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Welcome to ‍our product review blog post! Today, we are‍ thrilled to share our first-hand experience with the Ninja JC151 NeverClog Cold Press Juicer. This powerful slow juicer is packed with ⁤features⁤ that will revolutionize your juicing experience.

With the Ninja NeverClog Cold Press Juicer, you ⁢can say goodbye to clogged juicers and ‍hello to non-stop juicing. Its high-torque motor base rotates the auger at low speeds, effortlessly powering through tough ​ingredients. The result? Smooth, delicious juice every time.

One‌ of the standout features ⁣of this juicer is its‍ Total Pulp⁢ Control. You have the freedom to customize the amount of⁤ pulp in every glass of juice based on your preference. With two interchangeable pulp filters – Less Pulp or Lots of Pulp – you can ​create juice​ exactly to‍ your liking.

But ​that’s not all! This second-generation juicer boasts a larger 24 oz. juice jug ​and a 36 oz. pulp container, allowing you to ⁣make ⁢larger ⁤batches of juice for the whole family. Plus,‍ it’s compact in size and easy to store or fit under cabinets, making it a great addition to any kitchen.

Cleaning ⁤up after juicing can be a⁢ hassle, but not with the Ninja ​NeverClog Cold Press Juicer. All parts that come into contact ‌with juice are‍ dishwasher safe, making ⁣clean-up a breeze. ‍No more messy countertops or ⁣wasted juice thanks to the⁤ anti-drip lever that keeps surfaces clean.

To make juicing even simpler, this juicer features two one-touch ‌programs: Start/Stop and Reverse. ⁣Simple assembly and easy setup mean you can spend less time prepping ⁤and more time enjoying your fresh juice.

Included with the Ninja NeverClog Cold Press Juicer ​is a 150-watt motor base with auger, two interchangeable pulp filters ⁤for total control, a 24 oz. juice jug, a 36 oz. pulp container,⁤ and ‌an Inspiration Guide with 15​ recipes to get‌ your creative juices flowing.

In conclusion, the Ninja JC151 NeverClog Cold Press Juicer⁤ is ⁢a game-changer in the world of juicing. With its⁤ powerful performance, total pulp control, easy cleaning, and compact size, it’s a must-have for any juicing enthusiast. Join ⁤us in exploring the wonders of this incredible juicer and unlock a whole new level of juicing goodness.

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$129.95 in stock
12 new from $119.99
21 used from $73.86
Free shipping
Amazon Amazon.com
Last update was on: June 23, 2024 7:31 am

We are excited to introduce the Ninja JC151 NeverClog Cold ⁣Press Juicer, a powerful slow juicer that ⁣is designed to effortlessly tackle even the toughest ingredients. With this‍ juicer,‍ you have the ability to customize ⁢the amount of pulp in every glass of juice based on your preference. Whether you prefer less pulp or lots of pulp, this‍ juicer has got you covered.

One of the standout features ⁢of this⁣ juicer is the total pulp control, which allows for a fully customized juice experience. It comes with two interchangeable pulp filters ⁤- one for less pulp and one ‌for lots of pulp – ⁤so you can adjust ⁣the pulp level according to your taste. Additionally, the Ninja NeverClog Cold Press Juicer features two one-touch programs ‍for simple use: Start/Stop and Reverse. This makes the juicing process a breeze, even for beginners.

Another reason why we love⁣ this juicer is its high-torque motor ‍base, which ‍rotates the auger at low speeds. This not only ensures maximum juice extraction but ⁢also helps to preserve the ⁤natural flavors and nutrients in your fruits‍ and vegetables. Plus, the ​Ninja NeverClog⁤ Cold Press Juicer is incredibly easy to set up and clean. The simple assembly means you won’t have ⁤to deal with any hassle, and ‌all the parts that⁢ come into ‍contact ‍with the juice are dishwasher safe. Cleaning has never been easier!

In addition to its impressive performance, this juicer also boasts a compact size, making it easy to store or fit under cabinets. The anti-drip lever keeps surfaces clean and prevents waste, so you ⁢won’t have to worry about any unnecessary messes ‍while juicing. Plus,⁤ with the included 24 oz. juice jug and 36 oz. pulp container, you can​ make larger batches of juice to share with the whole family.

In conclusion, ‌the Ninja JC151 NeverClog‍ Cold Press Juicer is a powerful and⁤ efficient juicing companion that will revolutionize your⁢ juicing experience. ‌With its total pulp ⁢control, easy setup and cleaning, and compact size, it ticks all the boxes for a fantastic juicer. Say goodbye to messy and inefficient juicing – the Ninja NeverClog Cold Press⁤ Juicer is here to make your juicing journey ⁣a delight.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

At our ‌blog,‍ we always take⁤ customer reviews into consideration when‍ evaluating a‌ product. We want to provide our readers with an accurate and⁣ comprehensive overview of the Ninja JC151 NeverClog Cold Press ⁣Juicer. Let’s take a look at ​what customers have to say.

One customer mentioned that they⁤ love⁣ the power and ease⁢ of use of Ninja small appliances. They specifically mentioned that the juice comes out very dry, indicating ⁤effective juice extraction. ⁣They also appreciate ‌the⁤ option to⁤ choose different pulp functions. Furthermore, they ‌were impressed with how well⁣ the‍ juicer handled ‍tough produce like ginger, carrots, and celery. This customer was particularly thrilled that they could include​ lemon peels in their juice without ⁤any issues.

Another reviewer described their ‌experience with the Ninja Cold Press Juicer ‌as a‍ game changer. They emphasized the benefits of cold press technology, which ensures maximum nutrients and flavor extraction.​ The powerful motor was also praised for making juicing⁤ a breeze. This customer highlighted the ⁣juicer’s easy cleaning process and compact design that perfectly fits their‌ small kitchen. They strongly recommend this juicer to anyone⁣ seeking to ⁢include fresh juices in their diet.

A third customer expressed their love‌ for this juicer, describing it ‍as a game‍ changer. They ​particularly appreciated that cold ​pressing prevented vegetables from warming up and allowed them to adjust their preferred pulp level. This customer found the ⁣juicer easy to assemble, clean, and use. They were able to juice⁤ a⁢ whole pineapple, bell peppers, ⁣ginger root, and green apples in just 10 minutes.​ They were delighted with‍ the‍ resulting crisp, cool, and tasty​ juice.

Another customer ⁤shared their ‌positive experience with the Ninja Cold ⁣Press Juicer. They mentioned that, despite⁢ being smaller in size, this juicer is durable and powerful. The ease⁢ of cleanup was one of their requirements, and they⁢ were pleased with ⁤how quickly they could juice 8 glasses‍ for their husband, who is in the military. They considered this juicer a great option for beginner juicers due to‍ its affordable price.

One customer explained their decision to purchase the Ninja ⁢Cold Press Juicer based​ on their positive experiences with Ninja products. They were initially hesitant about investing in a juicer but​ found this model to be a reasonable price. The customer appreciated the easy assembly and cleaning, emphasizing the quiet operation of the juicer. ⁤They also compared the juicer to a Vitamix, highlighting differences ‍in fiber content in the juices produced. Ultimately, they were ‌satisfied with their purchase and would recommend it to⁤ others seeking an affordable juicer.

It’s worth mentioning that‍ a few of the customer reviews were in a different language, but they were positive ⁤overall and supported the effectiveness and affordability of the ⁢juicer.

In conclusion, based on the customer reviews we analyzed, it seems that the Ninja JC151 NeverClog Cold Press Juicer is⁤ highly recommended for its power, ease of use, and cleaning process. Customers appreciated the dry pulp extraction, the versatility in‌ handling tough produce, and the ability to adjust⁢ pulp⁢ levels. ‌The compact design⁤ and affordable ⁤price were⁢ also well received. Overall, ‍it appears that the Ninja JC151 NeverClog Cold Press⁣ Juicer is a reliable and efficient option for those seeking a high-quality juicer for their daily needs.

Pros & Cons

1. Non-stop ‍juicing: The ⁤Ninja NeverClog Cold Press Juicer is⁤ designed⁤ to ⁣power through even the toughest ingredients, ensuring a continuous juicing experience without any interruptions.
2. ⁣Total pulp⁤ control: With two interchangeable ⁢pulp filters, this juicer allows ‌you to customize the‌ amount of pulp in every glass of juice. Whether you prefer less pulp or lots of pulp, it’s up to you!
3. User-friendly programs: ⁢The juicer features two⁤ one-touch programs⁢ – Start/Stop ⁢and Reverse – making it ‍incredibly simple and convenient to use.
4. Powerful motor: Equipped with a ⁣powerful high-torque⁣ motor base, the juicer rotates its auger at low ⁤speeds, ensuring efficient‍ juicing and maximum extraction of nutrients.
5. Easy setup and cleaning: The ⁢juicer’s simple assembly makes setup hassle-free, and all parts that come⁣ in contact ‌with the ‍juice⁣ are dishwasher safe, ⁢making cleaning a breeze.
6. Mess-free operation: ⁣Thanks to the anti-drip lever, you can keep your ⁣countertops clean and prevent‌ any wastage, ensuring a neat ‌and tidy juicing experience.
7. Compact size:‍ The juicer’s compact size allows for easy⁣ storage, and its slim‍ design fits perfectly under cabinets, helping you save ​valuable countertop space.

1. Limited program options: While the juicer’s two one-touch programs are user-friendly, some users may find the lack of additional program options limiting.
2. Noise level: Although the juicer is relatively ⁤quiet compared to other‍ models, it may still produce some noise ⁤during operation, which could be a concern ⁣for those seeking⁢ a quieter juicing⁢ experience.
3. Cord length: The included cord has a ‌length of 31.5 inches, which may be slightly shorter than desired for some ⁤users, depending on their⁤ setup⁤ and distance from a power outlet.
4. Pulp container size: While the⁣ juicer comes with ‌a larger 36 oz. pulp container, some users may still find it inadequate for producing larger batches of juice for a big family ‌or gatherings.
5.⁣ Lack of additional accessories: While the juicer includes essential components like the motor base, auger, and juice jug,​ it ‌does not come with any additional accessories or attachments for further​ versatility.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Ninja NeverClog Cold Press Juicer offers a powerful and efficient juicing experience, allowing you to easily customize your juice’s pulp content. Its easy setup and cleaning process, ⁣compact size, and mess-free operation make‌ it a⁣ convenient addition to any ⁤kitchen.


Q: How does the Ninja NeverClog Cold Press ⁤Juicer achieve non-stop juicing?

A: ‍The Ninja NeverClog Cold Press ‌Juicer is engineered with a powerful high-torque motor base that rotates the auger at low​ speeds, ‍allowing it to power through tough ingredients for non-stop juicing. Say goodbye to frustrating clogs and enjoy a seamless juicing experience!

Q: ⁢Can‌ I​ customize the amount of pulp in ⁣my juice?

A: Absolutely! ⁢The Ninja NeverClog Cold Press Juicer comes with Total Pulp Control, ‌which allows you to customize the amount of pulp in every ⁣glass based on your preference. It features two interchangeable pulp filters:⁤ Less Pulp and Lots of Pulp. Whether ⁤you like your ⁢juice smooth⁢ or with a little more texture, ⁢this juicer has got you covered.

Q:‌ Are there any pre-set programs for easy use?

A: Yes, there are two convenient one-touch‍ programs on the Ninja NeverClog Cold Press Juicer. ⁤The Start/Stop program ensures simple operation, while the Reverse program ‌helps in case ⁣of any jams. Making fresh juice couldn’t be easier!

Q: Is ‌the juicer⁣ easy⁢ to set up⁤ and clean?

A: Absolutely! The Ninja NeverClog Cold Press⁤ Juicer boasts a ‌simple assembly,‌ making setup ‍a breeze. When it comes to cleaning, all parts that come in contact with juice are dishwasher safe, making⁣ it easier to clean compared to leading centrifugal juicers.⁣ Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning up after juicing!

Q: Does the juicer come with any additional features to prevent messes?

A: Yes, indeed! The Ninja NeverClog Cold Press ⁢Juicer⁢ features ‍an anti-drip lever that keeps surfaces ‌clean ⁢and prevents any​ unnecessary ⁤waste. Say goodbye to messy ⁢countertops and enjoy ​a ‍cleaner juicing process.

Q: Is ​this juicer compact in size?

A: Absolutely! The Ninja NeverClog⁢ Cold Press Juicer is designed to be compact in size, making it easy to store or fit under cabinets. It won’t take up valuable ⁢counter space and is perfect for those with​ limited kitchen space.

Q: What is included with the⁢ Ninja‍ NeverClog Cold​ Press Juicer?

A: The Ninja NeverClog Cold Press⁣ Juicer comes with a 150-watt ⁤motor base with an auger, two interchangeable pulp filters for total control, a 24 oz. juice jug, a 36 oz. pulp container, and an Inspiration Guide with 15 recipes. You’ll have everything you need to start juicing right away!

Q: What⁢ is the cord length of the juicer?

A: The cord length of the Ninja NeverClog Cold Press ⁢Juicer is 31.5 inches, providing you with ample reach and flexibility while using the juicer.

We hope this Q&A section has answered all your questions about the Ninja NeverClog Cold ‍Press Juicer. Happy juicing!

Transform ⁢Your World

Thank you for joining us on this exciting ⁣journey to explore the amazing ‌features of the Ninja JC151 NeverClog Cold Press ⁤Juicer! With its powerful slow juicing⁣ capabilities and total pulp control, this countertop juicer is truly a game-changer.

As we have discovered, this 2nd Generation ​juicer empowers you to ⁢create your perfect⁤ glass of ​juice by ⁤customizing the amount ​of pulp ⁣with its two ⁤interchangeable filters: Less Pulp or ⁤Lots of Pulp. And with a larger ⁣24 ⁣oz. juice jug and 36 oz. pulp container, you can effortlessly make larger batches of juice for the entire⁢ family.

One ⁤of the highlights of this juicer is its ease of use and easy cleanup. With simple assembly, no-hassle setup, and ‌dishwasher-safe parts, the ‍Ninja NeverClog Cold Press Juicer‌ takes the hassle out of⁢ juicing. Say goodbye to messy​ countertops, thanks to the anti-drip lever that keeps surfaces clean and⁣ prevents waste.

Designed​ to fit under cabinets or be easily stored away, this compact-sized juicer doesn’t sacrifice power. Its powerful high-torque motor base rotates ​the auger at low speeds, ⁢allowing it to power through ⁤tough ingredients ⁢for non-stop juicing.

But ‍that’s⁢ not all – the Ninja ⁢NeverClog Cold Press Juicer also comes​ with two one-touch programs: Start/Stop and Reverse, ensuring simplicity and convenience⁣ in every juicing session.

Now, ⁢let’s talk about cleaning. All parts that ⁣come into contact with juice are dishwasher safe, making the cleaning process an absolute breeze. No more worrying about cleaning time-consuming juicers – the Ninja NeverClog​ Cold Press Juicer⁢ is designed to simplify⁣ your juicing routine.

With a 150-watt motor base, auger, interchangeable pulp filters, ⁢juice jug, pulp container, and an ​Inspiration Guide with 15 delicious recipes, this juicer has ‌everything you need to transform your kitchen into a juice bar.

So, are you‍ ready to experience the⁢ wonders of non-stop ⁤juicing? Click the ⁤link below ⁣to grab⁣ your ⁤very own ⁣Ninja JC151 NeverClog Cold Press Juicer⁣ and start​ enjoying fresh, nutritious juice at your fingertips.


Cheers ‍to a healthier lifestyle and delicious juices. Happy juicing!

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