaming experiences with​ the OBSBOT Me AI-Powered Phone Mount. Connect with confidence, showcase your life‌ from the best angle, and unleash your creativity with this exceptional content creation kit.

Are you ready ​to take your video communication to the​ next level? Experience​ the power of the OBSBOT Me ​AI-Powered​ Phone Mount by clicking the​ link below:

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Revolutionize Your Video Calls with the OBSBOT Me AI-Powered Phone Mount

Are you tired of struggling with awkwardly positioned webcam calls that never seem to capture the moment just right? The OBSBOT Me AI-Powered Phone Mount is here to revolutionize your video calls and take them to a whole new level of professionalism and convenience. With its cutting-edge technology and remarkable features, this device is set to transform your virtual communication experience.

Unleash the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Powered by state-of-the-art AI algorithms, the OBSBOT Me AI-Powered Phone Mount tracks your movement effortlessly, ensuring you are always centered in the frame. Say goodbye to those frustrating moments of constantly adjusting your webcam or phone during calls or meetings. With OBSBOT Me, you can now stay focused on the conversation, knowing that you are perfectly captured in the frame for everyone to see.

Captivating Auto-Tracking and Gesture Control

The OBSBOT Me offers an intelligent auto-tracking feature that seamlessly follows you as you move around the room. Its advanced algorithms ensure that the camera smoothly tracks your every motion, allowing you to present, teach, or simply interact during video calls without missing a beat. Moreover, the gesture control feature enables you to easily start or stop recording or switch between different modes with a simple hand movement, adding a touch of magic to your video conferencing experience.

Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Everything in Between

Equipped with an ultra-high-definition camera, the OBSBOT Me delivers crystal-clear video quality, ensuring an immersive and professional visual experience. Whether you need to zoom in to showcase important details or zoom out to capture a larger space, this device seamlessly adapts to your requirements. No matter the context, OBSBOT Me ensures that you always make a lasting impression during your video calls.

Portable and Easy to Set Up

The OBSBOT Me AI-Powered Phone Mount is designed for convenience and portability. Its compact, foldable design makes it easy to carry wherever you go, allowing you to transform any space into a professional studio effortlessly. The quick and hassle-free setup means you can get your video call up and running within seconds, so you’ll never miss a crucial meeting or opportunity again.

Revolutionize your video calls with the OBSBOT Me AI-Powered Phone Mount. Say goodbye to awkwardly framed shots and embrace the freedom of expression. From business meetings to online tutoring sessions, this device will take your virtual communication to new heights, empowering you to connect with others in a way that feels more natural and effortless. Upgrade your video calls today and experience the difference for yourself.

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