Revolutionize Your Labeling with the NELKO Label Maker: Organize, Design, and Print on the Go!

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Welcome to our review​ of the NELKO Label Maker Machine with Tape,⁣ P21 Portable‍ Bluetooth Label Printer, ​Wireless Built-in Cutter‌ Sticker Maker‍ Mini ⁣Label Makers with Multiple Templates for Organizing Storage Office ⁣Home in ⁣White. As avid label maker enthusiasts,⁣ we couldn't wait to ⁣get our hands⁢ on this product and‍ put it to the test. From the ‌moment we unwrapped it, we were impressed with the sleek and ‍compact design.‍ But​ it wasn't just‍ the appearance that caught our attention; this⁣ label maker packs ⁣a punch when it comes to performance. With BPA-Free‍ Direct Thermal Technology and⁤ high-speed⁢ chips,‌ the printing quality⁣ is top-notch without the need for ink or toner. The built-in rechargeable battery ensured‌ that it lasted for a long time, making⁢ it perfect for all your labeling needs.⁣ And the ⁤best part? This label maker is compatible with IOS & Android phones via ⁤Bluetooth, making it incredibly easy to use. By simply downloading the “Nelko” app, installing the paper roll,⁢ and connecting the P21 Bluetooth within the app, you can have this label maker up and‌ running in no time. The app itself offers over 90+ fonts, ⁤10+⁣ languages, and 450+ materials, allowing you⁤ to let your creativity run wild. Whether you need to organize ​your home, office, or school supplies, this label maker has ​got you covered. Its versatility and convenience make it ‍a must-have for anyone looking to bring a touch of organization and fun into their lives. So join ​us as we dive ‌deeper into the features and explore the endless⁢ possibilities that the NELKO ​Label Maker Machine has to offer.

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Here ‍at NELKO, we are dedicated to bringing you high-quality office products ‌that enhance your overall experience. Our NELKO Label Maker Machine with Tape, P21 Portable ​Bluetooth Label Printer, is no exception. With its sleek white design and wireless Bluetooth⁢ capabilities, this label maker offers convenience and efficiency to​ every user.


One of​ the standout features of this label⁢ maker⁢ is its high-quality printing capabilities. Utilizing BPA-Free Direct Thermal⁤ Technology, ⁤it provides sharp ⁢and clear prints without the ​need for ink or ⁢toner. With a ‌durable rechargeable ‍battery, you⁢ can ⁤rely on this ⁤label maker to‌ work for extended periods without any interruptions. It's important to note that this ⁤label maker exclusively prints black text ⁤but can create colorful label art by using color pattern⁢ label⁢ tapes.

Customer ‍Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis:

The Nelko portable label maker has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers. Users have⁣ praised ⁢its⁤ portability, ease of use,‍ wireless connectivity, ​affordability,⁢ and long-lasting battery life. Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with the printer's ability to⁢ sync easily with various devices, ⁣including Android and ⁤Apple phones. The ability to​ create creative ‍and customizable labels has been‍ a standout feature for many users.

One customer mentioned that they were able to print labels for their post box, ​gate call button, home office items, ‌and ⁣even ⁣their ⁤wife's kids'⁢ pencil ‍boxes. Another user highlighted the ⁣printer's small size, which allowed them to fit it in their back pocket. They⁢ also mentioned that they had been using the printer for five days without needing to recharge⁣ it ⁤yet, despite printing a large number of‍ labels.

In terms of the cons, customers mentioned that the print speed is ⁤not the fastest and that the print quality is good for basic labeling needs but not ‍professional-level printing. Some customers ⁣also noted that the printer ⁤lacks advanced features⁣ like color printing or automatic label cutting.

Overall, customers highly recommend the Nelko portable label maker for‌ its ⁤portability, ease of use, wireless connectivity, and ability to create customizable labels for various uses. The affordable price‌ point and the ‌versatility of label sizes and types have been major selling points for customers. Although there are some minor ⁤drawbacks, customers find​ the printer to ⁣be a⁢ great ⁢value for its price and a​ useful addition to their organizational toolkit.​

Pros & Cons

1. High-quality printing: The NELKO Label Maker uses BPA-Free Direct Thermal Technology, which produces high-definition prints without⁣ the need for⁣ ink ‌or‌ toner. ​It also has a durable rechargeable battery, allowing⁣ for⁣ extended use.
2. Easy to⁢ use:​ The label⁢ maker is‍ compatible⁣ with both ​iOS and Android phones, and the setup process is simple. All⁣ you need​ to do ⁤is​ download the “Nelko” app, install the‌ paper ⁤roll, connect the Bluetooth within the app, and start printing. The app also ‍offers ‌a wide range of fonts, languages, ‌and ‌materials for customization.
3. Multiple creative functions⁣ and templates: The label maker app provides various ​features and templates for designing label stickers,‍ including text, QR ⁣codes, barcodes, images, and borders. This allows users ‌to​ create personalized and professional-looking labels for ⁤various purposes.
4. Versatile usage: The NELKO Label Maker can⁣ be used⁣ in various settings, such as for​ organizing⁢ clothes, food storage, cosmetics, mailings, notebook tags,⁤ price tags, and reminders. It is​ also suitable​ for schools, allowing teachers‍ to label classroom items and students to personalize their belongings.
5. Portable and convenient: The ‍2023 new version of the label‍ maker is smaller and ⁤lighter than traditional label makers, making it highly portable.​ With its wireless Bluetooth capability, it can be⁣ carried in your‍ pocket, enabling you to print labels⁣ anytime and anywhere.

1. Monochrome printout: The NELKO Label Maker only prints black text, which may limit options‍ for creating color label artworks. To print color labels, you need to ‌use color pattern label tapes.
2. ‍Not compatible with computers: ‌The label maker only works with iOS and ⁤Android phones through Bluetooth connection,⁢ so it cannot ⁢be used with computers.
3. Fixed label lengths: The length of labels is ⁢fixed and includes specific dimensions, such as 12x40mm, 15x30mm, and ‌15x40mm. This means that continuous‍ label ‍tapes are not supported.
4. Charging adapter not included: The‌ label maker comes with‍ a durable ⁢rechargeable battery, but the charging adapter is not included in the package, so you⁢ will need​ to purchase it ⁣separately.

Overall, the NELKO Label Maker offers high-quality printing, ease of use, creative customization options, ‌versatile⁣ usage,‌ and portability. However, it ⁤has some limitations such as monochrome​ printout, ⁤lack of compatibility with computers, ​fixed label lengths, and the need for a separate charging adapter. Despite these drawbacks, the NELKO Label Maker is a reliable and convenient tool for all your labeling needs.


Q&A Section:

Q:‌ Can this label maker print in color?
A: No, the ​NELKO Label Maker Machine with Tape only prints in black ‍text.‍ However,‌ you can create color label artworks by using color pattern ⁢label ⁣tapes ‍for printing.

Q: Is charging adapter ​included?
A: No, the charging adapter is not included with the label maker. ​You will need to purchase it separately.

Q: Can I connect the label maker to my computer?
A:⁣ No, the ⁢NELKO label maker is only compatible with IOS and ‍Android phones via Bluetooth connection. It does not‌ work ⁢with computers.

Q: How‌ do I set up and use the label maker?
A:⁣ Setting up the NELKO label maker is easy. First, download the ⁣”Nelko” app from Google Play or the App Store. Then, install ⁣the paper ‍roll and connect the P21 Bluetooth within the app. Finally, choose a quick template from the app and​ start printing. Please note that the ⁤label maker machine ‍with tape app includes more than 90+ fonts, ‌10+⁢ languages, and⁢ 450+ materials.

Q: Can I create custom labels with this label ‍maker?
A: Yes, the label maker includes⁢ multiple creative functions and⁤ templates, allowing you to easily ‍create various design label ‍stickers from the app. You can add text, QR codes, barcodes, images, time, borders, and more to your labels.

Q: What sizes of labels ⁤are supported?
A: The labels sizes supported by the label⁤ maker are⁣ fixed and include 12x40mm, 15x30mm, 15x40mm, and more.⁤ Please note that continuous label tapes are not supported.

Q: What can I use ​the label maker for?
A: The label maker is widely used in home, office, and school settings. In⁢ the home,‍ it can be used for organizing clothes, food ‌storage, cosmetics items, and mailings. In the office, it can help with⁣ notebook ‍tags, price tags, reminder tags, and⁢ other office ​supplies.⁤ In school, ⁢it is great for classroom ‍teacher and kids' school items, personal item identification, ⁤and name tags. The label maker brings fun and convenience to all of these settings.

Q: Is the label maker portable?
A: Yes, the 2023 new version of the NELKO ‍label​ maker is smaller, lighter, and more‍ convenient for users to carry. It is designed to ⁤be wireless and can easily slip into ‍your pocket, allowing ⁣you to ‍print labels anytime, ⁤anywhere.

Q: Can you ⁣recommend a specific label paper for better printing quality?
A: We ⁤recommend using our NELKO thermal label paper for better printing quality.

Embrace a New Era

In conclusion, the NELKO ‍Label Maker Machine with Tape, P21⁤ Portable Bluetooth Label Printer is⁣ a revolutionary device that will completely transform your labeling experience. With its high-quality printing capabilities, easy-to-use functionality, and multiple creative functions and templates, this label maker is a‌ must-have for anyone looking to organize, design, and ‍print on the go.

The NELKO Label Maker is‍ equipped with BPA-Free Direct Thermal Technology, ensuring that you can enjoy‍ high-definition printing without the need for ink or toner. Its durable rechargeable battery allows for long-lasting‍ use, making it perfect for your‌ labeling needs.⁤ Additionally, the compact and portable design‍ of this label maker allows you‌ to ‌slip it into your pocket, ensuring that‍ you ​can print labels ⁤anytime and anywhere.

With‍ the NELKO ‍Label Maker, creating personalized labels has⁢ never been easier.⁢ The accompanying app provides a wide range of free features and templates, allowing⁢ you ​to ⁣design custom label stickers with ‌text, QR codes,⁤ barcodes, images, and borders. You can use this label maker for various purposes, ‌whether it's organizing your home, office supplies, ⁣or school items.

Don't miss out on the convenience and fun that the NELKO Label Maker brings. Take the first step towards revolutionizing your labeling by clicking the link below to purchase the NELKO Label Maker‌ Machine with Tape on Amazon:

[Revolutionize Your Labeling with the NELKO Label Maker]

So why wait? Get your​ NELKO Label Maker ⁢today and⁢ experience‌ the convenience and ⁣creativity it offers.

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