Top Travel Cases for Akai MPK Mini Keyboard

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Are you a musician on the go?⁤ Looking​ for the perfect travel case to protect your ⁢Akai Professional MPK Mini Plus USB MIDI ‍Keyboard Controller? Look no further! In this post, we’ll ‌be exploring the top ⁢travel cases for the Akai MPK Mini Keyboard, ⁤including the ‌durable and stylish LTGEM Hard Travel Case in Black+Black. Keep your gear safe and organized while on the ⁤move with ‌this protective carrying storage bag. Let’s dive in and discover the best options for your musical adventures! #travelcases‌ #musiciansonthego​ #akaiMPKmini

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LTGEM Hard Travel ‍Case for Akai Professional‌ MPK Mini Plus USB MIDI Keyboard Controller⁢ with 37 Mini Keys – Protective Carrying Storage Bag (Black+Black)

Top Travel ‌Cases ‍for Akai MPK Mini Keyboard
The LTGEM ‍Hard Travel Case is the ‌perfect way ‍to protect your Akai Professional MPK Mini Plus ⁢MIDI Keyboard Controller while on the go. Made with hard EVA material, this‍ case is semi-waterproof, shockproof, and durable, providing ultimate protection from impacts and splashes.‌ The compact design fits easily in your ​backpack, carry-on, or ‍luggage, making it a convenient travel partner ‌for musicians on the ⁢move.

The smooth 360-degree‍ zipper ensures easy opening and closing, while the custom fit design guarantees a snug and secure fit for your keyboard controller. With outer dimensions of 20″ L x 8.2″ W x 3.2″ H, this case is lightweight yet sturdy, ‍offering peace of ‍mind⁤ for your valuable gear. Whether you’re heading to a gig or just storing your equipment at‍ home, the LTGEM Hard Travel Case ensures your​ Akai ‌Professional MPK Mini Plus ‍MIDI Keyboard Controller stays safe and sound.

– Hard quality EVA ​material for maximum protection
– Compact and​ lightweight design for easy portability
– Custom fit ensures a secure hold for your keyboard controller

– Only fits the Akai Professional MPK Mini Plus MIDI Keyboard Controller
– Keyboard ‌controller not included with‌ the case


Q: What​ makes the LTGEM ‌Hard Travel Case the top choice for Akai MPK Mini keyboards?

A: The LTGEM Hard Travel⁣ Case is specifically designed ⁣to fit the Akai Professional MPK Mini keyboard perfectly. Its durable exterior and soft interior lining provide maximum protection for your keyboard during⁢ travel.

Q: Can the LTGEM Hard Travel Case⁢ hold other accessories besides​ the Akai MPK Mini keyboard?

A: Yes, the ⁢case ⁢features a mesh pocket that can hold cables, pedals, and other small accessories. It also has a secure strap to‌ keep your keyboard ‍in place during transportation.

Q: How portable is the LTGEM Hard Travel Case?

A: The case is compact and lightweight, ⁣making it easy to carry around wherever you go. Its sleek ​design and handle allow for⁤ convenient and comfortable travel.

Q: Are there⁤ any color options available for the LTGEM Hard Travel⁢ Case?

A: Yes, the case comes in a sleek black color with a stylish black interior lining. This classic color combination adds a touch of sophistication to your‍ travel gear.

Q: What sets the ‍LTGEM Hard Travel Case apart from​ other travel cases for Akai ⁤MPK Mini keyboards?

A: ​The LTGEM Hard ​Travel Case is known for its high-quality materials, custom fit for the Akai MPK​ Mini ⁤keyboard, and additional storage space for accessories. It is a top choice‍ for musicians who‍ want to keep their keyboard‍ safe and secure while on the ⁣go.


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LTGEM Hard Travel ‍Case ​ ⁢ ‍ ‍
⁢ ‌LTGEM Hard Travel Case for Akai Professional ​MPK Mini Plus ‍USB MIDI Keyboard Controller⁣ with 37 Mini Keys – Protective Carrying Storage Bag (Black+Black)
⁤ Lightweight and compact travel ⁤case made of hard quality EVA material for improved protection.

‌ $42.99
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Whether you’re a ⁢seasoned ‌musician on the go​ or just starting out with your Akai MPK Mini keyboard, having a reliable travel ⁢case is essential. With options like the LTGEM Hard Travel ⁤Case, you‍ can keep your gear safe and sound no matter where your musical journey takes you. Explore the top travel cases for Akai MPK Mini keyboards and find the perfect fit for​ your needs. Happy travels and happy playing!

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