Unlocking Brain Power: NASA’s Remarkable Discovery

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Unlocking Brain Power: NASA’s Remarkable Discovery

Over 19,000 individuals, including my own family, have transitioned from mental haziness to enhanced cognitive clarity with a mere 7-second daily practice.

  • Dr. James Rivers, Neuroscientist with MIT Credentials

Discover the innovative breakthrough by an MIT-trained neuroscientist that amplifies cognitive abilities. Learn why over 16,000 people, spanning all age groups, have already adopted it.

This groundbreaking NASA study reveals a phenomenon within our brains, existing for over 200 million years and comparable in size to a cashew.

Clinical Studies Prove:

TRUE COGNITIVE ENHANCEMENT doesn’t come from a pill or potion. It resides within you, waiting to be unlocked.

With origins spanning millions of years and roughly the size of a cashew, this 7-second daily practice, backed by extensive neuroscience research, can elevate your cognitive abilities.

Are you in the know? This might surprise you.

This unique brainwave is associated with heightened intelligence and creativity.

Suddenly, brilliant ideas emerge. Your learning accelerates. Fortuitous events transpire.

NASA has researched this, but it’s remained under the radar:

This is not popularized on major platforms like YouTube, Google, or even Amazon. But today, we delve into it.

NASA’s Groundbreaking 3,000-Day Study

I am Dr. James Rivers.

The pivotal moment came when a colleague presented a lesser-known NASA study to me.

NASA aimed to gauge the cognitive prowess of their future engineers. They assessed a group of children and were astounded to find that 98% exhibited “creative genius” levels!

However, a retest 5 years later showed only 30% maintaining that level. By their teenage years, a mere 12% retained it.

Why Do Children Outshine Adults in Creativity?

An intriguing question indeed. When adults were subjected to the same test, only 2% showcased the “creative genius” levels. This implies that the likelihood of possessing this heightened cognitive state dwindles significantly from childhood to adulthood.

The Underlying Culprit Behind Our Diminished Brain Power

With expertise from MIT and Stanford, I was driven to uncover the reason behind this decline in genius-level cognition. While some attribute it to educational systems, my quest was to understand the neural underpinnings.

The answer wasn’t about rote memory but rather intuitive understanding, insightful problem-solving, and a seeming “luck” factor in life.

After 34 years in neuroscience, my deep dive into research led to an astonishing find.

The Brainwave Backed by NASA: The Key to True Cognitive Enhancement

There’s a common belief that we utilize only 10% of our brain. Although not entirely accurate, children’s brain activity, particularly the Theta Wave, is prominently visible via EEG. In contrast, adults exhibit a suppressed Theta Wave.

Advanced neuroscientists have recognized that individuals operating at the Theta Level often experience serendipitous events and innovative solutions. This state, akin to “shaping reality”, results from simultaneous activation of multiple brain regions, akin to a cognitive supercharge.



Theta: The Wave of Brilliance

The Theta Wave, often associated with problem-solving, has recently been linked to the coveted “flow state” in a study from Japan. This state, sought after by athletes and artists alike, is synonymous with peak performance and ease.

In essence, the underlying cause of our challenges may be the suppression of this Theta Wave.

The Genius Wave

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