Immerse Yourself in Style and Convenience with Lucyd Open Ear Smart UV Sunglasses for Men & Women

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Welcome to our first-hand review of the Lucyd Open Ear Smart​ UV Sunglasses for Men & Women – ⁣Noise Canceling Wireless Mics, Siri & Alexa Support – Driving & Meeting ⁣– ⁤Earthbound. ⁤We’ve had the pleasure of testing out these ⁤innovative sunglasses and we’re excited to share our experience with you. With ⁣touch‌ controls, all-day battery life, protection and⁣ polarized lenses, splash-proof design, and⁣ immersive audio, these sunglasses offer a unique blend of style and functionality. So sit back, relax, and join us as we dive into the world of Lucyd Open Ear Smart⁣ UV Sunglasses.

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    Last update was on: June 24, 2024 12:11 am

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Last update was on: June 24, 2024 12:11 am

The Lucyd Open Ear Smart UV Sunglasses are a⁢ game-changer​ in the world of eyewear. ‍With their ‌innovative features‍ and sleek design, these sunglasses are perfect for both men and‌ women. The touch controls on‌ each⁢ temple allow for easy navigation and control of your music and calls. You can answer calls, play/pause music, skip tracks, adjust volume, and even activate Siri ⁢or Alexa, all with a simple touch. Plus, with the bluetooth 5.0 mic, you can enjoy crystal-clear voice quality during calls and interactions with your voice ⁤assistant.

One of the standout features of ​these sunglasses is their all-day battery life. With 6.5 – 8 hours of playback per charge and a standby connection time of 160 hours, you won’t have to worry about running out ‌of power. Even if you listen to one hour of music daily, you’ll only need to charge your sunglasses once a week. And with the protection‍ of the TAC-polarized UV400 sunglass lenses and the IP-56 splashproof rating, you can confidently take these ⁣sunglasses anywhere. They are designed to resist⁢ sweat, rain,​ and even splashes of water, making them perfect for outdoor activities and poolside lounging.

But perhaps the ‍most impressive aspect of these sunglasses is their immersive audio ⁢experience. With flush speakers in each ⁣temple, you’ll enjoy sharp open-ear playback that enhances your awareness of your surroundings compared to⁢ traditional headphones. It’s perfect for ⁤listening to music, attending meetings, or making calls on the go. So why settle for ordinary sunglasses when you​ can have the Lucyd Open ​Ear ⁢Smart UV Sunglasses⁤ for ‍a smarter and more stylish audio⁣ experience?

Customer Reviews​ Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis:

We received​ various customer reviews for the Lucyd Open Ear Smart UV Sunglasses for Men & Women – Noise Canceling Wireless Mics, Siri & Alexa Support – Driving & Meeting – Earthbound. Here’s a breakdown of the ⁤key points:

1. “12 hours of battery is ⁤amazing”:
– The battery lasted all day, making hands-free phone calls at work more convenient.
⁣ – However, background noise can⁣ interfere with conversation clarity.
– The frames are comfortable width-wise,⁢ but a little short ⁤length-wise for some users.

2. “Comfortable with ⁣blue light blocking lenses”:
⁤ – These sunglasses are comfortable to wear for long periods.
– The blue light blocking lenses are effective in reducing eye strain.
-‌ The sound quality is surprisingly rich for the size of the speakers.
– The volume ⁣needs adjusting to⁤ avoid crackling ⁢on loud tracks.
– It may not provide a fully private conversation during calls in public.

3. “Interesting concept with‌ video calling benefits”:
– The frames may not be suitable for some​ faces, but​ they work well for video calling.
– Sound clarity varies across different video calling services, but it’s mostly clear.
​ – Calls are transmitted in mono and only through one ear, providing some privacy.
⁤ – Easy pairing and⁣ relatively comfortable to wear.
​ – The magnetic charger ⁣may be specialized ⁤and not easily replaceable if lost.

4. “Quality glasses, but not ideal for noisy environments”:
⁢ – The glasses are of⁢ good quality with comfortable‌ fit.
– Easy pairing with iPhone and stable connection.
– Not as effective in noisy environments compared to regular noise-canceling headsets.

5. “Connection issues and interesting concept”:
– Some users experienced difficulty connecting to their phones.
‌ – The device⁤ intermittently disconnects.
– Despite the issues, it ⁣is still considered an interesting concept.

6. “Comfort and sound quality ⁣concerns”:
– Not⁣ very comfortable or flattering, especially for‌ narrower faces.
– Retro style with wider frames ‍may be better suited for males or wider faces.
– Sound quality similar to⁢ early Bluetooth portable speakers. – The bass is lacking, and the sound can be tinny at times.
– The sunglasses tend to ⁢slip down the nose when looking down.

Overall, it​ seems⁤ that​ the Lucyd Open Ear⁣ Smart⁤ UV Sunglasses have mixed reviews. While the long ⁢battery life, blue light blocking lenses, and video⁤ calling benefits are appreciated by some customers, there are concerns about comfort, sound ⁣quality, and connectivity issues. The glasses may not be ideal ​for noisy environments and may not be suitable for all face shapes. However, the concept is still considered interesting by‍ many customers.

Pros & Cons

1. Stylish and Convenient: The Lucyd ⁢Open ​Ear Smart UV Sunglasses combine fashion and functionality, allowing users to immerse themselves in style while enjoying the convenience⁤ of a range of high-utility controls.
2. Easy-to-Use Touch Controls: With two buttons on each‌ temple,⁢ these sunglasses offer easy-to-use touch​ controls, including Bluetooth 5.0 mic, call answering, play/pause, track skip, volume adjustment, and voice activation, making⁣ it‍ effortless to control your music and calls.
3. Long Battery Life: These sunglasses ⁤have⁣ an impressive⁣ battery life, offering 6.5 ⁣- 8 hours of playback‌ per charge. With ‍a standby connection ⁣time of 160 hours, you’ll only need to charge them once a week ⁤if you listen to an ⁢hour ‌of music daily.
4.‍ High-Performance Polarized Lens: The sunglasses feature high-quality, TAC-polarized UV400 lenses with a light ⁢silver mirror coating, providing superior protection against harmful UV rays ⁣while enhancing clarity and reducing glare.
5. Splashproof Design: Rated IP-56 splashproof, these sunglasses are designed ⁤to withstand sweat and rain,‌ making them perfect for outdoor activities. You can even take them⁣ poolside, as they⁣ can resist a splash of water, but they should not be submerged.

1. Limited‍ Noise Cancelling: While the sunglasses offer an‍ enhanced awareness listening experience compared⁤ to traditional headphones, the noise-canceling feature may ⁤not be as​ effective in loud environments, which could potentially affect call quality.
2. Limited Compatibility: Although these sunglasses connect to ⁢most phones, ‍PCs, and smartwatches, there ⁣may be compatibility issues with certain devices, so it’s worth checking before purchase.
3. No Storage Case Included: Unfortunately, these sunglasses do not come with a storage case, meaning you’ll need ⁢to find a suitable case separately to protect them⁢ when not in use.

Overall, the Lucyd Open Ear Smart UV Sunglasses for Men & Women offer a stylish and convenient way to enjoy immersive audio while protecting your eyes from the sun. With easy-to-use touch controls, long battery life,‌ and a splashproof design, these sunglasses provide a great listening experience ​in various scenarios. However, it’s ⁢important to consider the limited noise-canceling ⁣capability, compatibility, and the need for ⁣a ⁣separate storage case.


Q: Can‍ I control my‌ music and calls with the ​Lucyd Open Ear‌ Smart UV Sunglasses?

A: Yes, absolutely! The sunglasses feature two buttons on the individual temples that allow you to⁢ control various functions such as Bluetooth 5.0 mic, call answering,⁤ play/pause, track skip, volume adjustment, and voice activation. You can easily⁣ connect ⁣them‌ to most phones, PCs, and ​smartwatches with ⁤a stable 100-foot range.

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: You’ll be pleased to know that these sunglasses provide 6.5 ⁣- 8 hours of playback per charge. And ‍with a‍ standby connection time of 160 hours, you won’t have to worry about running out of power throughout the day. In fact, if you’re ​an average user who‍ listens to one hour of music daily, you’ll only need to charge them once a week!

Q: Do they offer any protection for my eyes?

A: Yes, they do! The Lucyd Open Ear Smart UV Sunglasses come with‍ standard frames that include high-quality, TAC-polarized UV400 sunglass lenses with a ⁣light silver mirror coating. These lenses provide ⁤excellent protection against harmful UV rays, ensuring that your eyes are safe while you enjoy your music and calls.

Q:​ Are these ​sunglasses water-resistant?

A: Absolutely! They have an IP-56 rating, which means they ⁢are splashproof ⁣and ‌resistant to sweat and rain. ⁢You⁣ can confidently wear them during workouts or under challenging weather conditions. You can even take them ⁣with you poolside, but remember not to submerge them ​completely!

Q: ‌How is the audio quality?

A: The Lucyd Open Ear Smart UV Sunglasses offer an immersive audio experience with their sharp, open-ear⁤ playback. The flush speakers⁤ positioned in each temple provide ⁤a safer and enhanced awareness listening experience compared to traditional headphones. Additionally, the noise-canceling microphone enables clear calls and easy interaction with voice assistants, making these sunglasses ideal for ⁢attending meetings anywhere.

Q: Are these sunglasses suitable for⁣ both men and women?

A: Absolutely! The Lucyd Open Ear Smart UV Sunglasses are designed ​to be stylish and convenient for both men and women. They are available in a sleek and modern design that ⁣suits various tastes and styles.

We hope this‌ Q&A section has answered some of your questions about the Lucyd Open Ear Smart UV‍ Sunglasses. If ⁢you have any more inquiries, feel free to reach out to us. Stay stylish and connected with Lucyd!

Ignite Your Passion

As ⁣we come to the end of our review, we hope that we‌ have successfully conveyed ‌the style and convenience that the Lucyd ‌Open Ear Smart UV Sunglasses for Men & Women bring to the table. These innovative sunglasses are truly⁢ a game-changer, combining fashion with functionality to create⁢ a product that enhances your daily experiences.

With touch⁤ controls conveniently placed on the temples, you have easy access to a range of high-utility features, including Bluetooth 5.0 mic, call answering, play/pause, track skip, volume adjustment, and voice activation. The stable 100-foot range means⁤ you can stay connected to your devices without any interruptions.

No need to worry about battery life either, ‌as these sunglasses provide an impressive 6.5-8 hours of playback per charge. With a standby connection time of 160 hours, you’ll only need to charge them once a week, even if you listen to an hour of music daily.

But it’s ⁢not just about convenience, these sunglasses offer protection as well. The high-quality TAC-polarized UV400 sunglass lenses⁣ with ⁣a⁣ light silver mirror coating ensure your eyes are shielded from harmful UV ​rays. With an‌ IP-56 splashproof rating, they are also resistant to water, making them ‍perfect for any‌ weather conditions or even a quick‍ dip in the pool.

The immersive audio experience provided by the flush‍ speakers in each temple takes your listening experience to a whole new ⁢level. Whether you’re enjoying music or attending meetings, the noise-canceling mic and voice assistant make it ⁤easy to communicate and stay connected.

So why wait? Experience the world through the lens of style, convenience, and innovation. Click on the link below to get your hands on the‍ Lucyd Open Ear Smart UV Sunglasses for Men & Women. Embrace a new way of living with⁤ these extraordinary eyewear.

[Get your Lucyd Open Ear Smart UV Sunglasses for Men & Women here!]

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