Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug: Extend Your Smart Home Outdoors – Voice Control, Easy Setup, Weather Resistant

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Experience the convenience and control of the Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug, a must-have for any smart home enthusiast. ​This innovative device allows⁤ you to extend⁣ your ⁢smart home ‍capabilities to the outdoors, giving you the power to control your landscape lighting,‌ swimming pool pumps, holiday lights, and other appliances with ease. With its IP64 weather resistance, this smart ​plug is built to withstand the⁢ elements and provide reliable performance.

What sets the Kasa Outdoor⁢ Smart Plug apart is its compatibility ‌with popular voice assistants, such as⁢ Alexa and Google Home. Imagine the luxury of turning your outdoor electronics on and ‍off with just your⁤ voice commands. Whether you’re at⁣ home, in the office,​ or on vacation, you ⁤can easily control​ your ⁢devices from anywhere using ⁤the Kasa app on your smartphone.

Setting up the Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug ‍is a breeze, thanks to its⁣ user-friendly interface and step-by-step installation guidance. Simply plug it in, connect it to​ your home Wi-Fi, and⁣ follow the instructions on the app. You’ll be up and⁤ running in no time.

One of the⁣ standout features of this smart‍ plug is its scheduling​ capabilities. With the ability to set schedules or countdown‌ timers, you can automate your devices to turn on and‍ off at specific times. And with the sunset/sunrise offset option, the Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug can adjust its actions according to the real daytime, making it even smarter and more convenient.

When it comes to reliability, Kasa ‍is⁣ a trusted brand with over 6 million users worldwide. In fact, it has been recognized as the Reader’s​ Choice of PCMag 2020. Plus, with a 2-year warranty and a user manual for reference, you can feel confident in your purchase.

Not only does the Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug offer unmatched control ⁤and convenience, but it also boasts a long Wi-Fi​ range of up to 300 feet. With its built-in power amplifier, this smart plug ensures a strong ‍signal even in open spaces. Additionally, it features two ⁣individually controllable AC outlets,‍ providing flexibility for all⁣ your outdoor devices.

Don’t miss ‌out on the opportunity to enhance your ⁣outdoor living experience with the Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug. With its powerful features, seamless integration with smart assistants, and robust weather resistance, it’s a game-changer for any smart home enthusiast. Say goodbye ​to complicated setups and hello to effortless control. Get yours today and transform your outdoor space into a truly connected haven.

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$18.99 $24.99 in stock
5 new from $17.49
4 used from $15.04
Free shipping
Amazon Amazon.com
Last update was on: June 23, 2024 7:31 am

The Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug is⁢ a must-have ⁣for anyone looking to extend their smart home capabilities ⁤outdoors. With ⁤its IP64 weather resistance, you‍ can⁣ confidently⁢ use‍ this smart plug with landscape lighting, swimming pool pumps, holiday lights, or any other outdoor appliances. One of⁢ the standout features of this smart plug is its sunrise/sunset⁣ offsetting, which allows you to schedule your ⁣connected devices with precision.

Using the Kasa app, you can easily set up and connect the smart plug to your home Wi-Fi, as well as integrate it ‍with ‍Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control.‍ Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on vacation, you can conveniently turn electronics on and off from anywhere using your smartphone. With a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection, the setup process is a breeze, and you’ll have access to ‍the full range of ‌features that ‍the Kasa app offers.

The ​Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug also offers scheduling options, allowing you to automate the on and off times of your appliances. You‍ can easily ‌set your smart plug to turn on and off according to‌ your preferred time⁣ or use the sunset/sunrise‌ offset ‌to make it even smarter by acting according to the real ⁣daytime. With this smart plug, you can have peace of mind knowing that it’s trusted by over 6 million users and comes with a 2-year warranty. Plus,​ its long Wi-Fi range of up to 300 feet and IP64 weather resistance ensure that it can ⁣withstand outdoor conditions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ⁢control your ⁣outdoor electronics with ease and convenience – get ​the Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug today!

Customer⁢ Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis:

In this section, we⁣ will analyze customer reviews for the Kasa​ Outdoor ⁤Smart Plug. Overall, the reviews are positive, highlighting the convenience, ease of use, and durability of the product. However, there are ⁣a few issues mentioned regarding ⁣integration with Google Home and water resistance.

One customer⁢ mentions that they were looking for a smart plug that can be controlled by Alexa with one command, and ‌they found exactly that in ⁢the Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug. They ⁢appreciate that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, they did mention that during⁢ the⁤ setup ‌process, the device had a previous configuration, which they had to delete. This⁢ raises concerns‌ about the possibility of purchasing a previously used product. Nonetheless, they are satisfied ⁢with its performance and have set it up with Alexa instead of using the Kasa app ‍to⁣ avoid data sharing.

Another customer experienced some difficulties integrating the smart⁢ plug with Google‌ Home. It took multiple attempts, but ultimately, they were able to‌ connect it successfully. They had planned to return the device but decided to give it one last try, and it started working perfectly. They have ‌been using it for a routine, turning it‌ on at⁣ night and off ​in⁤ the⁣ morning, without any issues. This showcases the importance of ‌persistence and patience when setting​ up ⁤the device.

One customer mentions that they have been using the Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug‌ for‌ a year to control their outdoor pond’s fountain and de-icer. They appreciate the ability to set timers and ​schedules through the app, as well as the ⁣fact that each outlet can be controlled separately. They also praise its durability, mentioning that⁣ it has withstood harsh weather conditions without any problems. This customer plans ⁤to purchase a second one for their outdoor‍ heater and bug zapper, showing their ⁣satisfaction with the product.

Another customer states that‍ the Kasa Outdoor ​Smart Plug has been a game-changer for ⁢their outdoor electronic‍ devices and lighting. They‍ highlight its ease of installation, reliability, and integration with voice assistants.‌ However, they suggest improvements such as a sturdier outlet cover and more advanced voice command control ​for individual⁢ outlets. Despite these suggestions, they⁢ highly recommend the product for anyone looking to make their outdoor devices and ⁣lighting smart.

A customer who purchased the smart plug for their Christmas decorations found it easy to add​ to the Kasa app, where they already had existing smart bulbs‍ and plugs. They appreciate⁢ the ability‌ to control⁢ each outlet independently and mention that there were ‍no connectivity‍ issues with their WiFi. They also ⁣mentioned the scheduling feature, ‌which will be useful for their holiday decorations.

Another customer mentions that the smart plug works flawlessly with a good internet connection. They set it up once and didn’t have to worry about their decorations for⁢ a month, as the ⁢plug turned them on in ​the morning and off at night. They appreciate the ability to adjust ‍the settings ⁤separately for each outlet.

There are also a few positive reviews that are not in English. These reviews highlight the overall quality, ease of use, and reliability of the Kasa Outdoor ⁢Smart Plug.

Overall,⁤ the majority of customers express satisfaction with the Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug, praising its⁣ convenience,⁢ durability, and ease of use. Some customers experienced minor issues during the setup ‍process,⁤ specifically with integrating the device with Google Home. However,⁢ these issues were resolved, and the product performed‌ well afterwards. The ability to control⁣ each outlet independently and the durability of⁢ the device are ‌also appreciated features.

Pros & Cons

– Voice Control:⁤ The Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug allows for⁤ convenient hands-free control of any outdoor electronic appliances through voice commands via ​Alexa ⁢or Google Home Assistant. ⁢This ⁢feature ⁣provides added ‌convenience and ‍ease of use.
– Easy Setup:⁣ The setup ‍process for the ⁣Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug is simple and straightforward. With the Kasa app, ⁣users can easily connect the smart plug to‍ their home Wi-Fi, ⁢Alexa or Google Assistant, and start using it right⁤ away.
-‍ Weather Resistance: The IP64 weather resistance rating ⁣of the Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug ⁣ensures ​that​ it can withstand various weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor⁣ use. It is designed⁣ to withstand ⁣dirt, dust, and water, providing durability and ⁢reliability.
– Scheduling: The Kasa app allows users ⁤to create schedules or set countdown timers​ for their connected ‍devices. This feature enables users to automate the turning on ​and off of their outdoor appliances, providing convenience⁣ and energy savings.
– Long Wi-Fi Range: ⁤The Kasa⁢ Outdoor Smart Plug ​features a built-in power amplifier for long-range Wi-Fi, providing a reach of ‌up to 300 ft. in open space. This ensures a strong and reliable Wi-Fi ⁣signal, even for⁤ outdoor use.
– Individual​ Control of ‍2 Outlets: ​The ‍Kasa​ Outdoor⁣ Smart Plug has 2 AC outlets that can be controlled independently. This allows for individual control ​of multiple‍ devices, providing versatility and flexibility.
– Trusted and Reliable: With ​over 6 million users and being⁣ the Reader’s Choice⁤ of PCMag ⁣2020, the Kasa⁣ brand is known ⁣for its reliability and quality.⁢ The ‍Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug also comes with a 2-year ⁢warranty, providing peace of mind to users.

– Requires 2.4GHz Wi-Fi: The Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug requires a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection, which may be a downside for users who have a different Wi-Fi setup.
– Limited Compatibility: While the Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug is compatible with Alexa,⁣ Google Home,‌ and IFTTT, it may not⁤ be compatible with other smart home platforms or devices.
– Waterproof Cover: While the ⁤included waterproof ⁣cover protects​ the plug from dirt‍ when not in use, it may be an ‍inconvenience for users who‍ frequently need to access the outlets.

Overall, the⁤ Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug offers convenient voice control, easy setup, and weather resistance, making it a ⁢reliable option for extending your smart home outdoors.


Q&A‌ Section:

Q: Can I control each outlet independently?
A: Yes, the Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug has two AC ‍outlets that are controlled independently. ‌This means you can turn on and⁣ off each outlet separately, providing you with⁣ more flexibility and control over your outdoor devices.

Q: How far is the Wi-Fi range for this smart plug outdoor?
A: The Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug has a long Wi-Fi range of up to 300 feet in open space. It is equipped with a built-in ⁢power ⁣amplifier that ensures a strong and stable Wi-Fi signal, even in large outdoor areas.

Q: ​Can I use this smart plug with other Kasa smart devices?
A: Yes, you can easily‌ integrate the Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug with other Kasa smart devices such as light bulbs, plugs, and switches. This allows you to control all your devices simultaneously and create a ⁢seamless smart home‌ experience.

Q: Is it compatible with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home?
A: Absolutely! The⁣ Kasa Outdoor⁣ Smart‍ Plug is compatible​ with both⁤ Alexa and Google Home. You can use your voice to control your outdoor electronic appliances hands-free, ‍adding convenience and ease to your daily life.

Q: ‌Does this outdoor smart plug require a hub?
A: No, the​ Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug does not require a hub. It⁤ can ‍be directly connected to your home Wi-Fi network, making the setup process quick and hassle-free.

Q: Can I schedule the smart plug to‌ turn⁣ on and off at specific times?
A: Yes, with the⁣ Kasa app, you can easily‌ set up schedules or countdown timers to ⁣automatically turn on and off the smart plug at specific times. Additionally, the sunset/sunrise ​offset feature allows the plug to adjust its actions according to the real daytime, making it even smarter.

Q: Is the Kasa Smart Outdoor Plug waterproof?
A: While the Kasa Smart Outdoor Plug is not‍ completely waterproof, it is designed with IP64 weather resistance. This ​means it can withstand dust and​ splashing water, making it suitable for outdoor use. It also⁤ comes with a waterproof cover to ​protect it from dirt when not in use.

Q: How reliable is the Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug?
A: Kasa is a trusted brand with over‌ 6‌ million users worldwide. The Kasa Smart Outdoor Plug has been ⁢recognized as the Reader’s Choice of PCMag 2020, further establishing⁤ its ‌reliability and quality. It also comes with a 2-year warranty for added peace⁤ of mind.

Q: Does the product come with a user manual?
A: Yes, the Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug ⁤includes a user manual that provides detailed instructions on how to set up and ​use the product. We recommend referring to the user manual for a better understanding of all ‌the⁤ features and functions.

Unlock Your Potential

In conclusion, the Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug is the perfect addition to extend your smart home outdoors. With its weather-resistant design and compatibility with Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT, you can easily control your outdoor electronic appliances with your voice or smartphone from anywhere.

Setting up the smart plug is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly Kasa app that ⁤guides you through each step of the installation process. Plus, ‌with the scheduling feature, you can automate your devices to ‌turn on and off at specific times or use the sunrise/sunset offset ‌to ​adapt to the real daytime.

What sets the Kasa⁣ Outdoor Smart​ Plug apart is its strong ⁢Wi-Fi signal and long-range capabilities, reaching up⁢ to 300 feet in open space.​ This means you⁣ can confidently control your outdoor outlets without worrying about weak ‍connectivity.

With individual control of two outlets and⁤ a waterproof cover for added ⁤protection, you can easily manage your landscape lighting, swimming pool pumps, holiday lights, or other appliances simultaneously. ⁢And if you’re looking for seamless control, you⁣ can group your Kasa Smart light bulbs, plugs,⁤ and switches with ​just a single tap.

Trusted by over 6 million users and chosen as ⁢the Reader’s Choice of PCMag 2020, the Kasa Outdoor Smart‌ Plug guarantees reliability. Plus, it comes with a⁢ 2-year warranty for⁣ added peace of mind.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your outdoor living experience. Get your Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug now by clicking [here].

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