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‌ Welcome to ⁤our product review blog, where ‍we share our honest ‌opinions and firsthand experiences with various products. Today, we are excited to talk‌ about the​ YETI Rambler 14 ⁣oz Mug, Vacuum Insulated,​ Stainless Steel⁣ with MagSlider Lid, Stainless.

As avid coffee⁤ enthusiasts, we⁣ understand the importance of a ⁣good travel mug that can⁢ keep our favorite beverages at the perfect temperature while on the go. The YETI Rambler not only caught our attention with its ⁣sleek‌ stainless steel design, but also its innovative features, including the MagSlider Lid that uses the power of ⁢magnets to ensure your drink stays⁤ securely in⁤ place.

One of the ‍standout features of this ‍mug is its double-wall vacuum insulation, which⁣ not⁤ only keeps your drink hot or cold ‌for‍ longer periods of time,⁤ but also protects your hands from extreme temperatures. No more burning your ⁣hands on scalding hot coffee or freezing your fingers with icy cold ⁤beverages.

We were ⁣also impressed by the durability of the YETI Rambler. The ⁢tough Duracoat ⁤coating on the colored ​tumblers provides long-lasting ⁣protection⁤ against ⁢cracks, peeling, and fading, ensuring that​ this‌ mug will ⁢stand up to whatever⁤ adventures you throw its way.

In addition to its impressive performance, the YETI⁣ Rambler is⁢ BPA-free and dishwasher safe, making it a convenient and safe⁤ choice ‍for everyday use. Plus, the No⁣ Sweat Design ensures that your hands stay ‌dry,⁣ even when condensation builds ⁤up on the outside of the mug. ‌

With a compact size that stands at 3 3/4 inches high and has⁤ a lip diameter of 4 inches (with⁢ the handle, it’s‌ 5 inches wide), this mug is perfect for ⁢both home and ⁤travel. Whether ​you’re sipping‍ on ​your morning coffee, enjoying a piping hot bowl of chili, or savoring a comforting bowl of‌ oatmeal, the YETI Rambler will‍ keep ⁢your food and drinks well-insulated and ready to enjoy.

Please‌ keep in mind that while the MagSlider Lid adds an extra layer of protection and ⁤helps to prevent heat or cold ‌from escaping, it is not⁤ leakproof‌ and may‌ not prevent spills.

In conclusion, our experience ⁣with the YETI Rambler 14 oz Mug, Vacuum Insulated, Stainless Steel with MagSlider Lid, Stainless has been exceptional. Its ⁢stylish design, impressive insulation, and convenient features make ​it a top contender in the world of travel ⁢mugs. If you’re⁣ in need of a reliable and durable mug⁣ that will keep your drinks at the perfect temperature, we highly recommend giving the YETI Rambler a try.

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$44.99 in stock
6 new from $39.86
Free shipping
Amazon Amazon.com
Last update was on: July 16, 2024 3:11 am

The YETI Rambler 14 oz Mug is a game-changer when it comes‌ to keeping your favorite drinks at the perfect temperature. With its vacuum-insulated stainless steel construction, this mug‌ ensures that your coffee, chili, or oatmeal stays hot or cold for hours. Unlike traditional camp mugs, the double-wall design also⁤ protects your⁢ hands from the hot or cold ‍contents, so you can sip in comfort.

One of the standout features of the YETI Rambler is its ​innovative ⁤MagSlider Lid. This‍ lid, equipped with the power of magnets, securely seals ⁢your drink, preventing any heat or ​cold from escaping. While it adds a barrier of protection, ‌it’s important to note that the MagSlider Lid is not leakproof and won’t⁣ prevent spills. ​However, it still offers a⁢ convenient ‌and functional solution for on-the-go sipping.

Another noteworthy ⁣aspect of the YETI​ Rambler is its durability. ⁢The tough Duracoat coating ​on the colored ‍tumblers ensures that it won’t crack, peel, or fade, even after frequent use. This mug is also BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and features a No Sweat‌ Design ‌to keep your hands dry. With⁤ a height⁣ of 3 3/4 inches and a 4-inch lip diameter, this⁢ mug ‍is compact enough ​to fit in most cup holders. Plus, with the handle, it extends to 5 inches wide for‌ a‌ comfortable and secure ‌grip.

In conclusion, the YETI Rambler 14 ​oz ⁢Mug with its ⁤vacuum insulation, MagSlider ⁣Lid, and durable⁣ construction is a fantastic addition to your⁢ drinkware collection. Whether you’re enjoying a hot cup of ⁣coffee or a refreshing‍ cold ⁤beverage, ⁤this mug⁢ keeps your drink at the perfect temperature for longer, while also ‍providing ⁣convenience and functionality. ​Its sleek⁤ design and top-notch quality make‍ it a must-have ‌for any ‌outdoor enthusiast or coffee lover.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis:

The customer reviews for the YETI Rambler 14 oz Mug are overwhelmingly positive, with customers praising its excellent insulation capabilities, durability, ergonomic design, and leak-proof lid.

One customer shared their experience using​ the mug during their⁢ daily commute and highlighted ⁢how it kept their tea hot even after⁢ a⁢ long journey in the cold weather. They⁢ considered it worth every penny and appreciated its lightweight and stable design.

Another customer mentioned that they bought the​ mug⁤ for their wife, ⁣and it turned out to be the best decision ever.‍ They noted that the ⁣cup is​ bigger than most mugs and may not fit in⁤ a cup holder,‌ but it is⁢ still a great ‍cup. ⁤However, ⁣they mentioned that to achieve the best results, 1 or 2 cups of coffee are required‍ and that‌ results may vary.

A different customer mentioned that they have ⁤two ​YETI cups,‍ one for their car and the 14 oz mug for home. They highlighted how the mug keeps their coffee warm for hours.

One⁤ customer described the YETI​ Rambler as the perfect cup for camping and daily use. They appreciated its ⁣size, which can hold hot foods and soups, as well as its performance as a hot drink cup. They did mention that ⁢it ⁤is so good that you may need to buy several for everyone to use throughout​ the day. They also mentioned that the lid is easy to clean and use but is not leak-proof when turned on‌ its side.

Another customer bought the mug for their dad, who complained about his coffee getting cold too fast in their nursing facility. They mentioned⁢ that the ‍YETI mug solved this problem, ‌making their dad happy.

One customer expressed their satisfaction with the YETI Rambler, explaining that it exceeded all their ⁤expectations.⁢ They considered it their favorite mug, highlighting‌ its outstanding insulation capabilities that keep drinks at the perfect temperature for hours. They also praised ⁤its build quality, durability, and ergonomic design⁣ with a comfortable handle. ⁢They mentioned that the lid is secure and leak-proof, and they appreciated the sleek and timeless design.

Another customer mentioned that the mug is great for keeping coffee‍ hot⁢ and‍ appreciated its size, shape, and handle. The only drawback for them was ⁤that it won’t fit in a cup holder, but they still gave ​it a 5-star rating.

There are⁤ a couple of‌ reviews in different languages, one in French and​ one in Spanish. The French review ⁤mentioned that the YETI Rambler⁢ is a formidable brand in⁣ the world ⁣of⁢ thermos and serves as both‍ a cup and a thermos. However,⁢ they noted that it is not 100% leak-proof due to a ⁣lack of sealing on the drinking flap.⁢ The Spanish review‍ expressed satisfaction with the mug’s overall quality, its ability to maintain hot and cold temperatures, and its excellent⁣ magnetic closure ‌system.

Finally, one customer mentioned that‌ they have purchased‌ other YETI mugs before and found this 14 oz mug to be heavy and large. They mentioned that⁣ they should have bought the 24 oz instead.

Overall, ​the customer reviews indicate that the YETI Rambler 14 oz Mug ​is​ highly regarded for⁣ its exceptional insulation capabilities, ⁤durability, ergonomic design, and leak-proof lid. ‌

Pros & ⁣Cons

1. Excellent insulation: The YETI Rambler 14 oz Mug ‍is designed with double-wall vacuum insulation, which ensures that your hot beverages stay piping hot and your ⁣cold drinks remain refreshingly cool for extended periods.
2. Durable construction: Made with​ high-quality stainless steel and a tough⁢ Duracoat coating, this mug is built ⁢to withstand the test of time. It won’t ⁤crack, ‌peel, or fade, even with regular use and ⁣cleaning.
3. Convenient MagSlider Lid:⁢ The YETI MagSlider Lid uses magnets to ⁣securely lock your favorite drink inside⁤ the mug, preventing spills and leaks. It adds⁢ a layer of protection while still ⁣allowing easy access ‌to your beverage.
4. Comfortable to ⁣hold: The mug’s No Sweat Design ensures that your hands stay dry, ⁢even‌ when the contents⁣ are hot. The handle provides a sturdy grip, making ⁢it comfortable ‍to hold and drink ‌from.
5. Versatile size: With⁤ a capacity of 14 oz, this mug is perfect for enjoying a variety of beverages, including coffee,‌ tea,​ hot chocolate, soup, and more. It’s compact‌ enough to fit ⁣in most cup holders, making it ideal for on-the-go use.

1. Lid not ​leakproof:⁣ Despite the added protection of the MagSlider Lid,‌ it⁢ is important to note that it is not completely leakproof. It ⁣may not be suitable for transporting liquids in situations where spills are a concern.
2. Limited ⁣color options: While the Duracoat coating ensures durability,‍ it also means that ‌the mug is only available in a limited range of ‍colors.⁢ This may not appeal to individuals who prefer a wider variety of⁢ aesthetic ‌options.
3. Size⁢ limitation: The 14 oz capacity‍ may not be ‌sufficient for those who prefer larger portions of their favorite beverages. It may require more frequent refills for those who enjoy larger servings.
4. Expensive compared to⁣ alternatives: The‌ YETI Rambler Mug is priced at a premium compared ‍to other similar ⁣vacuum-insulated mugs on the ‌market. This may be⁣ a⁢ downside for ⁢budget-conscious buyers who are looking for⁣ a ‍more​ affordable option.
5. Requires careful handling​ for temperature ⁤regulation: ⁢While‌ the ⁢mug’s insulation properties are‌ commendable, it is important to⁢ remember that ⁣extreme temperature variations (such ‌as using ​boiling water or placing‌ the mug in the freezer) can affect ⁢its ⁢performance. Users should exercise caution to maintain optimal temperature regulation.


Q: Is the YETI Rambler Mug​ leakproof?

A: Unfortunately, the YETI MagSlider Lid is not leakproof. While ⁣it⁣ adds a protective barrier ‌to prevent spills and keep your drink contained, it’s important ​to note that it⁣ is not designed to be completely leakproof. So, it’s best to avoid tossing your mug in a bag or ‌backpack with⁢ liquids inside.

Q: Can the YETI Rambler ‍Mug be used⁣ in the⁣ dishwasher?

A: Yes,⁢ absolutely! YETI Ramblers are dishwasher safe, making it convenient to clean them after use.​ Just make⁢ sure to remove the MagSlider⁢ Lid before putting it in the‍ dishwasher.

Q: Does the YETI Rambler Mug ⁣have a non-slip⁢ grip?

A:​ While⁢ the YETI Rambler Mug doesn’t have a⁣ specific⁤ non-slip grip feature, it does have a “No Sweat Design” to ensure that your ‍hands stay dry. This feature⁢ prevents any⁣ condensation on the outside of the ⁤mug, offering ‌a comfortable grip ‌while enjoying your favorite hot or cold beverages.

Q: How durable⁣ is the YETI Rambler Mug’s coating?

A: The YETI​ Rambler Mug features a tough Duracoat coating on the‌ colored tumblers. ‌This coating is​ designed to withstand daily ​use and is resistant to cracking, peeling, and fading. ⁣So, rest assured⁢ that your ‌mug will maintain its vibrant colors and look great for a long time.

Q: ⁣What are⁤ the dimensions of the YETI Rambler Mug?

A: The YETI 14 oz. Rambler Mug stands approximately 3 ⁢3/4 inches high ⁤and has a lip diameter ⁤of 4 inches. With the handle, it measures 5 inches wide.⁢ It’s a convenient size for everyday ⁤use, whether you’re sipping your morning coffee or enjoying a warm bowl ‌of oatmeal on ⁤a camping trip.

Remember, these answers are based on our own experiences and research. Feel free to share your own thoughts⁤ and⁤ questions about the YETI Rambler Mug in the comments below!

Transform Your World

As we⁢ come to the‌ end of our YETI Rambler extravaganza, we can’t help but be filled with a sense of awe and delight. This remarkable mug ⁢has truly won ⁤our hearts, and we’re absolutely itching​ to share our thoughts with you!

The YETI Rambler 14 oz Mug is ⁢a force ⁣to‌ be‌ reckoned with. From its sleek stainless steel design to its marvelous MagSlider Lid, this mug is a​ game-changer. We’ve put it through its paces and let⁤ us tell you, it ⁤has⁤ exceeded⁤ our expectations.

Not only ⁤does the MagSlider Lid keep your drinks securely contained with its magnetic power, but it also‌ adds​ an extra layer of insulation, ensuring your beverage stays piping hot ‌ or refreshingly cool. ‌While it may not be leakproof, this lid does its job remarkably well.

What we love most about the YETI Rambler is its attention ‌to ⁤detail. The BPA-free⁢ construction, dishwasher-safe design, and No Sweat ⁣feature make it a joy to use and maintain. And let’s not‍ forget about the rugged Duracoat coating that ensures⁣ this⁢ mug ⁣will stand the test of time.

Measuring at 3 3/4 inches high and 5 inches ‍wide with the handle, this‌ mug is the perfect size for your daily caffeine fix or a hearty⁤ bowl of chili. The double-wall vacuum insulation will keep your‍ contents at the optimal temperature, giving you the freedom ​to​ savor every sip or spoonful.

So, ‌if you’re someone who values quality, durability, and a ​touch of magic, we highly recommend getting⁣ your⁢ hands on the YETI ⁢Rambler 14 oz Mug. Trust us, you won’t be⁣ disappointed!

If you’re as smitten with the YETI Rambler as we are, ⁣don’t waste another moment. Click here to grab‍ your very own:
YETI Rambler 14 oz Mug

Remember, life is too short for mediocre​ mugs. Elevate your beverage experience with the ⁢YETI Rambler and drink⁤ in ultimate satisfaction. Cheers to only the best!

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