ULANZI Select G9-2 Protective Cover: The Ultimate Vlog Accessory with Endless Possibilities

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⁢Introducing the ULANZI Select G9-2 ⁤Protective ⁣Cover for Gopro Hero 9/10 ⁤Black, Battery Charging Door Vlog Accessory for ⁢Go pro⁤ 9 10 Action Cam. We, as a team at ULANZI Select,‍ have had the pleasure of getting⁣ our hands on this⁣ incredible product⁢ and experiencing ⁣its benefits firsthand. As ⁣an authorized retailer for ULANZI and VIJIM, we are dedicated to ⁣delivering high-quality products​ to our customers, specializing in action camera accessories and mobile phone photography equipment.

What sets our product apart is our focus on user experience. We believe that professional equipment should always be easy to use, allowing photographers and videographers to fully explore their creative potential without any limitations. Our love for what we do stems from our belief that photography is not just about functionality, but‍ rather about capturing the perfect moment and creating images that evoke emotions.​

The ULANZI Select G9-2 Protective Cover⁢ offers a‌ plethora of features ⁣that enhance your GoPro experience. The Clip on Battery ⁢Cover provides ⁣a charging type C port, allowing you to charge your GoPro 9 while using a power bank. This feature is perfect for⁢ continuous shooting, especially when recording​ time lapses or videos. Additionally, the Battery Lid allows for connecting a Microphone ⁢Adapter to add an external mic, ⁤ideal for motovloggers or YouTube vloggers looking to enhance their audio quality.

Constructed from CNC Aluminum Alloy Material, this protective cover ​is not only lightweight ⁤and portable but also ensures the safety of your GoPro. The Battery Side Door provides access to the ‌USB port while securely covering the battery ⁣and SD card, eliminating any concerns about battery ⁢loss.

In conclusion, the ULANZI Select G9-2 ‍Protective Cover is a must-have accessory for any GoPro Hero 9/10 Black owner. With its ​innovative features and durable construction, it truly enhances your shooting experience. Stay tuned for our in-depth review, ⁣where we will delve deeper into our firsthand experience with this remarkable product.

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Amazon Amazon.com
Last update was on: June 23, 2024 6:31 am

When‍ it comes to action camera ⁣accessories, ULANZI ⁢Select is at the top of our list. As a premium authorized retailer for ULANZI and VIJIM, ‌we are committed to delivering ⁢top-notch⁣ products to our customers. Our‌ specialization lies in‌ mobile⁣ video accessories, such as stabilizers, rigs, microphones,⁢ LED lights, and desk stands. We believe that professional equipment should be easy to use, ensuring a seamless ⁢experience for ⁢our customers.

One of our standout products is the ULANZI⁤ Select G9-2 Protective Cover for Gopro Hero 9/10 Black. This protective cover offers a variety of⁤ features that enhance the functionality of your action cam. With a ​clip-on battery cover that comes equipped ⁤with a ⁣charging ‍type C port, you can conveniently charge your Gopro 9 using ⁣a⁢ power bank. This is particularly useful for continuous shooting, especially⁢ when capturing time-lapses or videos. Its lightweight and portable design make it perfect for vlogging on ​the go.

Another impressive ‌feature is the battery side door, which provides access to the​ USB port ⁤while ensuring that the battery and SD card are safely covered. This​ eliminates the fear of the battery accidentally falling out, allowing you to shoot with peace‌ of mind. Additionally, the battery lid offers a connection for a microphone adapter, enabling ‌you to add an external microphone for ‌enhanced‌ audio quality. ‍This is particularly beneficial for motovloggers and YouTube ⁣vloggers who prioritize clear and professional sound.​ Crafted with CNC aluminum alloy material, this protective ⁣cover exemplifies durability and sturdiness, perfect for capturing action-packed moments.

In conclusion, the ULANZI Select G9-2 Protective Cover for‌ Gopro ‌Hero 9/10 Black is an exceptional vlog accessory that truly enhances your action camera experience. With its unique features and high-quality construction, it allows you to focus on capturing the perfect shot. At ULANZI Select, we are passionate about helping everyone achieve their ⁢desired photography results. Join us in elevating your vlogging game with this fantastic protective cover.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis:

We looked at multiple customer reviews​ for the⁤ ULANZI Select G9-2 Protective Cover ‍for Gopro Hero 9/10‍ Black, Battery Charging Door Vlog Accessory for Go pro 9 10⁢ Action Cam, and ​here’s what we‌ found:

One customer mentioned that they ‍had tried a different brand replacement door before but had issues with it ‍not attaching properly to the GoPro. However, when they switched⁤ to⁤ the ULANZI G9-2, they ​found it easy to install and ​appreciated that ​it opened easily while staying securely in place. The customer expressed satisfaction with the product.

Another customer mentioned that they ‌had been using the ULANZI G9-2 for ‍nearly a year without any issues. They found​ it convenient to use, with easy access to the USB port and smooth opening and closing for the battery. The fit and ‍finish of⁢ the product were also mentioned as being nice, ⁤and the inclusion of a foam pad to minimize dust ingress was ⁣appreciated. The customer also ⁢highlighted using⁣ the product for fishing, motovlogging, and dash cam functions.

One customer mentioned that although the ULANZI G9-2 fits a little loose and is a little hard ⁤to open, they found ⁤it to be ​of good build quality and have been satisfied with‌ its performance during 20+ fishing trips.

Another customer ⁢mentioned that the ULANZI ‌G9-2 is a good product but does expose the camera to dust or other contamination. They stated that they wouldn’t use it on their ‌bike but would use it ‍with a tripod or selfie stick.

One customer appreciated that the ULANZI G9-2 addressed ​a problem with the GoPro‌ Hero 8, allowing for charging and using a battery pack without worrying about ​the ⁤battery shaking⁣ loose. However, they did mention ​an issue with compatibility with ⁢the G9-5 and suggested leaving a side open in future designs to accommodate ‌the ULANZI G9-2.

Another customer expressed their⁢ satisfaction with the ULANZI G9-2, mentioning that they own one for every GoPro they have and consider it ‌a high-quality accessory that works great and lasts.

One customer mentioned⁢ that the⁣ ULANZI G9-2 fits⁤ securely and allows them to⁤ mount their cameras on their ⁤bicycle while​ using ​an ⁤external power supply. However, they mentioned switching to a waterproof cover when it ‍rains.

A customer simply stated that the ULANZI G9-2⁤ works great and that the company‍ knows what they’re doing.

Another customer mentioned that the ULANZI G9-2 is a metal product that fits perfectly‌ on the⁣ GoPro Hero 9 battery room. They advised that if you plan to purchase a GoPro Cage for adapters and ‍mic holders, you may not need to buy this product. The customer also mentioned that they found the price to be slightly high.

One customer mentioned that they loved how simple it was⁢ to use the ULANZI G9-2. They specifically highlighted the ability‌ to keep the GoPro ⁤running with an external⁤ power bank without ​needing to remove the battery.

One customer expressed concerns about the size of the charging port, mentioning that they felt⁢ it was ⁢too big.

Lastly, one customer mentioned a discrepancy in pricing, ‌stating that the product cost mentioned​ on ‍the box was different from what they were⁢ charged by the seller, suggesting dishonesty on the seller’s end. This review seems⁣ unrelated to the actual product.

In summary, the customer reviews suggest that the ULANZI‌ Select G9-2 Protective Cover for ‍Gopro Hero 9/10 Black is a popular and useful accessory‌ for GoPro cameras, providing easy access ⁢to the USB port, secure closure, and convenient battery changing. Some customers experienced ‍issues with fit or difficulty opening, but ‌they ⁤still found the product to be of good quality‍ and satisfactory for their needs. There were also suggestions for improvements regarding compatibility with other products and price.

Pros & ⁣Cons


1. Versatile Charging: The ULANZI Select G9-2‍ Protective Cover provides a charging type C port for the GoPro Hero 9 and ⁤10, allowing you⁤ to conveniently charge your camera while using a power bank. This feature is especially useful for continuous shooting sessions, ⁤such as recording time lapses or videos.

2. Enhanced Audio Capability: The⁤ Battery Lid of this protective ⁤cover allows you to connect a Microphone Adapter, enabling you to add an external microphone to ⁣enhance the audio quality of your vlogs. This is perfect for motovloggers and YouTube vloggers who require clear and crisp sound in ⁣their videos.

3. Durable Build: Constructed with ‍CNC Aluminum Alloy​ material, the ULANZI G9-2 Protective Cover offers reliable⁣ and long-lasting ⁢protection for your GoPro ⁤Hero 9 or 10 camera. This ensures that your device remains safe from scratches, bumps, and other potential damages even during intense​ filming activities.

4. ​Easy Access: The Battery Side‍ Door⁢ provides convenient⁤ access to⁤ the USB port of your GoPro ⁢camera while keeping the⁣ battery and SD ‌card securely covered. ‌This design feature ensures that you can connect external devices or charge⁢ your camera without the fear of the battery falling out.

5. Portable and Lightweight: Designed with a mini size and lightweight construction, the ULANZI Select G9-2 Protective Cover is highly ⁤portable and‍ ideal for vlogging‍ on the go. It won’t add​ unnecessary bulk to your ‌camera setup, making it easier to carry and maneuver‌ during your‌ outdoor adventures.


1. Limited Compatibility: Although the ULANZI G9-2 Protective Cover is specifically designed for the GoPro Hero 9 and 10 models, it may not ​be compatible with older GoPro models or other action cameras. Therefore, users with different camera models may need to seek alternative ​protective covers.

2. Price: As an official premium authorized retailer, ULANZI Select products generally come ‍at a slightly higher price point compared to other third-party brands. However, this higher⁤ price is reflective of the quality and durability⁢ that ULANZI Select products offer.

3. Minimal Color Options: The ULANZI G9-2 Protective Cover currently comes in a limited ⁤range of colors, which may not suit everyone’s aesthetic preferences. While the available color options provide a sleek and ⁢professional look, customers ​looking for more vibrant or personalized color choices may find these options lacking.

4. Additional Attachments Required: Although the Battery Lid enables the ⁢connection of an external microphone, users must separately purchase a Microphone Adapter to fully utilize this feature. This ⁢additional purchase ​may be an​ inconvenience for those who ⁢wish to enhance their audio capabilities without the need for​ extra accessories.


Q: What makes the ULANZI Select G9-2 Protective Cover unique?

A: At ULANZI Select, we believe that professional equipment should be easy to use for a better customer experience. That’s why our ULANZI Select G9-2 ​Protective Cover stands out ⁤from other options on the market. It offers a​ range of features that enhance your vlogging capabilities‍ without compromising on quality.

Q: Can the ULANZI Select G9-2 Protective Cover be used ⁤for both GoPro Hero​ 9 and GoPro Hero 10 Black?

A: Yes, absolutely! Our ULANZI Select G9-2 Protective Cover is compatible with both GoPro Hero 9 and GoPro Hero 10‌ Black. So, whether you own the previous model or the latest one, this cover will serve as the perfect vlog accessory for your action camera.

Q: What are the benefits of the Clip on⁢ Battery Cover?

A:‌ The Clip on Battery Cover, featured in our G9-2 Protective Cover, offers a charging⁣ type C port specifically designed for charging your GoPro Hero 9. This means you can conveniently use a power bank together with it, making it ideal for continuous shooting, especially when recording time-lapse​ or videos. Say goodbye to battery drain issues while capturing your adventures!

Q: How ‍does the Battery Lid enhance vlogging capabilities?

A: The Battery Lid included in the ULANZI Select G9-2 ‌Protective Cover provides a connection for a ‌Microphone Adapter, ⁣allowing you to effortlessly add an external ⁢microphone to your GoPro. This feature is perfect for motovloggers, YouTube vloggers, or anyone who wants to enhance the⁤ audio quality of their videos. Now you can capture crystal-clear sound while sharing your‍ exciting experiences.

Q: What is the⁣ ULANZI Select​ G9-2 Protective Cover made of?

A: The ULANZI Select G9-2 Protective Cover is constructed with CNC Aluminum Alloy material, ensuring durability ⁣and strength without adding unnecessary bulk. Its lightweight and portable design make it an​ excellent choice ​for vloggers who are ⁢always on the go. ‍Capture your adventures with ease and peace of mind, knowing that your GoPro is protected.

Q: Can I access ​the USB port while using⁤ the Battery Side Door?

A: Absolutely! The Battery Side Door for GoPro Hero 9/10 in our ⁤G9-2 ​Protective Cover provides easy access to the USB port, ‍allowing you to connect your⁣ GoPro to⁢ other ⁣devices or accessories without having to remove the cover. Your battery and SD card are‍ safely covered by the door, eliminating ​any ⁣worry of them falling out⁣ during your adventures.

In conclusion, the ULANZI Select G9-2 Protective Cover ‍is the ultimate vlog accessory with endless possibilities. With features like the Clip on Battery Cover for continuous shooting ⁤and the Battery Lid for external microphone connections, you can ⁢take your vlogging‍ game to ​new heights. Its CNC Aluminum Alloy material and lightweight design ensure durability and portability. Trust ULANZI Select to deliver high-quality accessories ⁤that enhance your photography and vlogging experience.

Experience Innovation

In⁤ conclusion, the ULANZI Select G9-2 Protective Cover⁤ for GoPro Hero 9/10 Black is truly the ultimate vlog accessory that opens up a world⁤ of endless possibilities. Our passion ⁣for delivering high-quality products led us to develop this unique accessory, with the aim ‌of making professional equipment‌ easier to use for ⁣a better customer experience.

With ‌its innovative features, this protective cover surpasses all expectations. The Clip on Battery Cover provides a charging type C port, allowing you ‍to charge your GoPro 9 while using a ⁢power bank. This is perfect for continuous shooting, especially when⁢ capturing breathtaking time lapses or videos.

The Battery Lid offers a connection ⁣for a Microphone Adapter, giving you the freedom to add an external microphone. ‌This is a game-changer​ for ‍motovloggers and YouTube vloggers who need impeccable audio quality to ⁢enhance their⁢ content.

Crafted with‍ precision from CNC aluminum alloy material,⁤ this protective cover is not only lightweight and portable but also durable. It ensures that your GoPro 9/10 is well-protected,⁤ providing access to the USB⁤ port while securely covering the battery​ and SD card, so ‍you never⁤ have to worry about a battery falling out during your vlogging adventures.

We at ULANZI⁤ Select love what we ⁤do because we believe that the essence of photography goes beyond mere functionality. It’s ​about helping everyone capture that perfect shot they’re truly satisfied with. And with the ULANZI Select G9-2 Protective Cover, achieving your vlogging dreams has never been ​easier.

So why ​wait? Elevate your vlogging game by clicking‍ here and getting your hands on the ULANZI⁢ Select G9-2 Protective Cover ⁣now! It’s time to unlock the endless possibilities of vlogging with⁣ this incredible accessory.

[Click here to get your ULANZI Select G9-2 Protective Cover on Amazon.com!](https://amazon.com/dp/B08LCWGSZM?tag=onamzzahirker-20)

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