Revolutionary INIU USB-C to USB-C Cable: Lightning-Speed Charging for iPhone 15 & More!

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Attention tech enthusiasts! Today, we’re⁤ thrilled to bring you an exciting review of the INIU USB C to USB C⁤ Cable. We’ve had the pleasure of testing out this innovative and powerful charging solution, and we⁢ can’t wait to share our first-hand experience with you. This premium cable boasts impressive features, ‍including lightning-speed⁢ 100W charging, next-gen PD technology, and the utmost in safety and durability. Whether you’re a ⁢proud owner of the ‍latest iPhone or MacBook, or a fan of Samsung or Nintendo, this⁤ cable promises to⁤ revolutionize your charging experience. Join us as we delve into the ‍details and discover why⁣ the INIU USB C ​to USB C Cable is a⁣ game-changer in the world ‍of charging‍ accessories.

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$9.89 $13.99 in stock
4 new from $9.89
99 used from $8.89
Free shipping
Last update was on: June 24, 2024 12:11 am

If you’re in need of a lightning-fast charging experience, ⁢then look no further than the INIU USB C to USB C Cable. With its impressive⁣ 100W charging capacity, you can give your iPhone 15 series a whopping 71% battery in just 30 minutes. This charging revolution is ‌not⁢ to be missed!

But the INIU cable doesn’t just stop at iPhones. It also works wonders for laptops, such as the MacBook Pro 16”. With the new-gen 100W PD technology,​ you ⁤can fuel your laptop up⁣ to 60% in a mere 45 minutes, which‍ is a remarkable 58% ⁣faster than a ‌60W cable. The speed ⁤and efficiency of this cable is truly unparalleled.

The 2023 upgrade of the ⁣100W USB ​C ‌on both ends ensures that all your devices, whether they be phones, tablets,⁣ or laptops, can be powered at a‌ faster speed. With the INIU cable, you can charge a Samsung S22 Ultra to 89%⁣ in just 30 minutes. In comparison, other cables with lower capacities can only⁤ reach up to 54%. Imagine saving 45 minutes of waiting ⁤time every time you charge your device!

Safety is always a top‍ priority, which is why the INIU cable features ‌the latest Emark 2.0 smart chip. Unlike other cables without this chip,‍ which are prone to fires and explosions, the Emark 2.0 chip ensures maximum charging‌ safety by auto-adjusting power.⁢ Say goodbye to battery overheating damage and hello to‍ peace of mind.

Durability is another key feature ‌of the INIU cable. With its exclusive FLYWEAVE⁢ braided ⁢nylon coat and flexible anti-rupture ‍SR joints, this cable has passed the market’s​ most rigorous bending test of over 45,000 bends. While other cables⁤ may break under pressure, the⁤ INIU cable stays intact and ‍reliable.

But the advantages ⁣of the ​INIU cable don’t end there. It ⁢offers even⁣ wider compatibility than 60W cables, ⁢making it suitable for USB C ⁤phones, tablets, flagship notebooks, and even the Nintendo Switch. ⁣This one⁢ cable can handle‍ all your charging needs.

With your‌ purchase, you’ll receive two 6.6ft USB-C to ‌USB-C cables, two cable straps, and a user ⁤manual. Plus, you have the assurance of a 30-day money back guarantee, INIU’s industry-leading 3-year warranty, and lifetime technical support. INIU prioritizes⁣ safety and quality,​ which is why they have ‍over 38 million⁢ global users. Join the⁢ INIU family and experience the safest and⁤ fastest charging‌ possible.

So why wait? Upgrade your charging game with the INIU ‌USB C to⁢ USB C Cable and never be caught with a‍ low battery again.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews‍ Analysis:

We were thrilled to receive this positive feedback from our customers. It’s always great to hear that our products have exceeded expectations and provided a reliable charging solution. Here’s what​ our customers had to say:

1. Long-lasting and Reliable: One customer mentioned that they had bought our original 2-pack a few years ago,​ and only one cable ‌needed replacement ⁤due to wear and tear. ‍Despite a frayed cable caused by a ⁤puppy,⁢ it still carried a charge. The fact that our cables have lasted this long speaks volumes about their durability.

2. No Breakage or Loose Connections: Several customers ‌praised‌ our cables for not experiencing​ common issues like breakage or shorting near the cable heads. The ‍USB-C tips⁣ also remained⁢ secure​ and didn’t⁣ require positioning the cable a certain way to ⁤charge. These qualities ‌ensure a hassle-free charging experience.

3. Convenient Illuminated Charging Head: Our customers appreciated the LED light on the charging head, allowing them to easily locate their ​phones in low-light situations. The light is perfectly balanced, neither blinding nor⁣ too dim.

4. Suitable for Various Devices ‍and Traveling: Our cables effectively handle Samsung 65w charging blocks ​and lower, as well as being compatible with iPhones, ⁣iPads, and MacBook ​devices. ⁤The generous 6.6ft length is convenient⁢ for long road trips, reaching to the back seat comfortably.‌ It’s always great⁣ to⁢ hear that our cables meet the needs of business travelers and offer flexibility in various settings.

5. Durable and Bendable: Another traveler commended our cables for surviving the rough treatment⁢ they experienced while ⁣being folded, ‍scrunched, or tucked in couch or ‍chair sides. The durable and bendable ends ensure longevity and functionality.

6.⁢ Fast Charging: Customers noticed that our ​cables offer lightning-fast charging for devices like PS5 controllers, ⁣MacBook Pros,​ iPads, and headphones. ‌Even short charging sessions significantly increased​ the battery charge of their devices.

7. Reliable Data​ Transmission: Our​ customers successfully backed up their ⁤iPhone 15 Pro without any issues, proving that our cables​ provide reliable data transmission.

8. Excellent Build Quality: Our cables ‌received high ⁤praise for their solid build quality,‌ thickness, and good connection when⁤ plugged in. Our customers were happy with the product’s durability.

Overall, our INIU USB-C to USB-C‌ Cable received overwhelmingly positive​ reviews. We take pride in offering a high-quality product that provides lightning-speed ‍charging and durability. We appreciate the feedback from our customers and are delighted to be able to deliver ‍a product that exceeds expectations.

Pros & ‍Cons

1. Revolutionary Fast ‌Charging: The INIU USB-C to USB-C cable offers lightning-speed charging, allowing your iPhone‌ 15 series to reach 71% battery in just 30 minutes. This is ⁣a ‍charging revolution that you don’t want to miss ⁢out on.
2. Faster Fueling for Laptops:⁤ With the new-gen 100W ‍PD tech,⁤ this cable can fuel your MacBook Pro 16″ up to 60% in just ⁤45 minutes, which is 58% faster than⁣ a‍ 60W cable. Say goodbye to long charging times and hello to fast fueling.
3. Fast Charging for All Devices: The upgraded 100W USB C on both ends of the cable can power​ all your⁢ newest phones, ⁢tablets, and laptops at ‌a faster speed. It can fuel the Samsung S22 Ultra up ‌to ⁤89% in​ just 30 minutes, significantly reducing waiting‍ time ⁤compared to⁢ other 60W and 3.1A cables.
4. Enhanced Safety with Emark 2.0‌ Smart Chip: Unlike other 60W cables that are prone to fires⁢ and explosions, the‌ INIU cable‌ features the latest Emark 2.0 chip.⁢ This exclusive chip maximizes charging safety through auto-adjusting‌ power, eliminating the ​risk of battery⁣ overheating ‍damage.
5. Exceptional Durability: The cable is built ⁣to last ‍with⁢ an exclusive FLYWEAVE braided nylon coat and flexible anti-rupture SR joints. It has successfully passed the market’s most-tested 45,000+ bending test without any damage, in stark contrast to other cables that broke under similar conditions.
6. Wide⁣ Compatibility: With its powerful 100W output, this cable is compatible with a‍ wide ​range of devices, including USB C ‌phones,‌ tablets, ⁣flagship notebooks, and even the Nintendo Switch. You won’t have to worry about⁣ compatibility issues when ‍using this ​cable.
7. Extra Accessories⁢ and⁢ Warranty: When purchasing the INIU⁣ USB-C to USB-C cable, you also receive two 6.6ft ⁣cables, two cable straps, and a user manual. Additionally, the product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee,⁣ an industry-leading 3-year warranty, and lifetime technical support from INIU.

1. Limited Length Options: The INIU USB-C to ⁣USB-C cable is only available in a length ⁤of 6.6ft. Some users may prefer longer or shorter cable options based on their needs. ⁢


Q:‍ Can this USB-C to USB-C cable be used⁣ to charge the iPhone 15 series?
A: Absolutely! Our lightning-speed 100W USB-C to USB-C cable is specifically designed to provide the fastest charging speed ‍for the iPhone 15 series. With our cable, your iPhone 15 can reach a whopping 71% battery in just 30 minutes. Don’t ‌miss out on this charging revolution!

Q: Can​ this ​cable be used ⁢to fuel laptops as well?
A: Yes, definitely! The all-new 100W PD⁣ tech‍ in our cable takes charging speed to the next level. It can incredibly fast fuel your MacBook Pro 16″⁣ to 60% in just⁢ 45 minutes, which is 58% faster than a 60W cable. So if you need to power⁤ up your laptop quickly, our USB-C to USB-C cable is the way to‌ go.

Q: Will this cable charge other devices at a faster speed?
A: Yes, it will! The 2023 upgrade 100W USB C on both ends of our cable can⁢ assuredly power all your newest phones, tablets, and laptops at a faster speed. For instance, it fuels the Samsung S22 Ultra to 89% ‍in just 30 minutes, while other 60W and ⁢3.1A cables ‍can only reach up to 54%. This notably knocks off 45 minutes of your waiting time.

Q: Is this cable safe to use?
A: Absolutely! Our cable is equipped with the latest Emark 2.0 smart⁤ chip, exclusive ⁣to 100W cables. This chip maximizes charging safety ⁣through⁢ auto-adjusting power, eliminating the risk of battery overheating ⁢damage. Unlike other 60W ⁤cables without Emark, which are prone to ⁤fires and explosions,⁤ our cable‍ ensures the safest charging experience.

Q: How durable is this cable compared to​ others?
A: Our cable is built to last! It features an exclusive FLYWEAVE braided nylon coat and flexible anti-rupture SR joints. In fact, our cable was still intact after undergoing‍ the most-tested 45,000+ bending test in the market.‌ Many other cables had broken during the same test. With 20X durability, you can trust our cable to never rupture or ⁢break.

Q: Does⁤ this cable ⁤have⁣ wider compatibility than 60W cables?
A: Absolutely! ⁤With its powerful 100W output, our cable charges an‍ even wider range of devices than those 60W cables. It is compatible with all USB C phones, tablets, and virtually any flagship notebooks,⁣ including‍ the Nintendo Switch and more. No matter what device ‌you have, our USB-C to USB-C ‌cable has got you covered.

Q: What is included in the package?
A: ⁣When you purchase our USB-C to USB-C cable, you will receive two 6.6ft cables, two cable straps for easy organization, and a user manual.⁢ We also offer a‍ 30-day money-back guarantee, INIU’s industry-leading 3-year warranty, and lifetime technical support. We stand behind our product and want to ensure your satisfaction.

Q: Is this⁤ cable from a reliable brand?
A: Absolutely! At ⁢INIU, we ​are ‍proud to provide⁤ the safest charging solutions to over⁤ 38 million global users. We use only the highest-grade materials in our products, giving⁣ us the confidence to offer an industry-leading 3-year‌ warranty. With INIU, you ‌can trust that you are‌ getting a safe, reliable, and top-quality product.

Ignite Your Passion

As we wrap up this product review, it’s undeniable ⁤that the INIU USB C to USB C Cable is a revolutionary charging solution that ​takes speed ‍and safety to the next level.‌ With lightning-fast charging speeds for the iPhone 15 series, fueling your laptop up ​to 58% faster, and compatibility​ with a wide range of devices, this cable truly ‌delivers on its promises.

One of the standout features of this ⁣cable is the Climate neutral certification by ClimatePartner, ensuring that the carbon​ footprint of this product has⁣ been ⁤calculated and offset. By choosing ‍the INIU USB C to USB C Cable, ‍you’re not only getting a ‌high-quality charging solution but also making a sustainable choice for the environment.

The INIU cable ⁢features the latest Emark 2.0 chip, offering superior safety‍ with auto-adjusting⁤ power to prevent battery overheating damage. Its⁢ durable FLYWEAVE braided nylon⁤ coat and anti-rupture SR joints make it 20​ times more durable than other cables, ensuring that it⁣ will withstand daily use without breaking.

With a generous 6.6ft length, you’ll have⁢ more flexibility and‍ freedom to charge your devices conveniently. Plus, with ‍the included cable ​straps, you can keep your cables organized and tangle-free.

In addition to its outstanding performance, ​the INIU USB C to USB C Cable is backed‍ by ⁤an industry-leading 3-year warranty and ​lifetime technical ⁣support. You can trust INIU, a brand with over 38 million global users, to deliver the safest and ​most reliable⁤ charging experience.

Don’t miss ⁤out on ⁣this charging revolution! To experience the fastest charging speeds and unparalleled compatibility, get your INIU USB C ‌to USB C Cable today. Click here to purchase: [INIU USB-C to USB-C Cable]

Experience the future‍ of charging with INIU. Charge faster, safer, and with the utmost convenience. ‌Don’t settle for anything less.

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