UBeesize 12” Ring Light & Tripod: The Ultimate Lighting and Filming Solution!

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Welcome to‌ our product ⁢review blog post! Today, we're ​going to share our first-hand experience with the UBeesize 12” Selfie‍ Ring Light with 62’’ Tripod ⁢Stand for Video Recording&Live Streaming.‍ This versatile product is not only compatible with phones, cameras, and webcams, but also perfect for YouTube, Instagram, and TIK Tok. With ​its 12-inch size, it‌ offers ⁣a larger ring light that provides excellent​ lighting‍ for various purposes, ⁤including beauty and makeup work.

One of the standout features of this product‌ is its⁢ 5 color temperatures and 10 level brightness settings. You⁣ can adjust the luminance from ​10%⁤ to 100% and choose from 5 color temperatures ranging‍ from warm to cold (3000K-6000K). This flexibility allows you to create the ideal lighting for your videos, vlogs, and presentations, helping to ‌soften shadows and even out lighting.

But the‍ UBeesize 12” Selfie Ring ⁤Light doesn't stop ​there. It also comes ⁢with a 62’’ selfie stick ‌tripod and⁢ phone tripod stand, giving you the freedom to switch​ between selfie stick‍ mode‍ and tripod stand mode. Whether you're shooting videos, taking group photos, vlogging, or adventuring, this tripod is applicable in any situation. ⁣Plus, it ⁤works in both landscape and ​portrait mode, ensuring that you can ‍capture every angle with ease.

The rotatable tripod head​ and adjustable phone⁣ holder further enhance ‌the ⁤versatility of ⁤this product. It ‍allows you to adjust to multiple shooting angles in just a matter of‌ seconds. ‌From low​ angle shots to high angle shots, landscape to portrait ⁢mode, this ring light and tripod combination⁤ helps you explore your creative potential like never before. Compatible with all cell phones, cameras, iPads, webcams, ⁤and GoPros, you won't have to worry about‍ compatibility issues with your devices.

With its powerful 10W LED ‍ring light that consists of⁣ 240 ​LEDs, this product is ideal⁢ for a wide range of​ purposes. Whether you need a key light‌ for sumptuous portraits, video⁣ calls, interviews, or even​ Zoom meetings, the UBeesize 12” Selfie Ring⁢ Light has got you covered.

In conclusion, we have found the UBeesize⁤ 12” Selfie Ring Light with 62’’ Tripod⁤ Stand for Video Recording&Live Streaming to be ⁤a​ game-changer in the world of content creation. Its⁤ larger size, adjustable⁢ lighting ⁣settings, versatile ‌tripod, and high compatibility​ make‌ it a valuable tool for YouTubers, ‌Instagrammers, ‌and TIK‍ Tokkers alike. Stay tuned⁣ as we delve deeper into each ​feature of this product.

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$29.69 $32.99 in stock
2 new from $29.69
19 used from $18.57
Free shipping
Amazon Amazon.com
Last update was on: February 26, 2024 2:21 pm

We recently purchased‍ the UBeesize 12” Selfie Ring Light with‍ 62’’ Tripod ‍Stand, and‍ we have been blown away by ⁢its performance. This ring light⁢ is perfect⁤ for all our video recording ⁤and live streaming needs. With ⁤its 5 color temperatures and 10 ⁤level brightness settings, we can easily adjust ⁤the ‍lighting ‍to create the‍ perfect‍ atmosphere for our videos. ⁢Whether we need a ⁤warm, cozy glow‍ or a cool, bright light, this ring light has got⁤ us ⁣covered.

Not only does it provide excellent ⁢lighting, but the 62’’ tripod‍ stand and flexible phone holder make it incredibly versatile.⁢ We can ​effortlessly switch between selfie stick and tripod mode, depending on our ⁢shooting needs.‌ The rotatable tripod⁣ head and⁢ adjustable phone holder allow us to easily ⁢find the perfect ‍shooting angle⁤ within⁤ seconds. Whether we are capturing group photos, vlogging, or taking selfies, this tripod‍ stand is adaptable to ​any situation. Plus, ‌it works in both landscape and portrait mode, providing us with ​greater​ flexibility and ‍creative possibilities.

In⁢ addition to its impressive lighting and versatile tripod⁣ stand, the UBeesize 12” Selfie Ring Light is also highly ⁤compatible with⁢ various ⁣devices. It is compatible with all cell phones, cameras, iPads, webcams, and even GoPros. This compatibility allows us to have ‌all our favorite ⁣devices set up and ready to go for our recording sessions. Overall, we ‍are extremely⁣ satisfied with this product. Its larger size and powerful ⁣LED lights make it a key component in our ‌video⁣ production setup. Whether we are shooting sumptuous portraits, video ‍calls, interviews, or ‌even Zoom meetings, this ring light delivers exceptional performance ⁤every time.

Customer⁢ Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews⁢ Analysis:
Upon analyzing the customer reviews for ‌the UBeesize 12” Selfie Ring Light with 62’’ Tripod Stand, we found a mix of positive and negative feedback. Let's delve into the details:

1. Flimsy and Unreliable:
One ⁢customer⁢ mentioned that the product is flimsy and unreliable. They experienced issues with the light going⁤ in and out and sometimes falling⁤ down. This negative experience led them to not recommend the product for business purposes.

2. ⁤Handy and Versatile:
Another customer found the ring light useful and mentioned​ that it⁤ came in ⁢handy. They were‌ pleasantly surprised ⁢to​ discover various uses for ‌it, beyond their initial intention of using it for ⁣zoom calls. They highlighted its ease of ⁢use, bright⁣ light, and great value.

3. Thin Cord:
A complaint shared by a customer was regarding the thinness of the cord. They expressed dissatisfaction​ with this‌ aspect of the product.

4.‌ Highly Adjustable and Bright:
A detailed positive review described the 12” ring light ‌as ultra-bright and highly adjustable. The customer praised its ability to provide five different color‌ temperatures and ten different brightness levels. They also appreciated the included tripod and its ‌adjustability. The reviewer emphasized that the kit offered⁣ good value for money.

5. ⁢Preference ‍for the⁢ 8” ⁣Light:
Another ​customer, ⁤while appreciating the 12” light, ‌mentioned their preference for the ⁤smaller 8” UBeesize ring light. They highlighted the portability ​and ⁣ability to adjust⁤ it along the‍ cord, ‍which ‌made it suitable for smaller spaces. However,‌ they acknowledged the 12” light's versatility ​and recommended choosing the one that fits specific needs.

6. Psychologist's Choice:
A ‍psychologist​ who ‍used the ring light for professional sessions commended it as the largest, brightest, most powerful, and highly adjustable light they had‍ used. They expressed‍ gratitude to⁢ UBeesize⁢ for providing the light and⁣ stated ⁤that ⁤they would purchase it again ⁤and recommend it⁤ to others.

7. ⁢Issues with the Tripod:
While most ​customers were​ satisfied with the​ product,⁢ a review mentioned that the ⁢tripod lacked heavy-duty ⁢construction and ‍stability when‍ extended to⁤ its‌ maximum height. The reviewer noted that ⁢it was an ​understandable compromise given the price.

8. Compatibility ⁣and Sturdiness:
Customers were generally pleased with the compatibility of the phone clamp, especially with larger phones and cases. However, a⁤ few ⁣found the⁣ overall gadget somewhat unstable and had concerns about‍ its durability.

9. Request for Power ​Adapter:
One customer mentioned their wish for ⁢the product⁤ to come with a power adapter, suggesting that it would improve the convenience of usage.

In conclusion, the UBeesize 12” Ring Light & Tripod⁣ received mixed reviews. While some ⁣customers were dissatisfied with its‌ reliability, others found it versatile, ​bright, and⁣ highly adjustable. The tripod's stability was a concern⁢ for ‌some, but overall, customers appreciated the product's features⁣ and⁢ value for ⁣money.

Pros⁢ & Cons

1. Versatile Lighting Options: The‍ UBeesize 12” Selfie Ring Light offers 5 color temperatures⁤ and 10 brightness levels, allowing users to customize‍ their lighting to suit their needs. This makes it ideal for‌ both ⁢videos and vlogs,‌ as‌ well as providing key or fill lighting to soften​ shadows and create a more even lighting setup.

2. Larger Size for Beauty and⁣ Makeup Work: With its⁣ 12-inch ‌diameter, this ring ⁢light​ is larger than the standard 10-inch model. This makes it perfect for beauty and⁤ makeup‍ work, as it​ provides a wider and⁤ more evenly distributed light source, resulting in more ⁢professional-looking results.

3. Multi-functional⁤ Tripod‍ Stand: ‌The⁢ 62” ‌extendable tripod stand of the UBeesize ring light is ‍incredibly versatile. It can be easily switched between selfie ‍stick mode and tripod stand mode,‍ making it⁣ suitable for various situations such as video⁣ shooting,⁢ group photos,‌ vlogging, adventuring, and taking​ selfies. Its​ compatibility with landscape or portrait mode further ⁤enhances‍ its usability.

4. ‍Adjustable Shooting Angles: Thanks to ⁣its rotatable tripod head and adjustable phone holder,​ the⁢ UBeesize ring ‍light can be easily adjusted to‌ accommodate multiple shooting angles. This allows‌ users to explore‌ their creative potential and capture shots from low angles, high angles, landscape⁣ mode, portrait mode, and‌ more.

5. Wide Compatibility: The ‌UBeesize ring⁢ light is ⁣highly​ compatible with a range of⁢ devices, including all cell phones, cameras, iPads, webcams, and even GoPros.‍ This makes it a versatile tool ​that can be used with various devices, ensuring convenience ⁣and flexibility for users.

1.⁢ Large Size May Be Less Portable:⁣ The larger ⁣size of the UBeesize 12” ring light,⁣ while offering better ⁤lighting coverage, may also make it⁣ slightly less portable compared⁣ to smaller models.⁣ This could be a minor ‍inconvenience‍ for users who prioritize portability and prefer compact options for⁢ on-the-go use.

2. Limited Control Options: While‌ the UBeesize ring light offers multiple color temperatures⁤ and brightness levels, some users may find ‍the ‍control options to be limited. Those who desire more specific customization options for their lighting setup ‍may find the level ⁣of ‍control provided ⁣by this ring light ​to be‍ insufficient.

3. Tripod Stand⁣ Sturdiness: Some users have ​reported that the tripod stand of the UBeesize ring light may not be as sturdy as expected, particularly when fully extended to its maximum⁣ height. This could potentially affect the⁤ stability of the setup during use, especially in outdoor or windy conditions.

4. Potential Compatibility Issues: Although the ⁤UBeesize ring light boasts high compatibility with various ‍devices, there is ‌a possibility that certain specific models or brands may not ⁤fit perfectly within​ the adjustable phone holder. Users might need to ​make minor adjustments or use additional adaptors to ⁣ensure a secure fit.

5. Additional Accessories Requirement: Depending on the intended use, users may‌ require additional ⁤accessories such ⁢as a‍ Bluetooth remote control or a‍ camera attachment⁢ mount. While these ⁢accessories​ can⁣ enhance ​the functionality of the⁤ ring light, they would need to be purchased separately, adding to⁣ the total cost.


Q: Does the UBeesize 12” Selfie Ring Light come ‌with a tripod stand?

A: Yes, the UBeesize 12” Selfie Ring Light comes with a 62″ extendable tripod stand. ​This allows you to switch freely between selfie stick mode and tripod stand‍ mode, providing you with the flexibility to use⁣ it in⁤ any situation⁢ such ⁢as video shooting, group photos, ⁣vlogging, adventuring, and taking selfies.​ Plus, it works‌ in both landscape and portrait ⁢mode, giving you the perfect⁤ angle ​for your⁢ shots.

Q: What are the color temperatures and brightness levels available?

A: The UBeesize 12” Selfie Ring⁤ Light ‍offers 5 newly designed color temperatures ranging from​ 3000K‌ to 6000K, allowing you to ⁤adjust the lighting from warm to ​cold ​depending on your preference. ⁤It also has 10 levels of brightness adjustment, ranging from 10% to 100%. This feature⁣ is perfect for videos, vlogs, and providing useful ⁤key or fill light to soften shadows and‍ even out ‍lighting when presenting to the camera.

Q: ​Can I use ⁣this ring light ​with my phone, camera,‍ or webcam?

A: Absolutely! The UBeesize 12” Selfie Ring‍ Light is highly compatible ​with all‍ cell phones, cameras, ⁣iPads, webcams, ⁢and even GoPros. It comes with an adjustable phone holder and a⁢ rotatable tripod head, allowing ⁣you to⁤ easily adjust the shooting angles ⁣within seconds.‍ Whether you⁣ want to shoot in landscape ​or portrait mode, at ⁤a low angle or high angle, this⁤ ring light will help you discover your full potential and capture incredible photos and videos.

Q: ‍Is the ring ‌light⁤ powerful enough‌ for ​professional use?

A: Definitely! The UBeesize 12” Selfie ‍Ring Light is equipped with 240 LEDs and produces 10W of‌ power, making it⁢ more‍ powerful than the similar 10-inch models available in the ​market. With its larger​ size⁣ and brightness, it is perfect‌ for ‌professional use as ⁢a key light for sumptuous portraits, video ⁣calls, interviews, and even Zoom meetings. The quality of the light it provides ‌will elevate your⁣ content to a whole new level.

Q: Can I use the ring light for beauty and​ makeup work?

A: Absolutely! The UBeesize 12” Selfie Ring Light⁤ with‍ its larger size and adjustable color temperatures is perfect for beauty and⁣ makeup ‌work. Whether you ⁤are a makeup artist or simply want to⁤ enhance‌ your selfies, this ring ⁢light will provide you with the ‌ideal lighting conditions ‍to achieve a flawless look. ⁣The soft and even lighting⁣ it produces will make⁢ your skin look radiant and bring out every​ detail of ⁤your makeup.

We hope this⁣ Q&A section has answered all your queries about the UBeesize 12” ‍Selfie Ring‌ Light with 62” Tripod Stand. If you have any⁤ more ⁢questions, feel free to ask us in⁣ the comments section ‌below. Happy‍ filming and streaming!

Experience Innovation

Thank you ​for joining us on⁢ this journey through the incredible features⁤ of the UBeesize 12”⁣ Ring Light & ​Tripod. We've explored all the ways this product can enhance​ your videos, live streams, and even your makeup routine. ⁢Now, it's time ⁣to make this ultimate lighting and filming solution yours!

If you're ready to take your content‍ creation to the next level, click here​ to ‍grab your very own UBeesize 12” Selfie Ring Light with 62’’ Tripod Stand. With its 5 color temperatures and 10​ level brightness, you'll have complete⁢ control over⁤ your lighting setup. Whether you're⁤ shooting​ in‌ warm or cold‍ tones, this ring light has ‌got⁢ you covered.

Not only that, but the 62’’​ Selfie Stick Tripod and⁤ Phone Tripod Stand ​allows you to switch ⁢seamlessly⁣ between different shooting modes. Capture stunning group photos, vlogs, or even adventure shots ‌with‍ ease. It's designed to fit‍ all cell ⁤phones, cameras, iPads, webcams, and GoPros, ensuring ⁢high compatibility no matter what device you use.

The adjustable phone holder and rotatable ‍tripod head enable you to explore multiple shooting angles in just‍ a few seconds. From landscape to ⁢portrait mode,‍ low angle to high angle shots, this‌ versatile tripod ⁤has⁣ it all.⁣ Discover your full⁢ potential and ‌shoot like⁢ never ⁣before!

But wait, there's more! The ‌12-inch ring light packs a punch with ‍240 LEDs, ‌producing a whopping 10W of power. ​It's the perfect key light for sumptuous portraits, video calls, interviews, and even Zoom meetings. ‌Say goodbye to⁤ harsh shadows ‍and ​uneven ⁣lighting – this ⁤ring light⁢ will make you shine like​ a star.

So why wait? Don't miss out on the‌ opportunity to‍ transform your content ⁣with the UBeesize 12” Selfie⁤ Ring ⁢Light & Tripod. ​Click here to⁤ get yours ​now and ⁤light up your world!

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