Say Goodbye to Annoying Seat Gaps: A Review of Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Fillers

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Welcome to our product review blog post, where ​we will be sharing our first-hand experience ⁣and insights on the‌ “Drop Stop – The Original Patented Car Seat Gap Filler (AS SEEN ON Shark Tank) ⁤-⁣ Set of 2 and Slide Free Pad and Light”. As car‌ enthusiasts, we understand the frustration of ⁢items constantly falling into ‍that annoying and dangerous gap ‍between the car seat and the ‍center console. That's why we were excited to try out the Drop Stop, which claims to provide 100% Gap Coverage and solve this ⁤pesky⁤ problem once​ and for all. In this review, we will be discussing ⁢the features, benefits, and overall performance of the Drop Stop, as​ well ⁤as our⁣ thoughts on its durability and‍ design. So, let's ⁢dive right ​in and find ‍out if this ​product lives up ⁣to its promises!

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Overview of the Drop Stop – The ⁢Original Patented Car Seat Gap ⁤Filler

Say Goodbye ⁣to Annoying Seat Gaps: A Review of Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Fillers
When it comes to ⁢keeping your car clean‍ and organized, **Drop Stop – The ⁢Original Patented Car Seat Gap Filler** is⁤ a must-have! As⁢ the creators of‍ Drop Stop, we ​know firsthand how frustrating and dangerous it can be to⁢ have items constantly dropping‌ into that annoying gap between your car seat​ and center console. That's why we designed Drop Stop to provide 100%⁢ gap ⁤coverage, giving ⁤you peace of mind while driving.

With its high-grade neoprene casing, Drop Stop is built to last a lifetime. We understand that every car is different, which⁤ is why our product is designed to contract or expand to fit any size gap you may have. And don't​ worry about it clashing with your car's interior – its dark shadow color seamlessly blends with any vehicle. Plus, once you⁤ install Drop Stop, you won't even notice it's there until it stops the⁣ drop!

As a value-added bonus, each package comes with not one, but **two**⁣ Drop Stops – ⁣one for the driver ‌side and one for ​the passenger side. We also include a Slide Free Pad ⁢to ⁤prevent your belongings from‌ sliding off onto the floor, as well ‍as an ⁣LED Credit Card Light for added convenience. Whether you're driving a sedan, SUV, or truck, Drop Stop's universal fit ensures ⁢that ⁤it will work ‍with most vehicles.

Designed with your‌ safety in mind, Drop‌ Stop attaches to the seat belt catch ⁤via​ a built-in slot, allowing it to move with the seat ‌and eliminating the need for⁤ readjustment ⁤or reinstallation. Say goodbye to lost items ⁢and distracted driving caused‍ by reaching‌ into ⁣that pesky gap! As seen on Shark Tank, Drop Stop‌ is the‌ original and patented ⁣seat gap filler that you can trust. Get your set of Drop Stops today and experience a tidier, safer,⁣ and more organized driving experience!

Customer Reviews​ Analysis

Say Goodbye to Annoying⁣ Seat Gaps: A Review of ⁣Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Fillers
Customer Reviews Analysis:

We have⁣ gathered⁣ several ⁢customer reviews of the ​Drop Stop Car Seat ​Gap Fillers to provide you with‍ a comprehensive insight into the product's features and⁤ effectiveness.

One customer shares their satisfaction with the design of ⁣the seat gap‌ filler, particularly highlighting three outstanding features. ⁤Firstly, ⁢they‌ appreciate that ⁢the hole in‍ the back of the filler wraps all​ around the seatbelt buckle, ⁢leaving no gaps. They ‍emphasize that other products tend to bump up to the buckle or leave⁢ a gap, whereas the purpose of‍ the Drop Stop is to‌ eliminate ​the gap ⁣entirely. Secondly,​ they commend the fact‌ that these fillers wrap around and continue on to the back ⁣of the seat, effectively closing the gap between ​the‌ entire seat and console. Lastly, they note that‍ the product is very flexible, enabling it to fit in any gap or configuration. They highly recommend these fillers to others.

Another customer expresses their‌ satisfaction with the effectiveness of the seat gap fillers. ‌They mention that having two kids in the backseat often leads to dropped items getting stuck and lost under the seat. The fillers have been helpful in preventing this issue and⁣ also act as a resting⁤ place for items that would have otherwise dropped⁣ down. With an​ easy installation process, they⁢ have placed⁤ one‍ filler in each car by the driver's seat, ⁤providing a practical and convenient solution to their​ needs.

Another satisfied customer confirms that the seat gap‌ covers function exactly ‌as advertised. They acknowledge that the installation process was simple, and ‌the covers fit snugly and securely between the seats, eliminating the annoying⁤ gap. They value the peace ⁢of mind these covers provide, as they prevent belongings from disappearing into the seat ‌gap. They consider ‌this‌ small investment ‍to have⁣ significantly improved their daily drive and highly recommend the product⁢ to anyone who experiences the frustration of lost items in ‌the seat gap.

One customer confesses their regret for not purchasing these seat gap fillers sooner. ⁣They appreciate that these fillers not ‍only prevent items from falling into the gap but also assist in keeping the‌ car cleaner with less ‍effort. Describing an easy installation process, ‌they emphasize the practicality of​ this product in preventing further crumbs and maintaining‌ cleanliness.

Another customer shares their positive experience with the installation​ of the seat gap fillers. ⁢They mention that they installed them easily without⁤ referring to the ​instructions, as the covers perfectly fit‍ their​ 2016 Accord⁤ coupe. They​ find the black color to be virtually invisible, making them aesthetically appealing. Additionally,‍ the customer⁢ is pleased with ‍surprise gifts that came with the⁣ box, solidifying their high recommendation of the product.

A customer with​ larger hands expresses their satisfaction with the ​effectiveness of these seat gap fillers. They mention frequently dropping and ⁤losing various items ⁤before purchasing⁣ the fillers, but now they no⁣ longer face that issue. They appreciate that these fillers provide a simple solution, significantly improving their sanity and preventing items from‌ getting ⁣lost. They ⁣also purchased fillers for their girlfriend's⁤ car and report her satisfaction as well.

An older woman shares her ‍experience with the seat gap fillers, stating that she frequently dropped ⁣items‍ like credit ‌cards, glasses, and pens down ‍the side of her Subaru. She found it⁤ difficult to retrieve them⁤ due to physical limitations. She purchased these fillers and is satisfied with their performance, indicating that she would buy them⁤ again.

A customer acknowledges that ‌there may ⁢be‌ cheaper alternatives ⁢available, but they found these seat gap fillers reasonably priced and effective. They‍ mention that ‌the product is not as stretchy as they initially expected, but it is durable and saves‌ them time and effort in sliding the seat back and⁢ forth.

One customer comments on the⁤ quality and durability of the product, mentioning that ​it still ‍looks⁤ good ‌after using ‌it‌ for⁢ over ⁣a ‌year in their ​car. They have also machine-washed it with no issues, showing its resilience.

There are‌ a few shorter reviews that express customer satisfaction without providing specific details. These​ reviews indicate that ⁢the product is softer and more useful than cheaper alternatives and that it ‌is a nice and useful product overall.

In summary, the customer reviews of the Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Fillers ​highlight their effectiveness in eliminating seat gaps, preventing items⁣ from getting lost, and providing a practical and convenient solution for car cleanliness. Customers appreciate the snug‌ fit, durability, and flexibility of the product, as⁤ well as​ the ease of installation. Overall ,​ customers highly recommend the ⁢Drop Stop ⁣Car Seat Gap Fillers for anyone who wants to keep their car organized ⁣and prevent lost items in the ‍seat gap. The positive feedback regarding the design, effectiveness, and practicality of the fillers demonstrates⁤ their value and usefulness in improving the ​driving ⁣experience. The few negative comments about the product's stretchiness and initial expectation​ of its flexibility are minor concerns compared to the overall positive reviews.‍ Overall, the customer reviews indicate that the Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Fillers are a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to eliminate seat gaps and maintain a clean⁢ and organized car.

Pros & Cons

Say​ Goodbye to Annoying Seat Gaps: A Review of Drop Stop Car ‌Seat Gap Fillers

1. Effective gap coverage: The Drop‌ Stop car seat gap ⁣fillers provide 100% coverage in front⁢ of,⁤ surrounding,⁢ and behind‍ the seat belt catch, ensuring that no items or ⁢debris fall into the‌ gap.

2. Durable and long-lasting: Made from high-grade ⁣neoprene casing, the Drop​ Stop will never fall apart and is designed to last a lifetime. This‌ ensures that⁢ you won't‌ have ⁣to constantly replace the fillers, making it a ‍cost-effective solution.

3. Easy installation: The built-in slot allows for easy attachment to the seat belt catch. Once installed, the fillers move with the seat and do not require regular readjustment or reinstallation.

4. Universal fit: Each package comes with⁣ two Drop Stops, with one for the driver's side and one for the passenger's side. The⁤ universal​ fit ensures ⁤compatibility with most vehicles, making it a versatile choice for car owners.

5. Bonus gifts: Along with the gap fillers, ​customers also receive a Slide Free ⁤Pad and an⁣ LED ⁣Credit Card Light⁢ as⁤ bonus gifts. These ⁣additional ⁤items enhance the overall value of the product.


1. Limited color options: While the one-color design ⁢of the Drop⁣ Stop allows it to blend⁢ seamlessly with any car ‌interior, some users may prefer more color⁣ choices to‍ match their specific preferences.

2. Size restrictions: Although the product claims to fit ⁢most ⁤vehicles, there may be rare cases where the‌ gap size falls outside the⁤ range that the Drop Stop can accommodate. It is important ⁤to measure the gap before ​purchasing to ensure a proper fit.

3. Reduced seat adjustment ‍options: As the Drop Stop is attached to the seat belt ‍catch, it may limit the⁣ range of seat adjustments available. Some users may ‌find this limitation inconvenient, especially ‌if they frequently‌ adjust their seats for‌ different driving positions.

4. Limited availability: Due to its popularity and its appearance ‍on Shark ​Tank, the Drop Stop may occasionally be sold out or have limited⁣ availability. This could cause a delay‌ in ​purchasing for those who‌ are eager to secure this product.

5. Reliance ​on personal preference: While the Drop Stop is generally effective at preventing items from falling into the seat gap, ultimately, its ⁤effectiveness may vary depending on individual car setups and driving habits. It is‌ essential to use the‌ product as intended​ and pay ‍attention to any specific gap characteristics in order ‍to maximize its effectiveness.


Say Goodbye to ⁤Annoying Seat Gaps: A Review of Drop Stop Car Seat Gap ⁣Fillers
Q: How does the Drop Stop car seat gap filler work?

A: The Drop Stop car ⁤seat gap filler is designed to block the annoying ⁣and dangerous gap between your car or truck seat and⁢ the center console. It attaches to the ⁢seat belt catch ⁢via a built-in ‌slot and moves with the seat, providing 100% gap coverage in front of, surrounding, and behind the‌ seat belt catch. The Drop Stop is made with high-grade neoprene casing, which allows it to contract or expand to fit⁤ any size‍ gap.⁤ Once ‌installed, the Drop Stop blends seamlessly with‌ the interior of your vehicle, and you‍ won't even notice it until it stops the drop.

Q: Will the Drop Stop‌ fit in my car?

A: Yes, the Drop Stop is designed to have a‌ universal fit ‌and will work with most vehicles. The high-grade neoprene casing ‍allows it to ‌adapt ​to any size gap, ensuring a secure fit. Whether you have a compact car or ‍a⁤ large⁤ truck, the Drop Stop will provide gap coverage‍ and⁢ eliminate the frustration of‍ lost items falling into the gap.

Q: What are the bonus gifts that come with the Drop Stop?

A: When you purchase the Drop Stop, you will receive two bonus gifts. The first is a Slide Free Pad, which helps to keep ⁣your phone, keys, and other small items from sliding off‍ the center console. This pad ensures that your belongings ‌stay in place, providing an added layer of convenience. The second bonus gift is ​an⁣ LED Credit‍ Card ⁢Light, which ⁢can be used‌ to illuminate your car's interior. This compact and handy light will come in handy during those dark moments when you need to find something in your ‍car.

Q: Is the Drop ‌Stop easy‍ to install?

A: Absolutely! Installing​ the Drop Stop is​ a breeze.​ Simply‍ insert it into the gap between your seat and center console, and it will stay in place. There is no need for readjustments ⁢or reinstallations, ‍as the Drop Stop moves with the​ seat. It's a hassle-free solution to prevent items from falling into the gap.

Q: Can the Drop Stop be removed if ⁢needed?

A: Yes, the Drop Stop can be easily removed when necessary. However, once you experience how effective it is in preventing items from⁤ falling into the gap, you'll most likely want‍ to keep it in ​place at all times. Its sleek ‌design and seamless integration with your car's interior make it a nearly invisible ⁢addition that provides significant functionality.

Q: Can the Drop Stop be washed?

A: Yes, the Drop Stop can ⁤be washed if needed. The high-grade neoprene⁣ casing is durable and long-lasting, ensuring that the product will not fall apart. For cleaning,‌ simply wipe it with ⁢a damp cloth or sponge to remove any dirt or debris. It's‌ a low-maintenance⁢ accessory that‍ will provide years of reliable use.

We⁣ hope⁢ that this Q&A section has ‍answered any questions you may ‌have had ‍about the Drop Stop car seat gap filler. With its patented‍ design, universal fit, and ​bonus gifts, the Drop ⁤Stop is an essential accessory for anyone looking to eliminate ⁣annoying seat gaps in their vehicle. Say goodbye to lost items and hello⁣ to a⁣ clutter-free car interior with the ‍Drop Stop car seat gap filler.

Unleash Your True Potential

Say Goodbye to Annoying Seat Gaps: ​A Review of Drop Stop‌ Car Seat Gap Fillers
And that's a ‍wrap on our review of‍ the incredible Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Fillers! We hope you found our insights helpful as you navigate the world of car accessories.

Say goodbye to those annoying seat gaps forever with Drop Stop, the‌ original ‌and patented car seat ⁣gap filler that has gained recognition ⁢on‌ Shark Tank. No more fumbling for lost items, ⁣no more dangerous distractions while⁣ driving –​ just smooth, uninterrupted journeys.

What sets Drop Stop ⁤apart is ⁣its unmatched durability. Constructed‍ with a high-grade neoprene casing, this ‍gap filler will ‌never‌ let you down. It expands or⁣ contracts to fit any gap size, providing 100% coverage around the seat belt‍ catch. Installation is a ‌breeze with the built-in slot that attaches securely to the seat belt catch.⁣ Once installed, ‍you won't​ even know it's there until it flawlessly stops any potential drops.

With 2 Drop Stops included in each⁣ package – ‌one for the driver side and one for the ⁤passenger side –‍ you can enjoy the⁤ ultimate peace of ‌mind knowing your belongings are protected. But ⁣that's not ⁤all! As a bonus, you'll also receive a Slide Free Pad and an LED Credit Card Light, making this deal even sweeter.

One size fits most vehicles, and the neutral color seamlessly blends with any interior.⁣ Whether you're driving a sedan, SUV, or truck, Drop Stop has got you covered. ‌It's ⁣designed to move with the seat, eliminating the​ need for readjustments or ⁢reinstallations.

So, why wait any longer?‌ Bid farewell to those pesky ‌seat gaps and ⁣enhance ‌your driving experience today. Click on the link below to get your hands on the Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Fillers now!

Click here to ‌purchase ⁣Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Fillers and transform ⁤your driving ‌experience!

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