Power Up Your Workspace with the VILONG Desk Edge Power Strip: A Review

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We are excited to bring you a comprehensive review ⁢of the VILONG Desk Edge Power Strip with 4 USB ⁣Ports. As avid technology enthusiasts, we understand ​the importance of having easy access to power outlets and USB ports for our constantly growing collection of devices. That’s why we were thrilled to try out this innovative power strip that⁤ promises to meet all our charging needs‌ in a ‌sleek and convenient design. Join us ‌as we share our first-hand ‌experience with this product‌ and give you an in-depth look at its features and performance. So let’s dive in and see if ⁣the VILONG Desk Edge Power ⁣Strip‌ lives up to⁢ its promises!

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$24.99 $36.99 in stock
1 new from $24.99
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Amazon Amazon.com
Last update was on: June 23, 2024 4:31 pm

If you’re in need⁢ of a convenient and reliable power strip, look no further​ than‌ the VILONG Desk Edge Power ⁢Strip ⁣with 4 ​USB​ Port Removable Clamp Power Outlet Socket. This power strip⁤ is packed with features that will make your‍ life ‍easier and keep your devices charged and organized.

One⁣ of the standout features of this power strip is its USB charging capabilities. ‌With a max output of 2.1A per port and a total output of 4.2A, you can‍ charge up to four devices simultaneously. This is perfect for‍ those of us who have multiple devices that always seem to be in need of a charge.

The VILONG Desk Edge Power Strip also comes with a convenient clamp mount. This allows you ‌to easily attach the power strip‌ to your desk, table, shelf, or workbench without having to cut⁤ into the surface. Simply screw in the screws at the bottom of the clamp and you’re good​ to go. This makes it ideal for​ use in a‍ variety of settings such‌ as your garage, computer lab, or​ office.

In addition, ⁤the power strip comes with a 6.5 ft extension cord cable, which is attached to the side‌ of your desk or workbench using the unique desk clamp. This ensures ‍that you have easy access to AC power without the hassle of​ cable‍ mess. Plus, the power strip is ETL certified and compliant with national safety standards, so you ‌can have peace of mind ​knowing that it’s safe to use.

Overall, the VILONG Desk ⁣Edge Power Strip with​ 4 USB Port⁤ Removable Clamp Power Outlet Socket is a versatile and⁤ reliable option for all your charging needs. Its USB charging capabilities, clamp mount, and extension cord make it a convenient solution for keeping your devices powered up and organized. Plus, its ETL certification guarantees its safety. Don’t miss out on this must-have power strip.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis:

The VILONG Desk Edge Power Strip‌ has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers. Users have praised its convenience, functionality, and‌ versatility, making it an excellent⁤ addition to any ‍workspace.

One customer shared their satisfaction⁢ with the ⁤product, mentioning that ⁣it provided easier access to the necessary outlets on their⁢ desk‌ while also helping to ⁣organize and declutter their workspace. They expressed their appreciation for its‌ functionality, stating that it worked great.

Another reviewer ‍highlighted its suitability for home offices, appreciating ⁤the USB ports⁢ for powering devices and its easy attachment to various types of ⁢desks. They found it to be superior to a regular power strip.

The sturdiness and durability of the power ‌strip were commended by a customer who stated that it clamps⁤ securely onto the desk and effectively fulfills its purpose, without needing further elaboration.

A user mentioned that the ⁣power strip works well and they plan to purchase another one due to ‍its⁣ usefulness. Their positive feedback demonstrates their satisfaction with the product.

Another customer shared their experience of using the​ desk power strip on ⁣a wheeled steel table in their kitchen. They described it as a victory, benefiting from the additional functionality and organization it provided. Though they wished for a higher grip and mentioned that‍ it might not be suitable for stainless steel tables, overall, they recommended it⁣ for various uses.

Another reviewer expressed their satisfaction with upgrading their end table with the VILONG Desk Edge Power Strip, noting its compatibility and effectiveness. They found all the ‌USB outlets and plug outlets to be functional.⁣ However, they mentioned that the clamp was not secure enough, causing slight movement when plugging ‍and unplugging cords. They acknowledged that this issue could be easily remedied and still considered it a good purchase, especially for those‍ not wanting to invest in a table with a‌ built-in power strip.

A customer praised the power strip for its contribution​ to their work-from-home setup, reducing wire clutter and providing easy access to power.

Another positive review stated that the product makes sense and is solid, recommending it⁢ to others.

One review was in French, expressing contentment with the product’s convenience and the usefulness of ‍the USB ports for charging a cellphone and Fitbit.

However, one customer mentioned that the power strip did not fit on their desk and required​ modification, highlighting a potential issue with compatibility.

While many customers had positive experiences with the USB power ports, one user found that they failed after continuous use for a couple ‍of months. They ‌needed to‍ replace the ‌USB power ⁤boards in multiple power strips, ultimately finding a cost-effective solution to maintain⁣ the product’s functionality.

In conclusion, the VILONG Desk Edge Power Strip has garnered a significant number of positive reviews due to its convenience, functionality, ‌and versatility. Although a few customers experienced minor issues, the majority of users recommend⁣ this product ​for their workspace needs.

Pros & Cons


1. Versatile installation: The VILONG Desk Edge Power Strip comes with a clamp ⁣mount ⁣system, allowing for easy and versatile installation without the need to ​cut into your work surface. It can be attached to desks, tables, shelves,‍ and workbenches, making ⁣it perfect for use in a variety of settings such as offices, garages, and computer labs.

2. Multiple outlets and USB ports: With 4⁤ AC outlets‌ and ⁣4 USB ports, this power strip offers ample charging options for ‌multiple devices at the same time. The USB‍ ports ⁣have a maximum output of 2.1A, providing fast and efficient charging for most electrical devices.

3. Compact​ design: The power strip features⁣ a compact⁢ and space-saving design, making it ideal for small workspaces ​where every ⁢inch of desk ⁢space‍ is valuable. The clamp mount allows you to attach it to the edge of your desk, keeping it within easy reach⁣ without taking‌ up valuable desktop space.

4.⁣ Long extension cord: The power strip comes with a‍ 6.5 ft extension cord, ensuring that you have easy access to AC power even if your desk⁢ or workbench is not located near an​ electrical outlet. The cord is designed to pass through the back of the clamp, ‍keeping it neatly organized‍ and minimizing cable mess.

5.⁢ Safety certified: The VILONG Desk Edge Power Strip is ETL certified and ⁢compliant with national safety standards, providing peace of mind and ⁣assurance of its ​quality and⁤ safety.


1. Limited clamp size: The ⁤clamp mount system‌ may not fit all types of desks or work surfaces. It⁣ is important to check the size and thickness of your desk before purchasing to ensure compatibility.

2. ⁢Lack of surge protection: While the power strip offers multiple outlets and USB ports, it does‌ not‍ have built-in surge protection. Therefore, it may not be suitable for use in areas⁢ prone to power surges or lightning strikes without the addition⁢ of a separate surge protector.

3. Limited color options: The power strip‍ is only available in a single color option, which may not match the aesthetic of all workspaces or home⁢ offices.

4. Lack of individual power switches: Unlike some power strips, ​this model does not have ‌individual power switches for each outlet⁣ or USB port. This means that you cannot turn off specific devices while leaving‍ others powered on, which may be a drawback for some users.

5. Non-detachable clamp: The clamp mount⁤ system is not detachable, which means that you cannot remove the ‌power strip from your desk or work‍ surface without unscrewing the clamp. This may be inconvenient if you​ need to ​move the power ‌strip frequently or want to use it in different locations.


Q: Can ​I charge multiple devices‍ at once with the VILONG Desk⁢ Edge Power Strip?

A: Yes, the VILONG Desk Edge Power Strip is ‍equipped ‌with 4 USB ‌ports and 4 AC outlets, allowing you to ‍charge multiple devices simultaneously. The ‌USB ports have a maximum output of 2.1A per ​port and a total output of 4.2A,‍ making it perfect for charging most electrical devices at the same time.

Q: How does the power strip attach to my desk?

A: The VILONG⁣ Desk Edge Power Strip comes with an easy assemble mounting ‍system that allows for versatile installation without cutting into your work surface. Simply screw up the screws ⁤at the bottom of the power strip to attach ⁢it to desks, ⁢tables, shelves,⁤ or workbenches. This is ideal for various settings such as a garage, computer lab, office, and more.

Q: Does the power strip come with a long enough cord?

A: Absolutely! The VILONG Desk ⁤Edge Power Strip comes with an attached 6.5 ft extension cord cable. The unique ⁤desk clamp design allows you to‌ conveniently ​attach the power strip right to the side of your desk, counter, or workbench, providing easy access to AC power. The⁢ AC power cord passes through the back of the clip to avoid cable⁢ mess and ⁣keep your workspace neat and organized.

Q: Is the power strip safe to use?

A: Yes, the⁤ VILONG Desk Edge Power ⁢Strip⁤ is ETL certified and compliant with national safety standards. ​You can buy‌ with confidence knowing that this power strip has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its⁤ safety and reliability. ‍It is a reliable and secure option for your home, office, dorm⁤ room, theater, hotel, and more.

Q: ⁢Can I use this power strip with international‌ outlets?

A: The VILONG Desk Edge Power Strip is designed​ for‌ universal use in most ⁤countries. However, it is always recommended to ‍check the compatibility of‌ the power strip⁤ with the specific outlet type ⁢in your country or region before⁤ purchasing.

Q: Can I mount⁤ this power strip on the wall?

A: No, this specific VILONG‌ power strip model is not designed for wall mounting. However, ‍VILONG does offer other power strip models that are ​specifically designed for wall mounting. Be sure to check out their ‍store for their wall mount power strip options.

Unleash Your True Potential

So there you ‌have it, ​our review of the VILONG ⁤Desk Edge Power Strip. We were excited​ to ​try out this unique and⁣ innovative product, and ‌we’re happy to say ‍that it delivered on all fronts.

With its⁣ 4 USB ​ports and ​6.5 ft extension cord, this power⁤ strip is⁤ a ‌charging powerhouse. You can easily ⁤charge multiple devices at once, making‌ it perfect for your home office, reading nook, or any workspace that needs a boost of power.

The‌ clamp mount design is genius. No need to cut into your work surface or deal with ‌messy cables. Simply attach the power strip to the ⁣side of your desk or workbench using the easy assemble mounting system, and ⁢you’ll have convenient access⁣ to AC power right at your fingertips.

What impressed us even more is⁣ the ETL certification and compliance with national safety ‌standards. This means you can use this power strip with confidence, knowing that​ it’s both reliable and secure.

If you’re looking for a⁣ versatile and reliable power strip, we highly recommend the VILONG Desk Edge Power Strip. It’s a game-changer for ​any workspace, providing efficient ‍charging and easy access to power.

Are you ready to power​ up your workspace? Click here to get your own​ VILONG Desk Edge Power Strip on Amazon today​ and take advantage⁣ of its amazing‌ features: [Power Up Your Workspace with the VILONG Desk Edge Power Strip].

Remember, a well-equipped workspace is the key to productivity. Don’t miss out on this fantastic product that​ will revolutionize how you power up your devices.

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