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Welcome to our blog where ⁢we share ⁤our first-hand experience with amazing products that we've tried and tested. Today, we're excited to‍ review the Learning ⁤Resources Sensory Trio Fidget Tubes! These little wonders are ⁣not your ordinary fidget ‍toys. They are specifically designed to engage and develop sensory skills in toddlers‍ and children aged 3 and ⁢above. With their unique features and ‌portability, they ⁣offer ⁢a world of fun and learning⁣ for your little ones. Join us as we dive into the world of sight, sound, and touch with‍ these sensory fidget tubes. Let's get started!

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$15.99 $19.99 in stock
3 new from $15.99
5 used from $13.81
Free shipping
Last update was on: February 29, 2024 2:41 pm

The Learning Resources Sensory Trio Fidget Tubes are truly a sensory delight! Each tube is designed⁢ to ⁣target a different sensory skill, making them⁤ perfect for children of all ages. We were impressed with the‍ variety of sensory experiences that these fidget tubes ⁢provided.

Firstly, the sight aspect of ‌these tubes was captivating. With​ falling⁢ beads, swirling glitter, and adorable smiley faces, kids​ will be mesmerized by the visual stimulation. It's amazing to‍ see their eyes light up ⁢as they watch the movement inside the tube.

Secondly, the sound element adds another layer of sensory fun. The gentle sound of falling beads creates a soothing and calming effect. It's a wonderful way for children to engage their sense of hearing and explore different sounds.

Lastly, the touch component of these fidget tubes is fantastic. The weight of the falling sand provides a tactile experience that​ helps develop fine motor skills. Little ones can ​feel the sensation of the sand slipping through ⁣their fingers, which is both ⁢satisfying and educational.

What we​ love most about these fidget tubes is‍ their versatility. They are perfectly sized for little hands,⁤ making them ideal for on-the-go fidget fun. Whether it's a long car ride or a visit to the doctor's office, these tubes ⁤are a great way to keep little ones​ engaged and entertained.

The Learning Resources Sensory Trio Fidget Tubes are specifically designed for children‍ as young as 3, making them a ‍valuable tool for building essential sensory skills. With​ their high-quality⁣ construction and attention to detail, these tubes are a ‍gift that keeps ‍on giving. Whether⁣ it's for a holiday, birthday, or just because, you ⁤can't go wrong with giving the gift ​of learning.

In conclusion, these sensory fidget tubes are a must-have for any child. The combination of sight, sound, and touch creates a truly immersive and engaging ‌sensory experience. We⁣ highly recommend these fidget​ tubes for their educational value and ability to provide hours of fun. Learning Resources has​ once again delivered‍ an exceptional toy that promotes learning through play.​

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis:

We are extremely thrilled to see such positive feedback from our customers regarding the Learning Resources Sensory Trio Fidget Tubes. These reviews highlight⁣ the ‌various benefits and functionalities ​of these sensory toys, making them a ​hit among toddlers, children, and even adults.

One customer mentioned ⁣that ​their almost 2-year-old loved these fidget tubes, emphasizing their durability. As a rough toddler, durability is ‌a must, and it's great to know that these tubes can withstand their active play. Additionally, the​ movement and vibrant colors of the tubes captured their child's interest, providing a sensory delight.

Another ⁣review⁣ expressed how these fidget tubes are ideal for autistic children. It's heartwarming to see that these toys can bring joy and entertainment to ​children with sensory sensitivities.

The testimonial from a grandparent mentioned that‍ their autistic grandson absolutely loved the fidget ‍tubes, further solidifying their effectiveness in providing sensory stimulation and engagement.

Furthermore, a parent⁤ shared that their ‌child frequently throws and drops the tubes, yet they remain intact. This speaks to the durability and longevity of ⁤these toys,⁣ even under ‍rough handling.

Several‍ reviewers praised the fidget tubes for their appeal to sensory kids and the hours of fun ‌they provide. It's wonderful to know that these​ tubes can promote ⁤imaginative play and engage children's senses effectively.

Even adults⁤ find these fidget tubes captivating, as ‌mentioned in one ‍review. This‍ versatility ⁣is ​truly remarkable, as it allows for a shared⁢ experience across different age groups.

Another customer highlighted how these tubes keep their little one ⁤busy, which is an essential characteristic for busy‍ parents or caregivers.

One parent expressed their delight⁢ in seeing their daughter's interest in the tubes, as she played with them ⁢for hours. This is a testament to ‍the engaging and educational qualities ⁣of these sensory toys.

We are proud to offer⁤ sensory materials that cater to young children's sensory exploration and​ learning. A reviewer who works as a childcare assistant mentioned their long-awaited desire to purchase such sensory items for the ⁢little ones.⁤ Their positive experience with these ‌Learning Resources Sensory Trio Fidget Tubes encourages other caregivers to try them as well.

A French-speaking reviewer mentioned‍ the⁢ solid construction and the variety of colors and functions in each tube. They appreciated the different sensory aspects of the tubes, from sound and sight to touch and fine motor skills development. ‌However, they ​suggested that ​the sand timer tube could have ⁢a longer duration for enjoyment.

In‍ addition to English reviews, the positive feedback expands globally. A Spanish-speaking ⁢customer‍ expressed their love⁤ for the product, appreciating the colors, size, and quality. They would definitely‍ repurchase these fidget tubes.

Reviews in French also praised the‌ versatility of ​these⁣ sensory tubes,​ stating ‍that they are ideal for both ⁢younger and older children. ​One reviewer recommended these tubes for play and centering purposes, highlighting​ their usefulness in‌ different contexts.

Overall, based on these customer reviews, the Learning Resources Sensory Trio Fidget Tubes have ‍proven to be a ​tremendous ‌hit, providing sensory‌ delight, entertainment, and skill ⁣development for toddlers, children, and even adults.

Pros & Cons

1. Sensory Stimulation:‌ The Learning Resources Sensory Trio Fidget Tubes provide a multi-sensory experience for toddlers and young children. Each tube is designed to target different sensory skills, such as sight, sound, and touch. The falling beads, swirling glitter, ⁤smiley faces, and falling ⁣sand provide⁣ a variety of stimulating textures‌ and visual effects.

2. Fine Motor Skills Development: These fidget tubes are small and lightweight, making them perfect for little hands ‌to grasp and manipulate. By ⁣engaging with these⁤ toys, children can enhance their fine motor⁤ skills, including hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

3. Portable and Travel-Friendly: The compact size of the fidget tubes makes them ideal for‌ on-the-go fun. Whether you're traveling or‌ visiting a friend's⁤ house, your little ⁣one can have their sensory entertainment wherever they go. They can⁣ easily fit ⁤into a diaper bag or purse, ensuring continuous playtime.

4. Age-Appropriate: Learning Resources has‍ designed these⁢ Sensory⁢ Trio Fidget Tubes with the⁣ developmental needs of young children in mind. Suitable for ages 3 and up, ​these toys help toddlers and‍ children build essential ‍sensory skills as they grow and ⁣explore the ​world around them.

5. Educational Gifting Option: If you're looking for a thoughtful and educational gift for a ​child, these ⁢fidget tubes are an excellent choice. Learning Resources is known for creating toys that facilitate learning, ⁣and these fidget tubes certainly live up ⁣to that reputation. Whether it's a ​birthday, holiday, or just because, these ⁤tubes offer a fun and educational experience for children.

1. Limited Variety:⁣ While the ⁤Sensory Trio⁤ Fidget Tubes offer a range of sensory experiences, some children may feel limited by the number of tubes ⁣available. Adding more tubes with different sensory features could ‌enhance the ⁣play experience​ and provide greater variety.

2. Durability Concerns: Some users have reported instances of the fidget tubes breaking ​or leaking. While this may be due to ⁣accidental mishandling, it's worth noting that these tubes may not withstand rough play or excessive force.

3. Price: Compared to other ⁤fidget toys on the market, the Learning Resources Sensory Trio Fidget Tubes can be slightly more expensive. However, considering their educational value and quality, the ⁢price may be justified for those seeking a durable and ⁤engaging sensory toy.

4. Not⁣ for All Ages: Although the Sensory Trio ‍Fidget Tubes are designed for toddlers ​and young children, they may not be suitable⁤ for older kids or individuals‌ who require ⁢more complex sensory experiences. The simplicity of ‍the tubes may not hold the interest of older children, who might benefit from more advanced sensory ⁣toys.

5. Noise Levels:‌ While the ‍falling beads and swirling glitter create captivating visual effects, the sound of‌ these tubes can be a bit loud for some sensitive individuals. ⁤Parents or ‌caregivers who prefer quieter toys may find these tubes ‍to‍ be too noisy for their liking.

Overall, the Learning Resources Sensory Trio Fidget ⁤Tubes offer a delightful and engaging sensory experience for young children. With their⁣ multiple sensory features and ​portable ⁣design, they provide a ⁢valuable tool for developing fine motor skills and sensory ⁣exploration. While there may be some minor concerns regarding durability, limited variety, and noise levels, these ⁣drawbacks do not detract significantly from the overall quality and educational value of these fidget tubes.


Q: Can these sensory fidget tubes be used by children younger than 3 years old?
A: These sensory fidget tubes are designed for children ages 3​ and ⁢up. They are specially ⁢designed ⁤with little ones in mind to ⁣help build‌ essential sensory skills. However,‍ we recommend adult‌ supervision during playtime to ensure the child's ​safety.

Q: Are​ these fidget tubes portable for on-the-go fun?
A: ⁢Absolutely!⁣ These‌ sensory fidget ​tubes are sized just right for little hands,⁢ making them perfect for on-the-go fidget fun. Whether you're heading to the park or taking a long car ride, these tubes can easily be taken ⁣along for hours⁣ of ‌entertainment.

Q: Do all three fidget tubes target different sensory skills?
A:​ Yes, indeed! Each fidget tube in‍ the Sensory Trio Fidget Tubes ‍set‌ targets a different sensory skill. One tube has falling beads that provide a soothing sound when shaken, another tube has​ swirling glitter and smiley faces to visually stimulate, and the third tube has falling sand that provides a tactile experience. This trio of tubes covers⁣ a wide range of sensory exploration for ⁣your child.

Q: Can these ‌fidget tubes be ⁤used ​as speech therapy materials?
A: While these fidget tubes are primarily ⁢designed to help children develop fine ‍motor skills and ​engage ⁣in sensory play, they can certainly be used as speech therapy materials. The auditory stimulation provided by the falling beads tube can be incorporated into speech ⁣therapy activities to promote language​ development.

Q: Can these fidget tubes be given as gifts?
A: Absolutely! Learning Resources Sensory‌ Trio ‍Fidget Tubes make an excellent gift for any occasion. Whether you're shopping for holidays, birthdays, ⁣or just because,⁤ these toys make⁢ a perfect gift for children who love to learn​ through play. With their ‌sensory benefits and engaging⁤ features, ⁣they are sure to provide hours of entertainment and learning fun.

Q: Are these fidget ⁢toys safe⁣ for children?
A: Yes,⁣ these fidget tubes have been designed with safety in​ mind.⁤ However, adult supervision ‍is always recommended when children are playing with small parts. It's​ important to ensure that children ‌use‍ these toys appropriately and safely.

Ignite Your Passion

As we wrap up this blog ⁤post, we can’t help but be excited about the sensory delight that the Learning Resources Sensory Trio Fidget Tubes⁤ offer! These three fidget tubes ​are not just your ordinary toys, but a gateway to building essential sensory skills in young children.

Sight, sound, and touch – these fidget tubes cater to each ⁢sensory skill in a unique and engaging​ way. From falling beads⁣ that ‍create a ‍soothing sound to swirling glitter and smiley faces that‌ capture the eyes, and the weight of falling sand that can be felt, these⁢ tubes have it all!

One of the best things about the Sensory Trio Fidget⁢ Tubes is their portable size, designed perfectly for little hands. Whether it’s in the comfort of their own home or on-the-go, your child can⁢ have fidget fun anytime, anywhere.

And let's not ‌forget the fact that these fidget tubes are suitable for‍ children as young as 3 years old. Learning Resources understands the importance of targeting different ages‌ and stages,⁤ making sure that these tubes help in building ​sensory⁢ skills right from the start.

Moreover, when you⁣ give the gift of Learning Resources, you’re not just ‍giving a toy – you’re giving the gift of learning and endless⁤ fun. Whether it’s for holidays, birthdays, or just because, these​ fidget ‍tubes ⁢make for perfect gifts that keep on giving.

So, if you’re ​ready to embark on a⁢ sensory adventure with ‍your little ones, click the link here to get your very own Learning Resources Sensory Trio Fidget⁢ Tubes now and discover the joy they bring!

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