StickyGrippy: The Ultimate Phone Holder for TikTok and Selfies!

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Hey there, fellow⁢ content creators‍ and smartphone enthusiasts! Today, we’re excited ‌to share our‌ first-hand⁤ experience with a product that⁣ will revolutionize the way you capture ⁣those memorable moments. Introducing the StickyGrippy Suction Phone Case Mount,‍ a silicone ⁤adhesive phone accessory ‍designed for iPhone ⁤and‌ Android devices.

Let’s start with the most important feature ⁤– its⁤ strength and ‍sturdiness.​ Unlike other phone holders,⁣ the StickyGrippy boasts an impressive 24 individual suction ‌cups that provide a⁣ reliable ‌hold, ​ensuring that your precious phone won’t fall ​or ‍drop during use.

Now, let’s talk about its versatility. Are you an influencer looking to create ⁣amazing TikTok videos? Or simply someone‌ who loves sharing content with ‍friends? Well, the StickyGrippy is just what you need. With its⁢ secure hold ⁢and hands-free functionality, you can capture those shareable moments effortlessly.

What​ we love most about this product is its ease of use. Attaching​ the StickyGrippy to almost any standard smooth cellphone case is an⁤ absolute breeze, thanks ⁢to ​its peel-and-stick ​adhesive backing. Plus, ‌it’s⁢ compatible with popular ‍phone brands such as iPhone,‌ Samsung Galaxy, and HTC.

Of course, as ‌discerning consumers, we always appreciate quality assurance. ⁢Rest assured, the StickyGrippy guarantees ‌unbeatable customer‍ service and support, long-lasting⁤ durability, and ‌strict quality control with every purchase. It’s​ perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle!

Now,​ let’s get‍ to‍ the cuteness factor.‍ The StickyGrippy isn’t ⁢just a phone holder – it’s an innovative accessory that takes‌ cuteness to a whole new level. Whether you want to ‌take adorable selfies or shoot fun videos, this adorable pink gadget will be your new favorite fidget toy.

Picture‌ this: attaching your smartphone to clean, flat surfaces like mirrors, showers, and windows with ease. With the StickyGrippy, this dream ‌becomes a reality. Its‍ strong suction cups and ‌reliable hold allow you to take cute photos and‌ videos hands-free, ​giving you the freedom to experiment ⁤and capture those⁢ Insta-worthy⁤ shots.

In ⁢conclusion, the‌ StickyGrippy⁣ Suction Phone Case Mount is ⁤a game-changer ⁤for content creators and ​smartphone ⁢enthusiasts. With its strong and ‍sturdy design, ease of use, and ‌adorable pink color, it’s the perfect companion ​for ⁤your on-the-go lifestyle. So go ahead, unleash your‌ creativity, ⁢and let the StickyGrippy elevate your phone photography and videography to new heights. Time to make some‍ TikTok magic, folks!

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$12.99 in stock
1 new from $12.99
2 used from $11.00
Free shipping
Last update was on: June 23, 2024 6:10 am

If⁤ you’re tired of ​worrying about your phone falling or dropping, the StickyGrippy Suction Phone Case Mount is ‌here to provide a strong and reliable ⁢hold. With 24 individual suction ‌cups, this phone holder offers a level of stability that surpasses other options on the ‍market. Whether ⁢you’re an ⁣influencer,⁤ TikTok creator, or ‍simply​ love sharing content, the StickyGrippy is the perfect accessory for capturing those⁢ shareable moments. Its⁤ easy-to-use peel-and-stick ⁣adhesive backing allows you‍ to attach‍ it to almost ⁢any standard smooth cellphone case effortlessly. ‍Compatible with popular phone brands like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy,‍ and HTC, this phone mount‌ guarantees quality and⁤ durability with every purchase. Say goodbye⁣ to worries and‍ hello to convenience with the StickyGrippy!

But wait, there’s more! The StickyGrippy isn’t just a phone mount; it’s an innovative solution that lets​ you take cute⁢ photos and videos hands-free. Attach your smartphone⁤ to​ clean, ‍flat surfaces such⁢ as mirrors, showers, ⁤and windows, and get ‍ready to click and record from unique ⁢angles.‍ Its cute and convenient design makes it a⁢ must-have accessory for content⁢ creators and​ anyone with an on-the-go lifestyle. Trust us​ when we ​say that the ⁣StickyGrippy is ‍a ‌game-changer. With unbeatable customer service and support, ‌as well as a commitment to long-lasting⁣ durability and quality control, this phone accessory is bound to become your ⁣new favorite companion. ⁤Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your TikTok⁤ videos, selfies, and overall content​ creation experience‍ with the StickyGrippy Suction Phone Case Mount!

Customer Reviews ‌Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis:

UPDATEAfter ⁤using this for a while I‌ like it⁣ better⁤ but The first place I tried it⁢ was in my​ car and‌ it⁤ won’t stick to my⁤ dash unfortunately so⁣ it’s useless in my car.⁢ But ⁤it does stick and ⁣holds well on‌ glass and smooth surfaces. I wanted it for my⁣ car so I’m ​not ⁢happy about ⁣that but it does hold my phone’s ⁣weight on other places ⁢but not all, ⁣like⁣ it advertised. It seems pretty well made⁤ for its small size.

Some customers have found that‍ the StickyGrippy ⁤Suction Phone Case⁢ Mount does not stick well to ⁣all surfaces, particularly car ‍dashboards. However, it ‍does‌ stick and hold ⁤well on glass and smooth surfaces. While it ⁢did⁤ not meet‌ the customer’s expectations for car use,⁤ they found it to be well-made for its ​small size.

Kept falling ‌off my⁤ car dash I tried everything. POS!

This customer was extremely dissatisfied with‍ the product, stating that it continuously⁤ fell off‌ their car dashboard⁤ despite trying various methods to make it⁤ stick. They used an‌ abbreviated term to express their disappointment.

I have an iPhone 14. ⁤Overpriced piece of small rubber. Way smaller than ​I expected

One ‌customer felt that the StickyGrippy⁢ Suction Phone Case Mount was overpriced for what⁢ they received. They ‌also mentioned that the⁤ size ⁢of‍ the product was smaller⁤ than​ they ⁢had anticipated.

Great quality and ⁣easily comes off and on. Just​ know that people will want to touch your phone.⁤ Sticks to so many surfaces, if it’s a rough​ surface then it won’t stick.

Another customer praised the great quality of the product and‍ its ability to easily attach and detach from their ⁢phone.‌ However, they cautioned that people may be inclined to touch the⁣ phone when the StickyGrippy mount⁢ is in ⁤use. They also noted ‌that it sticks well to many surfaces, except for rough ones.

Great for traveling, quick photos/videos. Sticks well and holds.

A customer ​found the ‌StickyGrippy Suction Phone Case Mount to⁣ be useful for traveling and taking quick​ photos or videos.⁣ They highlighted its strong adhesion and ⁢ability to hold​ the phone securely.

This holds my iPhone⁢ 14⁤ Promax so well and⁢ it sticks to my silicone case. The grip on it is so ‍good.‌ I’m definitely going to‌ be buying ⁢more!

A ⁢satisfied customer mentioned that the‌ StickyGrippy ⁤Suction​ Phone⁣ Case‍ Mount securely holds their iPhone 14 Promax and adheres well‌ to their silicone case. ‍They were so pleased with ​the product that they plan to purchase more in the future.

I absolutely‌ LOVE this product. ​As a ⁣content creator, it makes it so easy to​ make content⁢ anywhere.⁢ It quite literally sticks to almost anything, and I’m obsessed ‍with it. It’s⁢ definitely a conversation starter​ when people notice it​ too!

An enthusiastic customer who is a content ‌creator expressed their love for the StickyGrippy Suction Phone Case Mount. They highlighted its convenience for ⁤creating content on-the-go and its ability to‌ adhere to various surfaces. The customer also mentioned that it sparks‌ conversations when noticed by⁢ others.

Works perfectly, the only thing ⁢I’m upset with is I put it on crooked. ⁢Will definitely be ordering another ​to⁣ put on correctly.

A customer described the product as working perfectly,​ but⁤ they were disappointed that they ⁢unintentionally attached it crooked. Despite this, ⁤they expressed their ​intention ‍to purchase another to ensure ‍correct positioning.

I got this to ⁢be able ⁢to take⁤ hands-free videos, but it’s really ⁢come in handy outside of⁣ that too! For example, it helps my phone stay put on ‌cardio ‍equipment at the gym, or I can stick it to my laptop ⁣when I’m walking to different work meetings throughout the day without worrying about balancing it.⁢ Nice suction! Just know it only works on smooth surfaces.

Another ⁣customer initially purchased the StickyGrippy Suction Phone Case Mount for hands-free video-taking purposes. They were pleasantly ⁢surprised to find additional ⁢uses, such as keeping their⁢ phone secured to gym equipment and their ⁢laptop during ‍work meetings. The⁤ customer praised the product’s suction ⁤power but cautioned⁢ that it only works on smooth surfaces.

It ⁤works well, literally sticks to almost everything.

A customer commended‍ the StickyGrippy Suction Phone Case ‍Mount for its effectiveness, stating that it sticks to nearly any surface.

Works good, but it’s not sparkly. The one I received is solid pink.

The customer found ⁣the functionality of the StickyGrippy Suction Phone Case Mount ⁤to be satisfactory, but ⁣they were disappointed that the color they received was not as described. They expected a sparkly finish but received a⁤ solid pink one instead.

You need this! I stick this to my patio door and‍ take content whenever I feel inspired. Wow, no need for a tripod⁣ anymore. It stuck well to my phone, and it’s never fallen off! I’m obsessed. Going to gift these to‍ all ​my friends!!

A delighted​ customer highly recommended the StickyGrippy Suction Phone‍ Case Mount, emphasizing its usefulness for capturing content from various locations. They mentioned ⁤that it eliminated the need ⁢for a tripod⁣ and praised its secure adhesion. The‌ customer planned ​to gift the product to their friends as well.

Product‌ is labeled as “StickyGrippy” brand, which is the reason I ordered over ⁢cheaper ​ones that you can find ‍on Amazon. I ‍chose this one ⁢because‍ the ​product photo showed the thicker silicone. The ⁢product received is of⁢ much cheaper quality ‌than what is pictured on the product page.

A disappointed ‌customer highlighted their disappointment with the StickyGrippy‍ Suction Phone⁣ Case Mount. They were expecting a⁣ higher quality ⁢product based on its labeling as a “StickyGrippy” brand and the product photo showcasing thicker silicone. However, the customer found the actual‌ product to be of much⁤ cheaper quality than advertised.

This worked for⁤ a few ⁢hours and was awesome but it lost all of its ⁤stickiness within hours! I cannot use‌ this anymore; I want a ⁢refunddddd.

One ‌customer initially had a positive experience with the StickyGrippy Suction Phone ‌Case Mount,⁢ but their perception changed when it lost its stickiness within a​ few hours. They expressed their ⁣frustration and desired a refund.

First of all,​ I ​was sent a ‌hot‍ pink color, instead of the⁣ light pink sparkly one I ordered. This phone A customer was disappointed to receive​ a ​different color than what they had ordered. They specifically mentioned⁢ wanting a light pink sparkly⁢ StickyGrippy Suction Phone Case Mount but received ⁣a hot pink one instead.

Pros & Cons

1. Strong and Sturdy: The StickyGrippy features 24 individual suction cups that ‍provide a ⁢reliable hold, ensuring your phone stays⁣ in place and⁣ reducing the ​risk of it falling or dropping.
2. Ideal for Content Creators: Whether you’re⁤ an influencer, TikTok ‍creator, or just love sharing content, the StickyGrippy is the perfect⁢ accessory ⁣for capturing those shareable moments. It allows for hands-free operation, giving you​ the freedom to focus⁣ on creating ‌engaging videos or taking stunning selfies.
3. Easy to ⁤Use: Attaching the StickyGrippy to your phone is a breeze thanks‍ to its peel-and-stick adhesive backing. It can be effortlessly applied to almost any ⁢standard smooth cellphone case, making it compatible with popular phone brands such as​ iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and ​HTC.
4. Versatile: The StickyGrippy is‌ not just a phone holder, but also a fidget toy, mirror, and shower phone holder. Its innovative design allows​ you to attach your smartphone to clean, flat surfaces like mirrors, showers, and ⁢windows,⁤ giving you endless ⁤possibilities​ for ‌capturing ⁣unique photos and videos.
5. Quality Guaranteed: With every ‍purchase of StickyGrippy, you can expect unbeatable customer service and ⁤support. The product is made with long-lasting⁤ durability in mind, ensuring it will stand the test of time. It also goes through quality control checks, guaranteeing that you receive a ⁣reliable and high-quality product.
6. Convenient for ⁤an on-the-go lifestyle: The ⁤StickyGrippy is designed to cater to individuals with an active lifestyle. Its compact size and ability to attach to various surfaces make it a convenient tool for capturing moments wherever you go.

1. Limited phone⁢ case compatibility: While the StickyGrippy is compatible with⁣ most ‌standard smooth cellphone cases,‌ it may ‌not adhere as effectively⁣ to cases with‌ textured surfaces or unconventional shapes.
2. Limited color options: The StickyGrippy is currently only ⁢available in pink, which may not appeal ⁣to individuals who prefer a different color aesthetic.
3. ⁣Suction cup maintenance: Over time, the​ suction ‌cups may collect dust or lose their adhesive⁤ properties, requiring periodic cleaning ⁢and replacement ⁤for optimal performance.
4. May obstruct ⁤camera and charging ports: Depending on the‍ position of the StickyGrippy on your phone, it may ⁢block the camera or charging ports,​ requiring you to readjust its placement for⁣ certain tasks.


Q: Can the StickyGrippy hold my phone ⁣securely?
A: Absolutely! The StickyGrippy is designed with⁢ 24 individual suction cups that provide‌ a strong ⁢and ⁢reliable hold. You don’t need⁢ to worry about⁢ your phone falling or dropping while ‌using it.

Q: Is the⁢ StickyGrippy‌ compatible with all⁤ phone brands?
A: Yes, the StickyGrippy is compatible with popular phone brands such as iPhone, Samsung‍ Galaxy, and HTC. ⁤As long⁤ as your ‍phone has a standard smooth cellphone case, it can ‌easily attach to⁤ the StickyGrippy.

Q: How easy is it⁤ to attach ⁣the StickyGrippy to my phone?
A:‌ It’s incredibly easy! The StickyGrippy features a peel-and-stick adhesive ‌backing, making the attachment process a ​breeze. Simply peel ‌off the backing and stick it to the ‍back⁣ of your phone case.

Q: Can I use‍ the StickyGrippy‍ to capture content for TikTok and other social media platforms?
A: Absolutely! The StickyGrippy is ⁣ideal for⁣ content​ creators, influencers, and anyone⁤ who⁤ loves sharing moments on ‌platforms‍ like TikTok.⁢ It allows⁢ you to capture⁣ hands-free photos and videos, making your content creation ⁢process much more convenient.

Q: Can the StickyGrippy be used in different settings?
A: Yes, it can! The StickyGrippy is designed to be used ⁣in a variety of⁤ settings. It can be attached to ⁢clean, flat surfaces like mirrors, showers, and ‍windows. So whether‍ you want to take‍ a cute selfie⁢ or record a video in the shower, the StickyGrippy has got you‌ covered!

Q: Does the ‌StickyGrippy ‌come ‌with any⁤ guarantee or⁤ warranty?
A: Yes, ‍we offer‌ unbeatable customer service and support, ensuring​ that you ⁤have ⁢a great experience with your⁢ StickyGrippy. We also provide long-lasting durability and quality control with every ⁤purchase, so ​you⁢ can trust in the product’s quality.

Q: Is the StickyGrippy portable⁤ for my on-the-go lifestyle?
A: Absolutely! The StickyGrippy is designed to be convenient for your ⁢on-the-go lifestyle. ​It is compact ​and lightweight, making it easy to⁣ carry around with ⁢you wherever you go.‌ So whether you’re traveling,⁣ commuting, or just out and⁣ about, the StickyGrippy⁣ will⁢ be your perfect companion.

Experience the Difference

In​ conclusion, the‍ StickyGrippy Suction​ Phone Case Mount is truly ⁣the ⁤ultimate phone holder for TikTok and‍ selfies! With its strong and sturdy design, featuring 24 individual suction cups, you can⁣ trust ⁤that your phone ⁢will stay securely in place. No more worrying about it falling or dropping during⁢ those ‍important ‌moments.

This innovative phone ⁣accessory is perfect for content creators of all kinds. Whether⁢ you’re an influencer, a TikTok creator, or simply love sharing your content, the StickyGrippy will help you capture ​those shareable ⁤moments with ease.

Not only is the StickyGrippy easy to use, thanks to its peel-and-stick adhesive backing, but it is also compatible with popular phone brands such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and HTC. Attaching it to ⁢your standard⁤ smooth cellphone case is a‌ breeze.

We guarantee top-notch⁤ customer service ​and support, along with ‍long-lasting​ durability and⁣ quality control with every⁢ StickyGrippy purchase. It’s the perfect ⁢companion for your ⁣on-the-go lifestyle.

But​ here’s⁢ the‌ best​ part – ⁣the ​StickyGrippy isn’t just a phone holder, it also doubles as a ‌cute and convenient fidget toy and mirror‌ shower phone holder! You can take adorable hands-free photos and videos by‌ attaching your smartphone to clean, flat surfaces like mirrors, ‍showers, and windows. It adds a whole new level of fun and creativity to your content creation.

So why‌ wait? Experience the magic ‍of the StickyGrippy Suction Phone Case Mount for yourself. Grab yours today and ‍unleash your inner content creator!

[Click here]( ⁣to get ‍your own StickyGrippy and start ‌capturing those unforgettable moments in style!

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