Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper: Trusted, Strong, and Eco-Friendly Rolls for Everyday Comfort!

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Welcome ⁢to our product review blog ​post for Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper! We have had the pleasure of trying​ out this fantastic toilet​ tissue,​ and⁢ we're excited to share our firsthand experience with you. If you're⁢ looking for a‌ toilet⁢ paper ⁢that combines comfort, strength, and reliability, ​then look ‍no further. Scott ComfortPlus delivers all of ‍these qualities and more. With 12 Double Rolls and 231 sheets per roll, you'll ‌have an ample supply‌ of toilet paper for your​ household. But it's not just about quantity; this toilet tissue ​is also 3x stronger than the ⁣leading bargain brand, ensuring it can handle your everyday needs. Plus, Scott ComfortPlus breaks down 6x faster than the leading brand one ply, making it safe for your septic system and preventing clogs. The ⁢1-ply construction strikes the perfect‍ balance ⁣between softness⁣ and strength, providing you with a comforting ‌clean every time. And let's not forget about the environmental aspect‍ – this ​toilet paper is sustainably sourced ​from ‌responsibly⁢ managed forests and is⁣ 100% biodegradable. So not only will you be enjoying a high-quality product, but you'll also​ be making an eco-friendly choice. Say goodbye to constantly changing rolls, as 1 Double Roll‍ of Scott ComfortPlus is equivalent to ‌2 regular rolls. Finally, if you have any concerns about allergies ⁤or skin irritation, rest assured that this toilet paper is free of perfumes or scents. We highly recommend‌ Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper for its outstanding performance, environmental consciousness, and exceptional value.

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$6.49 in stock
5 new from $6.49
Free shipping
Last update was on: February 28, 2024 3:21 pm

When it comes to finding the perfect toilet paper that offers both comfort and strength, look no ⁤further than Scott ComfortPlus. With 12 Double Rolls of 231 sheets ​per ​roll, you'll have ⁢an ample supply for you and your loved ones. This 1-layer toilet paper is 3x stronger than the leading bargain brand, ⁣ensuring that‌ it won't ​let you down when‌ you need it most. ‌Plus, it⁣ breaks⁢ down ​6x faster than the leading brand one ply,‌ making it septic-safe and clog-free.

What sets Scott ⁣ComfortPlus apart is its unique ⁢combination of ⁣softness and strength.⁢ The thick and plush sheets provide a comforting ‌clean experience that ‌you ‍can depend on. But that's ‍not all – Scott ComfortPlus is not ​only reliable, but it's also environmentally conscious.‍ It is sustainably sourced from responsibly managed‍ forests and its packaging is recyclable. Additionally, this 1-ply ‍toilet tissue is 100%⁤ biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly choice for your household. So why wait? Keep life rolling smoothly by ordering⁤ Scott ComfortPlus in bulk online.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews ⁣Analysis:

In our analysis of customer reviews for the Scott ComfortPlus ‌Toilet Paper, we‌ found a mix of positive and negative feedback from users. It's important to note that opinions are⁣ subjective and may vary from person to person. Here is a ‍breakdown of the key ⁤points mentioned by customers:

1. “Now⁣ why y’all ain’t put‍ me⁤ on?⁢ This thing is inexpensive and I⁤ received it same day​ with prime.‌ I will be ordering this⁢ from now on. Great way to save money as a single mom of boys.”
– One customer expressed satisfaction with the affordability and fast delivery of the product, highlighting its value for ⁣money.

2. “The price online​ (when I bought it) ⁤wasn't much ‍higher than my store's generic brand. ​All kinds of gimmicky words are added to toilet paper⁤ so I generally ignore them, but in this case, they're ⁤true!”
– Another customer appreciated that the price of the Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper was⁤ comparable to generic brands, emphasizing the absence of gimmicky marketing terms and the ‍product's reliability.

3.‍ “This is soft TP​ for sure! However, ​they⁣ need to​ modify the way they advertise ‍it. Its honestly normal⁣ size rolls of TP. I⁤ still got a decent ⁢deal,​ but was disappointed in the size and the time it took to get‌ them.⁣ It⁣ took forever to⁣ get it.”
– A reviewer acknowledged the softness of the toilet paper but expressed disappointment in the size of the ⁣rolls and the delayed shipping time. They suggested that ​the ⁢advertising should accurately represent the product's dimensions ⁣to avoid ⁣customer⁣ confusion.

4. “The durability of this brand speaks for itself! Hence why it’s been around for​ many years. I have sensitive skin ‍and cannot use scented toilet tissue. The price you pay is ⁤worth it too. Highly recommend!”
– A satisfied customer praised the ‌durability ⁤of the‌ Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper, highlighting its long-standing reputation.​ They also appreciated ⁤that ⁤it was suitable ⁣for sensitive skin and considered the price ‌justified.

5. “Standard/Regular/Double/MegaThe line⁤ sure is blurry. This double roll is perhaps​ a little fluffy in size compared ⁤to the standard⁢ roll of my youth.”
-‍ One individual noted that the sizing conventions for toilet paper can be‌ confusing. They⁤ observed that‍ the Scott ComfortPlus ‍Double Rolls were slightly larger than the standard​ rolls they were familiar with from their youth.

6.‍ “This toilet paper strikes a great ‌balance, ⁣offering softness‌ without ⁣causing clogs. While not super soft, it gets the job done comfortably and ‌efficiently.”
– A user praised the product for its​ balance between⁤ softness and functionality. They noted that it did not cause⁣ clogs while effectively performing its ⁢intended ‍purpose.

7. “This is false advertising. These ⁣are definitely not double ‍rolls. In fact, they seem smaller than an average roll. It is soft toilet paper, and the price is very reasonable.”
– One ​dissatisfied customer claimed there was false advertising regarding the size of the double rolls, stating they appeared ⁤smaller ‍than average. However, they ‍did ‌acknowledge⁤ the softness of the toilet paper ‌and its ​reasonable price.

8. “Came packed perfectly nice ⁣and clean. T.paper work's ​very well, it's soft, ⁣happy I found ‌this. This Scott ‌T.paper is worth buying. I will definitely buy this as long⁤ as they have it @ this price. I've already ordered more. Delivery was ‍on time, I recommend this Scott T.paper.👍”
– A content customer appreciated the pristine packaging ‌and the performance of the toilet paper. They expressed satisfaction with their purchase and ‍indicated ⁢a willingness to buy more at the current price. They also commended the on-time delivery and recommended the⁣ Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper.

Based on these customer reviews, it is clear ⁢that the Scott ComfortPlus‌ Toilet Paper is generally well-regarded for its affordability, softness, sensitivity, and reliability.⁢ However,⁤ there were a few concerns raised regarding the size of the rolls and delayed shipping. Despite some negative ⁣feedback, the ⁤overall ​sentiment leans towards positive, with many customers recommending the product. ‍

Pros & Cons

1. Trusted and reliable:‍ Scott ComfortPlus toilet paper has been trusted for generations, making it a dependable choice for your household.
2.‍ Strong and durable: With its 3x strength compared to the leading bargain brand, Scott ComfortPlus offers a sturdy ⁤toilet paper‍ that won't easily tear or break.
3. Comfortable and soft: Despite its strength, Scott ComfortPlus doesn't compromise on comfort. ‌It ⁢features⁣ thick and plush sheets that provide a comforting clean.
4. ⁢Plenty of toilet paper: ⁣Each ‌package comes with 12 Double Rolls of‌ 231 sheets per roll, ensuring an ample supply‌ for you ⁤and your loved ones.
5. Septic-safe and clog-free: Scott ComfortPlus breaks down 6x faster than⁣ the leading‍ one-ply brand, making it safe for your septic system and reducing the risk of clogs.
6.⁤ Allergen-free: This toilet paper is free of perfumes and scents, making it suitable ​for ⁣those with allergies or sensitive skin.
7. Eco-friendly choice: ⁣Scott ComfortPlus is sustainably sourced from responsibly managed forests, features​ recyclable packaging, and ‍is 100% biodegradable, making it a planet-friendly option.

1. One-ply thickness: Some users may⁤ prefer a ​thicker toilet⁤ paper for added comfort, as Scott ComfortPlus is a 1-ply tissue.
2. Bulk packaging: While the 12 Double Rolls offer plenty of toilet paper, the ⁤packaging ⁤may take up space in small bathrooms or storage areas.
3. Individual preferences: Toilet paper preferences can vary,⁤ and some individuals may have different comfort preferences that may not align with‍ Scott ComfortPlus.

Overall, ⁤Scott ComfortPlus toilet paper is a⁢ trusted and ‌reliable⁢ option that provides strength, comfort, and eco-friendliness.⁢ While it⁤ may not suit everyone's individual preferences, it offers many benefits such as ample supply, septic safety, and allergen-free qualities.


Q: Is Scott ComfortPlus Toilet ⁤Paper soft and comfortable?

A: Yes, absolutely! Scott ComfortPlus ⁤Toilet Paper combines ‌just the right amount ⁣of softness ⁢and⁣ strength​ to provide a trusted,⁢ comforting ⁤clean. The thick​ and plush sheets offer a gentle touch, ensuring⁤ a comfortable⁤ experience every time.

Q: How many sheets are there in each roll?

A: Each Scott ComfortPlus Double Roll comes with 231 sheets. ‍With ⁣12 ​Double Rolls included⁤ in the pack,​ you'll have plenty of toilet paper to last you and ⁢your loved ones⁤ for a while.

Q: Is ​Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper ​strong and durable?

A: ⁢Definitely! Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper is 3 times stronger than the leading bargain⁣ brand. Its⁤ reliable strength ensures that it won't easily tear or⁣ break during use, providing you with a durable and long-lasting toilet tissue.

Q: Is Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper ⁣safe‍ for septic systems?

A: Yes, it is! Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper is specifically designed ​to be⁣ septic-safe and⁢ clog-free. It breaks⁣ down 6 times faster than the leading brand one ply, making ‍it⁢ a great choice for those with septic systems.

Q: Does Scott ComfortPlus ⁢Toilet Paper have any scents or perfumes?

A: ⁤No, it doesn't! Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper is‌ free of⁤ any ⁢perfumes or scents, so you don't⁣ have⁤ to worry about ​allergies or irritation. ​It's a gentle and fragrance-free option for anyone with sensitive skin.

Q: Is Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper ‍environmentally friendly?

A: Yes, it is! Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper is sustainably sourced from responsibly managed​ forests. Additionally,‍ it features recyclable packaging and is ​100% ‍biodegradable, making it a‌ great eco-friendly choice for your household.

Q: How ‌does Scott ComfortPlus compare to ‌ regular toilet paper?

A: Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper is 3 times stronger than the leading ‌bargain brand and ⁢breaks⁣ down 6 times faster. Additionally, 1 Double Roll of Scott ComfortPlus is⁣ equivalent to 2 regular rolls of toilet paper, so you won't have to change rolls⁣ as frequently.

Q: Where is Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper manufactured?

A: Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper is proudly made in the USA ⁢by Kimberly-Clark, a trusted manufacturer of quality household products.

Q: Can I purchase Scott ComfortPlus Toilet ⁤Paper in bulk online?

A: Absolutely! You can conveniently ‌order Scott ComfortPlus in bulk online, ⁢ensuring that ‍you always have an ample supply of this trusted and reliable toilet paper in your household. Keep life‍ rolling with Scott ​ComfortPlus!

Elevate Your Lifestyle

In conclusion, Scott⁤ ComfortPlus Toilet Paper is the perfect choice for those ‌seeking trusted, strong, and eco-friendly rolls ​for everyday comfort. With 12 Double Rolls and 231 sheets ‌per⁢ roll, you'll‍ never have to worry about running out of toilet paper. Not only is it ⁢3x ‍stronger than the leading​ bargain brand, but it also breaks down 6x faster, making‌ it sewer-safe, septic-safe, and clog-free.

What sets‌ Scott ComfortPlus apart is its perfect combination of softness and strength. The thick ⁢and plush sheets ensure ⁢a comforting clean every‌ time. ‌And​ the best part? ‍Scott bathroom tissue is sustainably sourced⁤ from responsibly managed forests, ⁤features recyclable packaging, and is 100% biodegradable.

Now, it's time to ‍keep life ⁣rolling ​by ordering Scott ComfortPlus‌ in bulk‍ online. Click the link below to get ⁣your hands​ on this trusted⁤ toilet paper that offers comfort, strength, and eco-friendliness all in one!

[Click here to order Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper now!](

Remember, when it comes to toilet paper, trust Scott ComfortPlus to provide the comfort and clean you need.

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