Effortless Clean: S&T INC. Dish Soap Dispenser and Sponge Holder – Neatly Organize Your Kitchen Sink!

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Welcome to our product review blog post! Today, we are excited to share our first-hand experience‍ with the S&T INC. Dish Soap Dispenser and Sponge‌ Holder for Kitchen Sink. This handy gadget is not only a soap dispenser but also a storage solution for your sponge, all in a sleek metallic silver design.

We were immediately drawn to the convenience of this product. With just a simple press⁣ down ⁣on the top plate, the dish detergent pump dispenses soap directly onto the included sponge. No more fumbling with soap bottles and ⁢sponges separately – this dispenser streamlines the dishwashing process effortlessly.

One of the standout features​ of this soap dispenser is its stability. Thanks to its ⁤non-slip feet, it stays securely in place on your countertop, ⁤providing a reliable grip even during⁣ the most vigorous ‍scrubbing sessions. This not only keeps the area ⁢organized but also‍ ensures that the dispenser won’t slide around while in use.

But what truly impressed us was the versatility of this product.‌ The ⁤sponge holder⁤ for the kitchen sink can accommodate any dish scrubber, sponge, or dish cloth. It ​is ⁣a​ perfect fit for⁢ all your dishwashing needs,⁣ making it a truly essential addition to⁣ your kitchen.

With a 13-ounce capacity, ⁣this dispenser holds a generous amount ⁤of your favorite dish soap, reducing the need for frequent refills. Plus, its compact size ensures that it doesn’t take up too much space on your countertop, making it an⁤ excellent⁤ countertop organizer.

Overall, we have been thoroughly pleased with the S&T ‍INC. Dish Soap ⁢Dispenser and Sponge Holder for Kitchen Sink. Its practicality, stability, and sleek metallic silver design make it a must-have for any kitchen. Say goodbye to sink clutter and hello to an organized dishwashing experience with ‌this fantastic‌ product.

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$7.98 $13.99 in stock
3 new from $7.98
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Last update was on: June 23, 2024 7:21 am

The S&T INC.⁣ Dish Soap Dispenser and Sponge ⁣Holder for Kitchen Sink is a must-have kitchen⁢ essential that provides convenience and organization.‍ With its metallic silver finish, it adds a touch of ⁤elegance to any kitchen⁣ decor.

The compact design of this soap dispenser and sponge holder eliminates sink clutter, keeping your kitchen space neat and tidy. It holds up ⁤to⁣ 13 ounces ‍of your favorite dish⁢ soap, ensuring you always have enough on hand. The stable, non-slip feet keep the dispenser in place, providing a secure grip on countertops.

What sets this product apart is its easy-to-use ‌pump ⁤mechanism. By simply pressing down on the top plate, you can dispense dish soap directly onto the included sponge. No need to fumble around with separate bottles and sponges anymore! The sponge⁢ holder is designed ⁢to accommodate any dish scrubber, sponge, or dish cloth, making it versatile and adaptable to⁤ your needs.

In conclusion, the S&T INC. Dish Soap‌ Dispenser and Sponge Holder for Kitchen Sink is a game-changer in the world of kitchen organization. Its sleek metallic silver design, combined with its practical functionality, makes it a ​must-have for any home. Say goodbye ‌to sink clutter and hello to a more efficient and stylish kitchen with this amazing product.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis:

We’ve gathered a variety of customer reviews for‌ the S&T INC. Dish Soap Dispenser and Sponge Holder, and here’s what ⁣we found:

Review 1:
– The reviewer loves the product and finds it ⁢easy to assemble.
– It provides just enough soap with‌ 2 or 3 pumps.
– The included sponge is soft, ideal ⁤for glasses and silverware, but not effective for heavy ​soiled dirt.
– However, the reviewer acknowledges⁣ that new sponges can be purchased later, so the‌ current sponge’s‌ quality doesn’t matter much.
– Overall, ⁢the reviewer is satisfied with the product.

Review 2:
– The reviewer ⁢appreciates the aesthetically pleasing​ design of​ the dish soap dispenser and sponge holder.
– They dislike seeing big⁢ soap bottles on display and having to use both hands to dispense soap and hold the sponge.
– ‍This product solves ⁤those ‍issues, allowing them to use one hand to dispense soap and saving soap​ in the process.
– The reviewer also⁣ highlights the⁣ sturdiness and leak-proof feature of‌ the new version.
– Despite mentioning that the raised bumps are unnecessary for their use (as they have a separate sponge‌ holder), they find it easy⁢ to remove⁣ the top part and rinse it out.
– Overall, the reviewer ⁢expresses extreme ‍satisfaction and gratitude towards the seller for offering this product.

Review 3:
– The reviewer expresses their satisfaction with the product, stating that they could never go back to using soap bottles on the counter.
– They‍ appreciate how it ⁤makes their kitchen island look clean and uncluttered.

Review 4:
– The reviewer likes how easy and convenient it ⁤is to use the dish soap dispenser and sponge holder.
– They no longer have to ​put down whatever they were doing to grab the soap bottle and ‌squirt soap onto the sponge.
– It⁣ saves time​ and holds a lot of soap, reducing the need for frequent refills.
– The reviewer also mentions that the product is stable and ⁣doesn’t risk tipping over or spilling.
– Overall, they are pleased with the stability​ and efficiency of the ‌product.

Review 5:
– This review is in a different language (Spanish), and the reviewer states that they have been using the product for a ⁤year and it still works well.
– They consider it a good purchase.

Review 6:
– The reviewer discovered the dish soap dispenser and sponge holder during a visit ‌to an Airbnb and loved how easy and clean ‌it was to use.
– ‌They purchased ⁢one for their own kitchen and appreciate its ability to hold a⁤ lot of dish soap, with the soap going directly onto the sponge.
– However, they mention that the paint on the silver version dissolved over time, leaving only a silver frame.
-⁤ Despite this, ‌the issue doesn’t bother the reviewer as the product works well regardless.

Review 7:
– The reviewer bought ​the product for their office and finds it⁤ simple to assemble and ⁢easy ‌to ⁢use.
– It ‍doesn’t take up ​much space and remains clean without‌ any soap spillage.

Review 8:
– The reviewer loves the dish soap​ dispenser and sponge holder, and they bought one for their ‌family​ too.
– They mention that their family members happily use it every day, appreciating⁤ its ability to decrease the amount ​of soap used.
– The reviewer reiterates their love for the product.

Review 9:
– The reviewer expresses their love for the product, mentioning its ease of use without the need to pick up soap ‍bottles with greasy hands.
– They find it works⁢ fabulously.

Review 10:
– ⁢The reviewer finds ⁤the product easy to use⁤ and decent in appearance.
– They appreciate that liquid detergent means no detergent marks on⁢ vessels.
– Additionally, the product allows for the addition ⁣of more water to dilute the soap⁢ without any issues.

Review 11:
– The reviewer states that they have just received the product and ​find it very good.

Review 12:
– The reviewer mentions that the product works well but criticizes the flimsy plastic lid that does not attach properly, giving‍ it ⁢a⁢ cheap feel.

Review 13:
– The reviewer simply ​states that the product is ‌too good, providing a positive overall sentiment.

After analyzing these reviews, it is clear that ‌the​ S&T INC. Dish Soap Dispenser and Sponge Holder has received mostly positive feedback. Customers appreciate ‍its convenience, aesthetic ‍appeal, ease of use, and ‌efficiency in saving soap.​ Some minor issues, such as the quality of the included sponge or the plastic lid’s ⁤flimsiness, were mentioned but did not detract significantly ⁢from the overall positive experience⁣ of using the product.

Pros & Cons


1. Convenient dispensing: The dish soap dispenser allows for effortless dispensing of dish soap onto the included sponge. Just press ‍down⁤ on the ⁣top plate and the soap will be distributed evenly onto‌ the sponge, making cleaning a breeze.

2. Neat and organized sink: With the built-in sponge ⁣holder,‍ this product helps to keep your kitchen sink area tidy and clutter-free. No more ⁢searching for a place to⁢ store your sponge, as it can be neatly placed right next to the soap dispenser.

3. Secure grip: The dispenser features ‌stable and ⁣non-slip feet that keep it in place on your countertop. This provides a secure grip, ensuring that the dispenser stays put while you​ use it, avoiding any accidental spills or messes.

4. Versatile use: The sponge ‍holder is designed to accommodate various dish scrubbers, sponges, or dishcloths. This means you can easily switch between different cleaning tools without the need for separate storage.

5. Ample storage capacity: The dispenser can hold up to 13⁤ ounces⁣ of your favorite dish soap, providing plenty of storage space. You won’t have ⁢to⁢ worry about running⁣ out of soap frequently and can refill⁢ it as needed.


1. Limited color options: Although the metallic silver color adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen, some users may prefer more color options to match their existing kitchen decor.

2. Size limitations: While the 13-ounce capacity is⁣ suitable for most households, those with larger‌ families or those ​who use a significant amount of dish soap may find themselves refilling the dispenser⁢ more frequently.

3. Sponge‌ included: Although a sponge is included with the product, some users may ‌prefer ​to choose their own preferred sponge or scrubber. This limits the choice and may not meet everyone’s personal ‌preferences.

4. Potential for soap‍ residue: Some users may experience⁤ soap residue build-up around the dispenser, which could create a mess ⁣over time. Regular cleaning and maintenance should help minimize this issue.

5. Lack of additional features: While this product effectively combines a soap dispenser and sponge holder, some users may have preferred additional features such as a built-in brush or soap dish for more‍ versatile use.


Q: Can​ the dish soap dispenser be used with other types of soap?
A: The dish soap dispenser is specifically ⁤designed to‌ dispense dish soap. It may not work efficiently‍ with other types of soap, such as hand soap or body wash. We recommend using it‍ only for⁤ its intended purpose.

Q: How does the dispenser dispense the soap onto the sponge?
A: The dispenser has a top plate that you can easily press down on to dispense ⁤the dish soap directly onto the sponge.⁢ This ensures a​ controlled and mess-free application of the soap.

Q:⁣ Is the⁢ dispenser⁣ easy to use?
A: Absolutely! The design of the dispenser allows for effortless operation. Simply press​ down⁤ on the top plate, and the soap will be⁤ dispensed onto the sponge. It’s a convenient and time-saving tool for your kitchen sink.

Q: Is the sponge included with the dispenser of good quality?
A: Yes, the dispenser comes with a sponge included. While the sponge is​ of decent quality, it’s always a good idea to replace ‌it when it shows signs of wear and tear. You can easily find ⁢compatible replacement​ sponges in your local stores or online.

Q: Can the dispenser hold‍ a large amount of dish‍ soap?
A: Yes, the dispenser can hold up to 13 ounces of dish soap. This is an ample amount ⁤that should last for quite a while, saving you the hassle of constantly refilling it.

Q: Is the dispenser stable and slip-resistant?
A: Absolutely! The⁢ dispenser features stable, non-slip feet that keep it securely ⁢in ⁢place on your countertop. This prevents any accidental slipping or sliding, ensuring a safe and comfortable grip⁤ while using it.

Q: Can I use the sponge holder for other cleaning tools besides⁤ sponges?
A: Yes, the sponge holder is versatile and ⁣can accommodate various cleaning‌ tools. Whether you prefer using a dish scrubber, sponge, or dish cloth, the ⁣sponge holder can effectively hold and organize any of these items, reducing sink clutter.

Q: Does the dispenser come in any other⁤ colors?
A: Currently,⁢ the dispenser is⁣ only available in the metallic silver color option. It adds⁣ a stylish touch to any kitchen decor while ensuring ‍practicality and convenience.

Q: Is‍ the dispenser easy ⁤to ‍clean?
A: Yes, ⁣the dispenser is easy to clean. Its sleek and simple⁤ design allows you to wipe it down with ⁣a damp cloth or sponge. Make sure to remove any soap residue or buildup regularly to⁤ maintain its optimal functionality.

Experience Innovation

In⁢ conclusion, the S&T INC.‌ Dish Soap Dispenser and Sponge Holder‍ is a must-have tool for effortlessly keeping your kitchen sink clean and organized. ⁣With its ⁤sleek metallic⁤ silver design and compact storage capacity, this‌ soap dispenser and sponge holder eliminates sink clutter, making your ​kitchen space look neat and tidy.

What sets ⁢this product apart is its user-friendly ⁢features. The top plate of the dish detergent pump is easily pressed down to dispense soap ‌directly onto the included sponge, ensuring a mess-free ⁣cleaning experience. Additionally, the stable and ‍non-slip feet of the dispenser keep it securely in place on your countertop, providing a reliable grip.

The versatility of the sponge holder is another highlight of this product. It can accommodate any dish scrubber,‌ sponge, or dish cloth, making it suitable for a ⁢range of cleaning preferences. ⁤Furthermore, with⁢ a generous capacity ⁣of 13 ounces, this dispenser holds an ample amount of your favorite dish soap, ensuring that you⁢ never‍ run out in the middle of a cleaning session.

For a hassle-free and organized kitchen ⁤sink, we highly recommend the ​S&T INC. Dish Soap Dispenser and ⁤Sponge Holder. Click [here] to grab yours and experience the effortless clean!

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