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Welcome to ‌our product review blog where we are excited to share our⁢ first-hand​ experience ⁤with the BISSELL CleanView Swivel ‌Pet Reach⁣ Full-Size ⁤Vacuum Cleaner. As pet parents ourselves, we understand⁣ the constant⁤ struggle‌ of ‍keeping our homes clean and free from​ pet ⁤hair and messes. That’s why we were thrilled to try out​ this vacuum cleaner that claims to provide the ultimate cleaning experience for pet parents. With its powerful suction and convenient features, such as‍ the multi-surface TRIPLE ACTION⁣ Brush Roll ‍with Scatter-Free Technology, we ⁢were eager to put ‌it to the test. Not​ to mention, the ‍lightweight design and ⁢swivel steering make maneuvering throughout our ⁣homes a breeze. But what really ​caught our ⁣attention is the‌ Quick Release Extension Wand, which is always on and ready to⁢ clean those ⁤hard-to-reach ‌places ⁣where our‍ pets tend ⁢to leave messes. ⁣In addition to its impressive cleaning capabilities, we were pleased to learn that BISSELL proudly supports the BISSELL Pet Foundation,⁢ helping to save homeless pets with ⁤every purchase. Join us as we dive deeper into⁤ the features⁣ and‌ performance of the BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet Reach Full-Size Vacuum Cleaner and discover if it truly​ lives up to its claims.

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$139.04 in stock
1 new from $139.04
10 used from $82.10
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Last update was on: May 19, 2024 2:32 am

The ⁣BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet‍ Reach Full-Size Vacuum Cleaner is ⁢the ultimate cleaning companion for pet parents like us. With its powerful suction ⁢and innovative ⁤features, this vacuum makes cleaning up after our furry friends a breeze. The multi-surface TRIPLE ACTION Brush Roll with ​Scatter-Free Technology ensures that we can pick up pet hair and messes with minimal scatter, saving us ‍time and effort.

One of ‍the standout features of this vacuum is ⁤the Quick Release Extension Wand, which is always⁢ on and ready to clean. This means ⁣that we can easily reach above-floor areas and hard-to-reach places where our pets may leave behind a mess. The​ swivel steering and lightweight design make maneuvering ‌throughout our home seamless, without the need for heavy lifting.

We’re also⁣ impressed by the specialized pet tools that come⁢ with this vacuum. Whether it’s pet hair on stairs, upholstery, or other⁣ hard-to-reach places, these tools enable us to reach‌ and eliminate dirt and pet hair‌ effectively. Additionally, ​the edge-to-edge cleaning feature⁤ allows us to clean closer to edges and corners‌ with each​ pass,⁢ leaving no​ trace‍ of pet mess behind.

What makes this​ vacuum even more exceptional is that every purchase supports the⁤ BISSELL Pet Foundation⁤ and its mission to save homeless‌ pets. So not only are‍ we cleaning up ​after our​ pets, but we’re also contributing to ​a cause we care about. In summary,⁤ the‍ BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet Reach Full-Size Vacuum Cleaner provides powerful ‍cleaning ⁤performance,⁣ convenient above-floor cleaning, and helps⁣ save pets in need.

Customer Reviews‌ Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis:

Overall,⁣ customers have mixed feelings ​about the BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet Reach Full-Size Vacuum⁤ Cleaner. ‌The majority‍ of customers appreciate ‍its⁢ strong suction power and effectiveness‌ in pulling ‌up pet hair. They also‍ find the‍ attachments to be ⁢well-designed‍ and conveniently located, without falling ‍off ​randomly. The clear top of the⁣ brush roller is also​ a positive feature, as it allows users to easily identify when hair ​buildup occurs.

However, there are several areas of concern for customers.​ One recurring complaint is⁤ the shorter-than-average cord,⁤ which limits maneuverability.‍ Some customers also find that the vacuum does ‍not perform well on bare floors, as the air blows too forcefully and scatters debris instead of⁢ effectively cleaning it. The placement of the on button is also criticized for being ‍inconvenient and resulting in ⁣accidental toe hits.

Another major issue highlighted ⁤by customers⁤ is the lack ‍of‌ self-propel motion, requiring significant effort to‌ push the vacuum across⁣ the carpet, particularly ‍if not aligned ⁢with the carpet’s grain. The base​ of the vacuum is wider and taller than expected, making it difficult to fit under furniture, such as couches. Furthermore, customers‌ note⁢ the absence of side suction areas ⁢for cleaning along baseboards.

Despite these complaints, there are positive aspects that customers appreciate. ⁢Some customers report significant improvements in ‌suction power⁣ compared ‌to previous vacuums they have owned. This is⁢ especially beneficial for those with pets, as the vacuum effectively removes⁣ pet hair from the carpet. The versatility of the attachments is also praised, particularly for cleaning‍ baseboards and stairs.

Customers are impressed by the quick release extension wand, finding it ⁢lightweight and ​easy to use. The all-in-one brush/crevice ⁢tool is ​highlighted⁤ for its convenience, allowing users ⁤to switch between cleaning ‌surfaces with ease. The scatter-free ​technology is also highly valued, as‌ it prevents ⁤debris from being‌ thrown back ⁢onto the⁢ floor‍ during‍ vacuuming.

One standout feature ‌for customers is the lack of hair accumulation on the brush rollers.​ This is particularly appreciated by pet owners or individuals ⁢with‍ long hair, as previous vacuums required frequent maintenance to‌ remove tangled hair from the ⁢rollers. The durability and longevity of the BISSELL CleanView Pet vacuum are also touted‌ by customers who have tried ⁤multiple vacuum brands.

Overall,⁤ despite some flaws and⁢ limitations, the BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet Reach Full-Size Vacuum Cleaner is praised for its strong suction, effective pet hair removal,⁣ and ‌convenient attachments. ⁣However, improvements in cord⁣ length,‍ self-propel motion, and maneuverability⁤ on bare floors would be welcomed by customers.

Pros & Cons

– ⁢The BISSELL​ CleanView Swivel Pet Reach vacuum is designed specifically for pet parents, making it the ideal choice for households with furry friends.
– The powerful suction, combined with ‍the Triple Action Brush Roll and Scatter-Free Technology, effectively picks up pet hair from any ‌surface,⁤ reducing the need for multiple passes.
– The Quick ⁤Release Extension Wand is always on and⁢ ready to clean, allowing for convenient above-floor cleaning ‌of hard-to-reach places ‍where pets may leave messes.
– The swivel steering and lightweight design of this vacuum ⁢make ⁢it easy to maneuver throughout the ⁤home,‌ even in tight spaces or up and down stairs.
– The specialized pet tools included with this vacuum allow for ​precise cleaning of areas such as stairs⁢ and upholstery, effectively removing ​dirt and pet​ hair.
– The edge-to-edge cleaning feature ⁢ensures ⁢that no corners or edges ‍are missed, providing a thorough⁢ clean every time.
– By purchasing a⁤ BISSELL product, you are also supporting BISSELL Pet Foundation and their mission to help save homeless pets,⁣ making it a socially responsible choice.

– The color of the vacuum may ​vary, which might be a downside for those with specific color preferences.
– Some users may find that the power cord could ‍be longer for more convenient cleaning in large spaces without ‌having to switch ‌outlets.
– While the vacuum is designed for pet hair⁤ pickup, ⁣it may not be as effective for cleaning other types of ⁣debris or larger particles.
– The​ vacuum may require regular ‌maintenance ⁤and cleaning to maintain optimal ​performance, which could be time-consuming for some users.
– ‍The price point of the BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet Reach vacuum may ‌be​ higher compared to other similar models on the market, which could⁣ be a deterrent​ for budget-conscious ⁢consumers.


Q&A Section:

Q: How effective is the BISSELL CleanView Swivel ⁣Pet Reach vacuum at⁣ picking up pet hair?
A: The BISSELL ⁢CleanView Swivel​ Pet Reach vacuum ‍is incredibly effective‍ at picking up pet hair. It features a ⁣Triple ‌Action⁣ Brush Roll and Scatter-Free Technology,​ which work ⁤together to ensure quick ⁤and easy pet hair pickup on any surface.

Q: Can‌ the ⁣BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet Reach vacuum be used for cleaning above-floor areas?
A: ‌Absolutely! The CleanView Swivel ⁣Pet ​Reach vacuum comes‍ with a Quick Release ⁢Extension Wand that is​ always on and always ‍ready to clean. This ‌feature allows you to easily and quickly clean any above-floor or hard-to-reach places where your pet may leave behind a mess.

Q: Is ​the BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet Reach vacuum easy to maneuver?
A: Yes,​ it is!⁢ The vacuum is⁢ designed with swivel steering and a lightweight design, making⁤ it⁤ effortless ‍to maneuver throughout your home while cleaning. You ⁢can easily navigate‍ around furniture and other obstacles without any ⁤hassle.

Q: Are there‍ any specialized pet​ tools included with the BISSELL⁣ CleanView Swivel Pet Reach vacuum?
A: Yes, there​ are! The vacuum comes with specialized ⁢pet tools that allow you ​to reach dirt and pet hair on stairs, upholstery, and other hard-to-reach places. These‌ tools⁤ ensure a thorough and complete clean, leaving‍ no mess behind.

Q: Does the BISSELL CleanView Swivel⁢ Pet⁢ Reach vacuum clean close to⁣ edges ⁤and corners?
A: Absolutely! The vacuum is‍ designed for edge-to-edge cleaning, ⁣allowing you⁣ to clean closer ‌to edges ⁣and corners with each pass. This ⁣ensures that no dirt or pet hair is left behind, leaving your floors and carpets spotless.

Q: How does⁤ purchasing the BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet Reach ⁣vacuum⁤ help save pets?
A: BISSELL​ proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation​ and its mission to help ‌save⁣ homeless pets. When you purchase ‍a BISSELL product, including the CleanView​ Swivel Pet Reach ‌vacuum, you are directly contributing to this cause. It’s a way of making a difference in the ​lives of⁤ homeless pets while enjoying the⁤ benefits of an exceptional vacuum cleaner.

Experience⁤ the Difference

Thank⁣ you for joining us on this journey to discover the remarkable cleaning power of the BISSELL CleanView Swivel⁢ Pet Reach‌ Vacuum. From the ‌moment we laid our hands on this extraordinary device, we ‌knew we were​ in for a game-changing cleaning experience.

With its‌ powerful suction and‍ innovative features, the CleanView Swivel Pet Reach vacuum⁣ stands as a testament to BISSELL’s commitment to providing an effortless cleaning solution for ‌pet parents. The‍ multi-surface TRIPLE ACTION Brush Roll with Scatter-Free Technology makes quick work of pet messes, ensuring less scatter and more effective cleaning.

One ‌of the standout features⁢ of this vacuum​ is its⁤ Quick Release Extension Wand, always at the ⁤ready to tackle above-floor ⁢cleaning with ease. Say goodbye to hard-to-reach places that often harbor pet messes, as this vacuum effortlessly⁢ reaches every nook and cranny your pet may leave behind.

Not only does‍ the CleanView Swivel Pet Reach ⁣vacuum excel in its cleaning capabilities, but it⁤ also extends its‍ impact beyond the home. BISSELL‍ proudly supports⁢ the BISSELL‍ Pet Foundation, an organization dedicated to saving homeless ⁢pets. By purchasing this exceptional vacuum, not only do ‌you‍ provide a ⁢clean and fresh environment​ for your furry friends, but you’re also contributing to the larger mission of pet ⁢rescue​ and support.

Imagine the convenience of swivel steering and​ a lightweight design, making cleaning a breeze​ without the burden of heavy lifting. The specialized pet ‍tools allow you to effectively ⁣remove ⁢dirt‍ and pet hair from ⁣stairs, upholstery, and other⁤ hard-to-reach ‌areas. Plus, with​ edge-to-edge cleaning, you⁤ can rest assured that no mess will go unnoticed, even in the⁢ trickiest corners.

Now, it’s time to put this magnificent vacuum to the test in your own home. ‍Are you ready to⁢ effortlessly clean every pet⁣ mess? ‌Click⁤ the link below and bring home the BISSELL⁤ CleanView Swivel Pet Reach Vacuum today:

Experience the Cleaning Power Now!

Join us in supporting the BISSELL ‌Pet Foundation and revolutionize the way you ⁤clean up after​ your beloved pets. Together, we can ⁤make pet⁤ messes, odors, and homelessness disappear, one vacuum at a time.

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