The Ultimate Power Tool Combo: Our Honest Review of the DEWALT 10-Tool Cordless Kit

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Welcome​ to our product review blog post​ on ​the DEWALT 20V ⁤MAX Power Tool Combo Kit,⁤ 10-Tool Cordless Power Tool‌ Set with 2 Batteries and Charger (DCK1020D2). We ​had the opportunity to get firsthand experience with‍ this versatile⁤ and comprehensive set‌ of power tools, and we are‍ excited to share‍ our‌ thoughts ​with you.

Within this impressive combo kit, you will find⁤ a range ⁣of essential construction tools that are designed to make your work easier and more efficient. The DCF885 cordless tool offers 1-handed loading ‍for its 1/4-inch hex chuck, allowing for quick and hassle-free ⁤bit changes. The DCS381 tool features a keyless blade clamp, enabling you to change blades ⁤quickly and⁣ conveniently​ without touching the blade or reciprocating shaft.

When it comes to illuminating your work area, ⁢the DCL040 ‌flashlight shines brightly with its LED⁤ output of 110 lumens. Similarly, the DCE100 offers a ‌Max Air Flow ⁤of 100CFM, ensuring optimal ventilation while you work. The DCS393‍ saw, with its ‍6-1/2-inch ‍carbide blade, can effortlessly cut 2×4’s at a 45-degree angle​ in a single pass, while the DCR006 runs off DEWALT 12V/20V max battery packs and features Bluetooth 4.0 ‌connectivity.

In addition to these remarkable⁤ tools, the combo kit includes the⁣ DCG412 grinder with its high-powered⁢ 8,000 rpm motor ‌for cutting and grinding ⁢applications. The DCS355 ⁤tool features a Quick-Change accessory system, making blade and attachment changes fast and easy without the need for wrenches.​ Last but​ not least, the‌ DCV517 ​comes​ equipped with​ a Gore HEPA wet/dry filter, providing excellent dust filtration and trapping ⁣99.97% ‌of dust at 0.3 microns.

As you​ can ‌see, the DEWALT 20V MAX Power Tool Combo⁤ Kit (DCK1020D2) is a comprehensive set that covers a range of construction and DIY needs. In our upcoming blog posts, we will delve ​into the performance and usability of each tool, giving you a detailed insight into our experience with this remarkable power ⁢tool set. Stay tuned for more in-depth​ reviews​ and⁢ analysis.

Disclaimer:⁤ We ⁣were provided with a sample of ⁢the⁢ DEWALT 20V MAX Power Tool Combo⁣ Kit, 10-Tool Cordless Power Tool ⁢Set with 2 ⁤Batteries and​ Charger (DCK1020D2) for⁤ the purpose of⁣ this review. However, our opinions on this product are solely based on our own first-hand experience.

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$893.19 $1,049.00 in stock
6 new from $893.19
8 used from $672.41
Last update was on: July 16, 2024 1:41 am

The DEWALT 20V MAX Power‌ Tool ‍Combo Kit, 10-Tool Cordless Power Tool Set with‌ 2 ‍Batteries and Charger (DCK1020D2) offers a comprehensive collection of ​essential ‍construction tools that ⁢consistently deliver high performance. It is a versatile combo kit that includes​ various cordless tools⁤ to ‍meet all your needs.

The DCF885, ​with its 1/4-inch hex chuck and 1-handed loading, offers convenience and‌ efficiency‍ for fastening tasks. The DCS381, equipped with a keyless blade clamp, allows for quick blade changes without any hassle. We particularly appreciate the DCL040 flashlight, which provides an astounding​ LED output of 110 ‍lumens, enlightening every‌ detail of your work⁤ area. Additionally, the DCE100 boasts‍ a ⁢Max Air Flow of 100CFM, ensuring optimal air circulation during⁤ your projects.

The DCS393, featuring⁣ a ‍6-1/2-inch carbide blade, effortlessly cuts through 2×4’s at a 45-degree angle in ⁢a single stroke. The DCR006, functioning with DEWALT 12V/20V MAX battery packs and equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, offers convenient wireless connectivity.‍ The DCG412 boasts a powerful 8,000 rpm motor, providing​ ample power for cutting and ‍grinding applications.⁤ The DCS355 ⁢impresses with its Quick-Change accessory system, enabling hassle-free blade⁢ and⁤ attachment changes without the need for any wrenches. Lastly, the DCV517 is equipped with a Gore HEPA wet/dry filter, efficiently trapping 99.97% of dust particles at 0.3 microns.

Overall, the DEWALT 20V‌ MAX Power Tool Combo ‌Kit, 10-Tool Cordless ‍Power Tool Set with 2 Batteries ⁣and Charger​ (DCK1020D2) is a reliable ​and efficient investment that‍ covers a wide ‍range of tasks. Whether you are a professional tradesperson or ⁤a DIY enthusiast,⁣ this​ combo kit offers the ​right tools to get the job done effectively. With‍ its excellent performance and durability, this power tool set is a ⁣must-have for any workshop⁢ or⁤ construction site.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis:

Overall,⁢ the customer reviews for the DEWALT 20V MAX Power Tool Combo Kit are largely positive, with ‍customers praising the ​quality and versatility of the tools. One customer mentions their ⁤previous positive experience with Dewalt Tools ‍and appreciates the‌ improved battery run times of ⁢the 20V lithium ions. They are particularly⁣ excited about the oscillating multi-tool, the impact driver, and the blower, finding them all to ‌be useful and powerful.

Another customer⁣ appreciates​ the inclusion of the cordless wet/dry vacuum, which they‍ didn’t know ⁤existed, and find it handy for small spills and cleanup jobs. They also‌ like the ⁤fact that the charger‍ is able to charge both 12V ​and 20V batteries. The speaker⁢ included‍ in the set is considered decent⁣ in terms of sound quality, but the customer does suggest that it would Be nice⁤ if it had a bit more volume.

Some customers mention that they have had the set for a few ‍months and have been using it ⁣regularly without any​ issues. They appreciate the durability and reliability of⁣ the tools, mentioning that they ⁤have held up well during ​tough jobs and heavy⁤ use. One customer mentions that they ⁢have used the‌ impact driver to build a deck and found it ​to⁣ be powerful and easy to use.

In terms of battery life, customers are generally⁤ pleased with ⁢the runtime of the 20V lithium ion batteries. They find them to last a decent amount of time and appreciate the fact that they can interchange the batteries between tools.

While most customers have positive feedback, there are a couple of negative reviews. One⁣ customer mentions that the⁢ charger stopped working after a few months of use. Another⁣ customer ‌mentions that they had trouble with the drill, finding it to be less ⁣powerful than expected and prone to overheating.

Overall, the ​DEWALT 20V MAX Power Tool Combo Kit receives mostly positive customer reviews for⁤ its quality, versatility,​ and reliability. Some customers have experienced⁤ issues with certain‌ tools or accessories,‍ but these seem to⁣ be isolated incidents.

Pros & Cons

1. Versatility:​ With ‍10 different tools ⁢included in ⁣this⁢ combo ‍kit, ⁢you’ll ​have everything you need for a variety of ⁤construction and DIY​ projects. From drilling and ⁤fastening to cutting and grinding, this kit has it ‍all.
2.⁤ Cordless convenience: Being cordless, these power tools offer maximum mobility and freedom of ​movement.⁢ Say goodbye to the hassle of tangled cords and ⁣limited reach.
3. High-quality performance: DEWALT is renowned for its high-quality power tools, and this combo kit ⁣is no exception. Each tool is built to last, providing reliable and consistent performance.
4. Quick and easy ‌blade changes: The keyless blade clamp on the DCS381 allows for ⁢fast blade changes without having to touch the ⁣blade or reciprocating shaft. This saves valuable time on the job.
5. Bright illumination: The DCL040 flashlight included in ⁣this‍ kit provides a bright LED ‍output of 110 lumens,​ ensuring that your work area is well-lit even in dimly lit conditions.
6. ‍Efficient dust collection: The DCV517 features a Gore HEPA wet/dry filter​ that traps‌ 99.97% of dust at 0.3 microns. This means less cleanup time and a healthier working environment.
7. Bluetooth connectivity: The DCR006 has Bluetooth 4.0,⁢ allowing you to wirelessly connect your phone or other devices. ​This ⁣opens up possibilities for streaming music or taking calls‌ while you work.

1. Price: This⁤ DEWALT combo kit comes with a higher price tag compared‍ to some other‌ brands. However, considering the number of tools included and their quality, it can still be seen as a ⁤worthwhile investment.
2. Heavyweight:‍ As a 10-tool set, this combo kit may be a bit heavy to carry around, especially for extended⁤ periods of use. It is important to consider your physical strength and endurance before purchasing.
3. Limited battery life: Like most⁤ cordless power tools,⁢ the battery life on these tools may not last for long, especially‌ during intensive ‍use. It ‍is ‍recommended to have spare batteries on hand or invest ⁤in⁢ higher‌ capacity batteries.
4. Lack​ of case: Unfortunately, this‍ power tool combo kit does not come with a ⁣case for storage and transportation. This‍ may be inconvenient for ⁢those who prefer having a dedicated space to keep ‌their tools organized.

Overall, the DEWALT 20V‍ MAX Power Tool Combo⁤ Kit offers a ⁤comprehensive set of tools for any construction or DIY enthusiast.⁤ While it ⁣may come with a‍ higher price tag and some ‍minor drawbacks, the quality and versatility of the tools ⁢make it a valuable⁤ addition to ⁢any toolbox.


Q: ⁤What is included in‌ the DEWALT ‌10-Tool Cordless Kit?

A: The DEWALT 10-Tool Cordless Kit includes the following tools: DCF885,⁤ DCS381, DCL040, DCE100, DCS393, DCR006, DCG412, DCS355, DCV517, and DCD771. It ​also comes with two batteries and a charger.

Q: Can you tell me more about the DCF885 in the cordless tools combo ‍kit?

A: The DCF885 in the DEWALT 10-Tool Cordless Kit offers 1-handed loading for its 1/4-inch hex chuck that accepts 1-inch ‍bit tips. This feature allows for quick‍ and easy bit changes.

Q: ​How does the DCS381 with keyless blade clamp work?

A: The DCS381 in the DEWALT 10-Tool Cordless Kit has a keyless ​blade‌ clamp,​ which means you can change the blade quickly without having to⁢ touch⁤ the blade or the⁣ reciprocating shaft. This makes it a convenient and time-saving​ tool for construction projects.

Q: What‌ is the LED output of the ‍DCL040 flashlight?

A: ‌The DCL040 flashlight in the‌ DEWALT 10-Tool Cordless Kit has an LED output of 110 lumens. This provides a bright and clear illumination of‍ your work area, making it easier to see and ‌work in ⁢low-light conditions.

Q: What​ is the Max Air Flow of the DCE100?

A: The DCE100 in the DEWALT 10-Tool ​Cordless Kit has a Max Air Flow of 100CFM. This means it has a powerful air output, which is useful for tasks⁢ that require​ efficient removal ⁢of ‍debris or dust.

Q: Can the DCS393 cut 2×4’s at a 45-degree ‍angle in a single pass?

A: Yes, the ⁢DCS393 in the DEWALT​ 10-Tool Cordless Kit is designed with a 6-1/2-inch⁢ carbide blade that can cut ⁢2×4’s at a 45-degree angle in a single pass. This makes it a versatile and⁣ efficient tool​ for woodworking projects.

Q: How does the DCR006 work?

A:⁤ The DCR006 in the DEWALT 10-Tool ‌Cordless ⁢Kit is a portable radio that runs off DEWALT 12V/20V max battery‍ packs. It also has Bluetooth ⁤4.0‍ technology, allowing you to connect your devices and enjoy your favorite music while ​working.

Q: What is ⁣the motor power of the DCG412?

A: The DCG412 in the DEWALT 10-Tool Cordless‍ Kit has an 8,000 rpm motor that provides high power for cutting and grinding applications. This ensures efficient ⁤and precise ‌results in various tasks.

Q: How does the DCS355 Quick-Change accessory system work?

A: The DCS355 ​in the DEWALT 10-Tool Cordless⁢ Kit features ⁣a Quick-Change accessory‌ system that allows you to ⁤change blades and attachments ⁢quickly without⁤ the need for wrenches. This saves you time ⁤and⁢ effort when switching between different ⁢tasks.

Q: Can you tell me more about ⁢the DCV517 filter?

A: The DCV517 in the DEWALT 10-Tool Cordless Kit has a Gore ‍HEPA⁤ wet/dry filter, which traps 99.97% of dust at​ 0.3 microns. This ensures cleaner⁤ air quality during⁢ your projects and​ helps maintain a dust-free work area.

We hope this Q&A section ‌helps answer any questions you may ​have had about⁢ the DEWALT 10-Tool Cordless Kit. ⁢If you have any further queries, feel free ⁣to ‌reach out to us!

Embody Excellence

So there⁢ you have it, our honest review of the DEWALT 10-Tool Cordless ⁣Kit. We can confidently say that this power tool combo truly lives up to its name as the ultimate powerhouse. With a range⁢ of essential⁢ construction tools included, this kit‌ has everything you need to ​tackle any project.

From⁣ the DCF885 ⁣with its convenient 1-handed loading ‍to the DCS381 ‌with its keyless blade clamp, ⁣each tool in this set is designed for ease of use and efficiency. The⁣ DCL040 flashlight ‌provides ample illumination, while the DCE100​ ensures maximum air flow for a ⁢clean working environment. And let’s not forget⁢ the DCS393 with its impressive cutting​ capabilities ⁣or the DCR006 with its Bluetooth connectivity.

With this DEWALT combo kit, you’ll be able to‍ handle a⁣ wide ⁢range​ of fastening, drilling,‌ cutting, and grinding⁢ applications. It⁢ truly⁤ is a game-changer for any DIY enthusiast or professional tradesperson.

If you’re ready to experience ⁤the power and versatility of the DEWALT 10-Tool Cordless⁢ Kit for yourself, click here to get ⁣it on Amazon: [LINK]

Don’t miss out on‌ this incredible opportunity‌ to revolutionize your toolbox. ​Get the DEWALT 10-Tool Cordless Kit today and take your projects to new heights.

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