Transform Your Workstation with the meatanty 2 In 1 Monitor Stand: A Stylish Solution for Organizing and Charging

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‌ Welcome to our review of the meatanty⁢ 2⁤ In 1 Monitor Stand Riser with 2 Storage Drawers ⁤and 4 USB Ports. ​We have had the opportunity to test this product firsthand and are excited to share ​our thoughts with you. ⁢This innovative monitor stand is not only‌ aesthetically pleasing with ⁤its sleek metal design, but it also offers a range of practical features⁤ that make ‌it a valuable addition ⁣to any desk setup. From ⁢its convenient desktop⁢ storage drawers to its ergonomic design and convenient‍ USB ports, ⁢this monitor stand has truly exceeded our ⁢expectations. Join us as we delve ​into⁤ the details of‍ this impressive product.

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$79.99 in stock
1 new from $79.99
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Last update was on: March 3, 2024 4:01 pm

This meatanty ⁢2 ⁢In 1 Monitor ​Stand‌ Riser is a game-changer for those looking‍ to maximize ⁢their ⁢desk space and enhance their⁢ work setup. With⁣ 2 convenient pull-out drawers,⁤ it offers an excellent solution for organizing ‍small office supplies like U disks, hard drives, pens, book clips, and even smartphones. This clever design allows you to keep your ⁢desk neat and tidy, eliminating‌ clutter and creating a​ more⁢ productive environment.

Made from high-quality metal material, this monitor⁤ stand riser‍ is not only durable and solid‌ but ​also ⁢capable of ⁣supporting items up to ‍66 ‍pounds and monitors up to 27 inches. ⁣Whether ​you have an iMac or another monitor, this stand⁢ can ⁢handle it with ease. But it doesn't stop there – this stand is also designed with your health in mind. By raising your monitor to​ a scientifically suitable height, it helps to release⁤ pressure on⁣ your neck and ​waist, promoting⁤ better posture and‍ reducing discomfort during long hours of work.

In addition to its ergonomic benefits, this monitor stand⁢ riser‌ also offers an impressive hub⁣ expansion feature. With 4 USB ports, it becomes incredibly convenient to connect various USB devices⁣ such as smartphones, USB sticks, iPads, Kindles, and ​more. No more⁤ struggling with ⁤limited USB ports – this stand has got​ you covered. And let's not forget about‌ the attentive customer service.‌ The team behind ⁢this monitor stand is dedicated to providing a top-notch shopping experience, making themselves ⁤available to address‌ any concerns or suggestions within 24 ⁣hours. Overall,‍ this meatanty 2 In 1 Monitor Stand Riser ​is⁢ a must-have desk organizer that⁢ combines functionality, durability, and ergonomic design ​to improve your office comfort ⁣and enhance your productivity.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews‍ Analysis:

We are thrilled to hear that our⁤ customers have had such positive experiences with the meatanty 2 In 1 Monitor​ Stand. From the reviews, it is evident that customers are⁣ pleased with the⁢ quality and functionality of the product.

One customer mentions that they were pleasantly surprised by ⁤the quality⁤ of the materials used. They appreciate that it doesn't feel cheap ‌and sits at the ‍perfect height. They also ⁣highlight ​the fast charging capabilities of the wireless charger⁣ and the functionality of the USB ports.

The storage provided by the monitor riser is⁢ also highly praised. Customers appreciate the cubby for a docking ⁢station and the additional space ‌it provides⁤ on their desk. The two drawers are described as ⁣super convenient.

Another customer is thrilled with‌ the‍ functionality of the⁢ stand. ⁤They love the sleek design and the minimal space it‌ occupies on their desk. The USB connections on the side⁣ of the ‌stand make it‌ easy to access, eliminating ⁤the⁤ need to crawl under the ⁢desk. They also​ appreciate the small drawers for frequently used items.

While some⁣ customers mention that the stand is advertised ⁢as ‌all steel construction, they ‌note that only the⁤ top flat surface is steel, and everything⁢ else is plastic. However, they⁤ still find it ​functional and sleek.‌ The wireless charging pad⁤ is appreciated, even though it ⁢may not be a​ fast charger.

One customer specifically mentions that the stand supports their 32-inch monitor and serves various utilities. They highlight the good quality wireless charger plate and the convenience of‍ the four USB ports. They mention‌ that despite ‍being made of plastic, the‍ stand has held up well.

Assembly is ⁢mentioned in a few reviews, with customers ‍noting that⁣ it is easy and straightforward. They appreciate that the components are neatly ⁣packaged ‍and well protected. The metal construction ‍of the top monitor⁤ portion is praised for ⁤its durability.

One customer‍ mentions⁤ that the ⁢stand works perfectly with their 34-inch ‍widescreen monitor,⁤ allowing ​the screen to be raised⁤ and ⁤the keyboard to ⁢slide underneath. They find the wireless ⁣charging pad and USB‌ hub to be ⁢great additions. They appreciate ‍the matte black⁤ color that⁤ blends seamlessly with their‍ desk.

Overall, customers are ⁢highly satisfied with the meatanty 2⁢ In 1 Monitor Stand.⁤ They ⁤appreciate ‌the additional desk‍ space‍ it provides, the convenience of the storage drawers, and the ⁣functionality of ⁤the USB ports and​ wireless charging pad. The durability and easy assembly are also mentioned ‍as ⁤positives.

Pros & Cons

1) Ample storage: The meatanty 2 In ⁣1 Monitor⁣ Stand⁣ Riser comes with two pull-out drawers that provide ample storage space‍ for small office supplies such as U‌ disks, hard drives, pens, and smartphones. This helps to keep your desk neat and tidy, allowing‌ for a more organized ⁢workspace.

2) Sturdy and​ durable: ‌Made of high-quality metal material, this monitor stand riser ‍is designed to support items up to 66 pounds and can accommodate monitors up to 27 inches, including IMAC.‍ Its ⁤solid construction ensures stability ‌and longevity,‍ providing a ⁢reliable solution for your workstation‍ setup.

3) Ergonomic design: The ​meatanty Monitor Stand with Drawer is designed ⁤with an ergonomic concept in mind. By⁤ raising your⁢ monitor to a scientifically suitable height, it helps to release pressure⁢ on your neck and waist. This promotes ⁤a healthier posture, reducing​ the risk⁤ of strain and discomfort during long hours of ⁤work.

4) Hub expansion: With four‍ USB ports, the meatanty dual⁤ computer monitor stand ⁤supports ‍data transfer and hub⁤ function. This makes it convenient to connect various USB devices such as smartphones, USB sticks, iPads, and Kindles.​ It eliminates the need for⁤ extra USB hubs, minimizing cable clutter on your desk.

5) Responsive customer service: The meatanty brand ‌is dedicated to providing ⁣excellent customer service. They are committed to listening to the‌ experiences and suggestions ​of consumers, and any issues with the monitor stand will be ​promptly addressed with ⁤a satisfying solution within​ 24 hours.

1) Limited monitor size compatibility: While the meatanty 2 ​In 1 Monitor Stand Riser can accommodate monitors up to 27 inches, it may not be suitable for larger screens. Those with ⁣larger monitors may need to⁣ find an alternative​ stand ⁢that can support their specific monitor size.

2) Drawers may be small for some ⁣needs: Although the two pull-out drawers provide storage for small office supplies, they may not be ‍spacious enough for‌ larger​ items or a larger quantity of items.⁣ Users ⁢with more extensive storage needs may require additional desk organizers.

3) ‍Lack of⁤ adjustable height: The meatanty monitor stand riser ⁣raises your⁤ monitor to a ​fixed height. While this height ⁣may be⁣ suitable for many users, ‌those who prefer adjustable heights to cater to their specific ergonomic needs may⁢ find this limitation ‍restrictive.


Q: Can this monitor stand riser support ‌a 21-inch iMac?

A: ‌Yes, ⁢this⁣ monitor stand riser is designed ‌to support monitors up to 27 inches, including the 21-inch iMac.‍ It is made of high-quality metal material and​ can support items ⁤up ⁢to 66⁣ pounds.

Q: How many USB ports does this monitor stand have?

A: This monitor stand comes ⁤with four USB ports, allowing you to easily⁤ connect‌ and ​transfer data from your⁢ USB devices such as smartphones, USB sticks,​ iPads,⁢ Kindles, ⁣and more.

Q: Are the‍ drawers spacious enough to store office supplies?

A: Absolutely! The monitor ⁣stand riser is equipped with two pull-out drawers measuring ‍5.9*6.1*1.3 inches ⁣each. You can ‌store‍ small⁣ office supplies like U disks, hard drives, pens, book‍ clips, smartphones, and more to keep⁤ your desk ⁢neat and tidy.

Q: Does this monitor stand riser have ‌an ergonomic design?

A: Yes, ‍it does! The monitor stand‌ riser is designed⁣ to ⁤raise your monitor to ‍a scientific and ‍suitable height, helping to release the pressure on your neck ⁢and waist. In addition,‌ it has a ‌powerful ⁢desktop storage capacity to help you save more space‍ and improve⁤ your overall office comfort.

Q: ‍What⁣ if I⁤ encounter⁢ any issues with this monitor stand riser?

A:⁢ We are committed to providing excellent customer service and a‌ pleasant shopping⁢ experience. If ⁤you encounter any problems⁣ with this monitor stand,​ please feel ‌free to ⁣contact us. We⁢ will offer you a satisfying solution ​within 24 ​hours.

Have any more questions? Feel free to ask!

Transform Your ⁣World

At meatanty, we ⁢believe⁤ that a well-organized and ⁣efficient workspace can greatly enhance productivity. That's why we're ‍excited to introduce you to our⁤ latest innovation: the meatanty 2 In 1 Monitor Stand Riser with⁣ 2 Storage Drawers and 4 USB Ports. ⁣This sleek and versatile monitor ⁢stand is designed to⁢ transform your ​workstation into a clutter-free and power-packed hub.

With ‍its two pull-out drawers, measuring at 5.9*6.1*1.3⁢ inches, you can ⁤store ‍all your small office⁣ essentials, such as U disks, hard drives, pens, and even smartphones. Say goodbye to tangled ⁤cables⁢ and⁣ scattered supplies, and embrace an excellent space-saving assistant that will keep your desk neat⁤ and tidy.

But the benefits don't ​stop there. Our monitor ​stand⁢ is built to last, ‌made from high-quality metal material ⁢that can support items weighing up to 66 pounds. It can comfortably accommodate monitors⁢ up to 27 inches,⁢ including IMAC. This durability ensures​ that your ‍workspace remains stable ‌and secure, allowing⁤ you to focus on your work without ⁣any ⁣distractions.

We also prioritize your​ health and well-being. The ergonomic design of our monitor stand is aimed ⁤at providing you with a ‌comfortable and healthy viewing experience. By raising your monitor ⁢to a scientific and suitable height, it helps alleviate ⁤the pressure on your‌ neck and waist, reducing‌ the risk of discomfort or strain. Additionally, the powerful desktop storage​ capacity minimizes clutter, creating a‌ more⁣ organized and efficient ⁣office environment that⁤ enhances your overall comfort.

At meatanty,⁣ we ⁢value our customers ⁤and⁤ strive to‍ provide the best shopping experience possible. Our dedicated customer service ‌team is ready to assist you with any inquiries‍ or concerns you may have. We are here to listen, learn,‍ and continuously improve our ​product based on your feedback and ​suggestions. Your satisfaction is our top priority, ⁢and we guarantee a timely ​and satisfactory solution⁤ to any problem you may encounter ⁣with our monitor⁣ stand.

So why wait? Upgrade your‌ workstation today and experience the transformative power of ⁣the meatanty 2 In 1 Monitor Stand Riser with 2 Storage Drawers and 4 USB Ports. Say goodbye to clutter and discomfort, and embrace a stylish ‌and efficient ‌solution⁢ that⁣ will revolutionize‌ your work environment.

Transform your ⁤workspace with meatanty now!

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