24 Days of Magic and Science: A Christmas Adventure with National Geographic’s Jumbo Advent Calendar!

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Welcome to our review of⁣ the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magic Advent Calendar‌ 2023! If you're looking for a magical ⁤and⁣ educational way to count ‌down the days to ‍Christmas, then this advent calendar is just what ‍you need. With​ 24 days of magic and science, it's the perfect combination of excitement and⁢ learning for kids of all ages.

One of the highlights ‌of this advent calendar is⁤ the 15 classic magic tricks that are ​included. From making a coin⁤ disappear ‍to creating a water ball, kids will have a blast performing these tricks for their family and friends. And to ⁣ensure⁣ their performance is perfect, a link ⁣to instructional videos from ‍a professional magician is included.

But the magic doesn't stop there. This advent calendar also includes 9 astounding science experiments that will leave audiences amazed. From creating a square bubble to making magic snow appear, kids will ⁣be in awe of the scientific principles at work.

What sets this advent calendar apart is the⁤ high-quality educational toys ‍it contains. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC is known for their commitment to making the best hands-on science toys, and ‌this advent calendar is ⁢no exception. Plus, their exceptional service ensures that if your experience ⁢is anything less⁢ than stellar, they'll make it right.

So why not make this holiday season both exciting and educational? With the ⁢NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magic⁢ Advent Calendar 2023, every​ day will be a magical adventure. Plus, with everything included for each activity, setup is ​a breeze. Get ready to experience 24 days of magic and science like ⁤never before!

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$29.99 in stock
1 new from $29.99
21 used from $14.68
Free shipping
Amazon Amazon.com
Last update was on: February 26, 2024 10:21 am

We are thrilled to share with you the “NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magic Advent​ Calendar ⁢2023 – Jumbo Kids Advent Calendar ⁢with 24 Magic Tricks &⁤ Science Experiments.” This advent calendar is all about‌ bringing the excitement of the holiday ⁣season⁣ to life ‍through ‍the magic of science! ⁤With ‌24 days of astonishing magic tricks and ⁢mind-boggling science experiments, this calendar is sure to captivate both ‌kids and adults alike.

Inside ​this magical advent calendar, you will find 15 classic magic tricks that will leave your family and friends⁢ in awe. From making a coin disappear to creating a fizzy, ‌color-changing solution, these tricks are ⁣easy enough for kids to ⁤perform, ⁢but impressive enough to astonish any audience. ⁣And don't worry ⁣about perfecting your performance on your own​ – we've got you covered! We've ⁢included a link to instructional videos from a professional magician so that ​you can ⁢master each trick with ease.

But the advent calendar doesn't stop at magic ‌tricks! It also includes 9 astounding science experiments that will leave everyone amazed. Create a square bubble, reveal a secret message, make ‌magic snow appear, and even float coins on water -‌ the possibilities are endless. These ⁤hands-on⁢ experiments will not only entertain, but also educate, making this​ advent calendar the perfect ⁣balance of fun and learning.

At ‌NATIONAL⁣ GEOGRAPHIC, we take pride in producing⁤ high-quality educational‌ toys, and this advent calendar is no exception. We ‌stand behind our products with exceptional service, so if ‍you encounter any issues or have any questions, please ⁣don't hesitate to reach out to us. Let us know⁤ how ⁢we can⁢ make your experience even better!

So, this holiday season,​ let your children embark on a magical adventure every⁤ day with the ⁣NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magic Advent Calendar. With its easy setup and all-inclusive nature, this calendar is ⁢guaranteed to make the countdown to ⁤Christmas an exciting and educational journey. Get ready to unlock the wonders of science​ and the enchantment ⁢of magic‌ – you won't be disappointed!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis:

The customer reviews for the National Geographic Magic Advent Calendar are overwhelmingly positive, highlighting its appeal for both children‍ and adults. One reviewer mentions the difficulty they had in finding suitable advent calendars ⁤for their grandsons,​ making this product ⁤the perfect solution. The inclusion of magic tricks and science experiments cater to different interests ⁤and provide ‍a⁤ variety of activities ‍for each day of the countdown.

One reviewer‌ expresses⁣ satisfaction with ⁣the contents of the calendar, including the cute magic tricks and science experiments,⁤ along with clear instructions ⁣on how to perform them. They emphasize that opening the calendar day by day adds to the excitement and enjoyment of the experience. The reviewer recommends the​ calendar and believes it offers⁢ great value for the price.

Another reviewer appreciates the educational aspect⁢ of the National Geographic Magic Set,⁤ noting that it serves as an excellent introduction to the world of magic for kids. ⁢The tricks are designed to be ⁤easily understood by children and offer a sense of accomplishment.‍ The inclusion of science experiments adds a captivating element ⁤of ⁢scientific discovery to the calendar. The reviewer states that their⁣ son loves the anticipation of ⁢opening a new chamber‍ each day to reveal a new magic trick or ⁢experiment.

The reviews also touch upon the quality of the ​materials included in the calendar. While some​ activities may not provide‍ a premium⁤ experience, they⁣ are well-made and durable. ​The reviewer mentions that certain items, such as cups for a magic trick, are made‍ of plastic ‌and won't easily fall apart. Some activities can be⁢ played for more than one night, extending the enjoyment beyond just a few days. The inclusion of videos⁤ in addition to written instructions is appreciated by one⁢ reviewer, as it facilitates learning the tricks more easily.

In summary, the‌ National Geographic Magic Advent Calendar receives praise for its variety of magic tricks ‌and science experiments, which cater‌ to a wide range of ages. It strikes a balance between entertainment and education, making it an ideal gift for children. The high-quality ⁢materials contribute to the overall positive experience, despite a few minor limitations‍ in terms of reusability. Overall, the calendar is considered a magical and educational gift that brings joy and enlightenment to children during the festive season.

Pros ⁢&‌ Cons

1. Educational and Fun: This advent calendar combines the excitement of the holiday season with educational and engaging magic tricks and science experiments.
2. ‍Variety of Activities: With 24 magic tricks and ‍science experiments included, children will have plenty of options to explore and learn something new every day.
3. Classic Magic Tricks: The advent calendar features 15 classic ⁣magic tricks⁣ that kids can perform​ for their family and friends, ‌adding ‍an extra element of fun and entertainment to the holiday season.
4. Professional Instructional⁣ Videos: The inclusion of instructional videos from a professional magician ensures that children can perfect their performances and truly impress their audience.
5. Astounding Science Experiments: In addition to magic tricks, this advent calendar also offers 9 science experiments ‌that will amaze and astound both⁤ children and their audiences.
6. High-Quality Educational Toys: National Geographic is known for producing ⁤high-quality educational ⁣toys, and this advent calendar is no exception. The hands-on experience will provide children with valuable learning opportunities.
7. Exceptional Customer Service: The product is backed by exceptional customer service. If there ⁤are any issues​ or concerns, the company is committed to making things right.

1. Limited number of magic tricks and science ⁢experiments: While the advent calendar offers 24 activities, some users might find the number of magic tricks and‌ science experiments to be limited.
2.⁤ Limited playability: Once the 24 days of the advent calendar are over, children might not find the same level ​of engagement and entertainment in repeating ‌the activities.
3. Age restrictions: The​ product might be more suitable​ for younger children, as older​ kids might already be familiar​ with some‌ of the magic tricks and science ‍experiments included.
4. Potential for mess: Certain science experiments might involve messy materials or substances, which could require ⁣extra cleaning and preparation.
5. Lack of‌ customization: The advent calendar is pre-packaged with a fixed set of ‍activities, which means there is limited room for‌ personalization based on individual preferences or interests.
6. Additional materials ⁣required: While the advent calendar ⁣includes most of ⁣the necessary materials, some magic tricks and science experiments might require additional household items that are​ not included in the set.


Q: Can you tell us a little bit more about the⁤ National Geographic Magic Advent Calendar 2023?

A: Absolutely! The National Geographic Magic Advent Calendar 2023 ⁢is ⁣the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season with a touch ‍of‍ magic and science. It's a jumbo‌ advent calendar⁤ that contains 24 magic tricks and ⁤science experiments for kids to enjoy throughout the month of December.

Q: What kind of magic tricks‌ are included in the ‌advent⁢ calendar?

A: Inside this exciting advent calendar, you'll find 15 classic magic tricks that kids can perform for family and friends. From making a​ coin disappear to creating a water ball, these tricks are sure to wow everyone. Plus, there's even a link to instructional videos from a professional magician to ensure that their performance is flawless!

Q: And what about the ⁣science ​experiments?

A: The magic doesn't‌ stop at the tricks! The‍ advent calendar also includes 9 astounding science experiments that will amaze⁤ and astound audiences. Kids can create a square bubble, reveal secret messages, make ‍magic snow appear, and even float coins on⁤ water. It's a fantastic way to combine fun and learning during the holiday season.

Q: Are the toys​ in this advent calendar of high quality?

A: ⁤Absolutely! National Geographic is proud to make the highest quality hands-on science toys, and this advent calendar is ​no exception. We're committed to providing exceptional service,⁤ so if your experience with our product⁢ is anything less than stellar, please let us know, and we'll make things ⁤right.

Q: Is everything​ needed ​for ‍each activity included in ⁢the advent calendar?

A: Yes, indeed! The National Geographic Magic Advent Calendar ‍2023⁣ comes with everything you need for each magic ‍trick and science experiment. No need to scramble around trying to find materials or ingredients – it's all right here in one convenient package, making setup a breeze.

Q: How can we make the holiday season both exciting and educational with this advent calendar?

A: With the National Geographic Magic Advent Calendar 2023, you can​ make the holidays⁣ exciting and educational at the same‍ time. Each day presents a new opportunity for kids to learn and explore scientific concepts through hands-on experiments and magic ‌tricks. ​It's a magnificent way to spark‌ their curiosity ⁤and encourage learning during this festive time of year.

Q: Can you provide more details about the purpose‌ behind this advent calendar?

A: Of course!‌ When you purchase the National Geographic ⁢Magic Advent Calendar 2023, you are not only bringing joy and excitement into your home but also supporting a worthy cause. National⁤ Geographic is dedicated ‍to empowering future generations to care about the planet, and a portion of every purchase goes towards funding their important research and conservation efforts.

Q: Is this advent calendar suitable for all ages?

A: The ‌National ‍Geographic Magic Advent Calendar ⁣2023 is designed for ‍kids, ⁤but it can also be enjoyed by the whole family. Younger children may need assistance or supervision while performing some of the magic⁣ tricks ⁢and science experiments, ‌but it's a wonderful opportunity​ for everyone to come together and share in ‍the⁢ excitement.

Q: Can we reuse the⁤ magic tricks and science experiments after the advent calendar is finished?

A: Absolutely! The magic⁣ tricks and science experiments included in the advent calendar can be enjoyed even after the⁤ holiday season is​ over. Kids‍ can continue to practice their tricks and perform them for friends and⁤ family,‌ and the science experiments can⁣ be repeated for⁤ further exploration and learning.

Q: Is there ‍a warranty included with the advent calendar?

A: While there ‍is no specific mention of a warranty, National Geographic is⁣ dedicated to providing exceptional⁢ service. ‍If you encounter any issues with your advent calendar, please⁢ reach ⁤out to us, and we'll do our best to make things right for you.

Q: Can the⁣ National Geographic Magic Advent Calendar 2023 be shipped internationally?

A: Yes, the advent calendar can be shipped internationally. However, it's always ⁤best to check with the seller or retailer you are purchasing from for specific shipping information and any potential restrictions.

Q: Can I purchase multiple ⁣advent calendars for gifting?

A: Absolutely! The National Geographic Magic Advent Calendar 2023 makes a fantastic gift for kids​ who love magic and science. It's a great way to bring joy, learning, and excitement to their holiday season. Just make sure to order in advance to ‍ensure timely delivery.

Q: Where can I purchase the National Geographic Magic Advent Calendar 2023?

A: You can ⁢purchase the National‌ Geographic Magic Advent Calendar 2023 through various online retailers or at select stores. Just search​ for the product‍ name online, and you should be able to find‌ multiple⁤ purchasing options.

Reveal the ‌Extraordinary

Thank you for⁤ joining us on‍ this magical Christmas adventure with National Geographic's ‌Jumbo Advent Calendar! We hope you've enjoyed the ⁣24 days ‍of science and​ magic that this incredible calendar has to offer.

Each day, we opened a ⁢new door to discover a new magic trick ‍or science⁣ experiment. From creating a water‍ ball to making a coin disappear, the excitement never ceased. The 15 classic ‍magic tricks allowed us to become the star of our own show, ⁤impressing our family ⁢and friends with⁤ our newfound skills. And the 9 astounding science⁣ experiments left‌ us in awe, with square bubbles, secret messages, and magic snow appearing right before our eyes.

But it's​ not just⁢ about the fun and​ amazement. The National Geographic Magic Advent Calendar is also a⁤ high-quality educational toy. Every activity is designed‍ to spark curiosity and ignite a love for learning. We take pride in delivering the best hands-on science toys, backed by exceptional ⁢service. And if, for any reason, ​your experience falls short of extraordinary, we're⁢ here to make things right.

So why wait? Continue the adventure and make​ the upcoming⁢ holiday season even more‍ exciting ⁢and educational. With everything included in the calendar, ⁢all​ you need to ⁣do is open the door​ to a new magical⁣ experience every‌ day.

Don't miss ​out on‌ this⁤ opportunity ‍to bring science and magic together in a⁤ memorable way! Click here⁤ to get your very own National Geographic Magic Advent Calendar and start the‌ countdown⁢ to an extraordinary Christmas: ‍ [link](https://amazon.com/dp/B0BX4V424K?tag=onamzzahirker-20)

Join us in making this holiday season truly magical. Happy⁤ adventuring!

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