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Step into ‍a world⁤ of pure audio bliss with the JBL Tune Buds – True‌ Wireless Noise ⁣Cancelling Earbuds. We’ve had the pleasure of experiencing these small yet powerful earbuds firsthand, and let us tell you,​ they are a⁢ game-changer. From⁣ the moment you pop them in your ears,⁣ you’ll be transported to a ​realm of crystal-clear sound and unbeatable bass. But that’s just the beginning. With features like‍ Active Noise Cancelling, Smart⁤ Ambient, and 4-Mic technology, these earbuds are designed to truly enhance your listening experience. Plus,⁣ with an impressive battery ‌life of up ​to 48 ⁤hours, you’ll never have to worry about missing a beat. ‍Join us as we dive deeper into the world of the JBL Tune Buds and⁣ discover why they are a must-have for any audio ‌enthusiast.

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$69.95 $99.95 in stock
7 new from $69.95
6 used from $62.00
Free shipping
Last update was on: June 24, 2024 2:51 am

The JBL Tune Buds – True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds are our secret weapon to‌ tackle any day, one song at a time. With up to‍ 48 hours of exceptional JBL Pure Bass Sound, we never miss a⁣ beat. The Active Noise Cancelling technology allows us to tune out distractions, creating our personal oasis of music.

But it’s⁤ not just about the music. The dual microphones⁣ ensure that our calls ⁣are always crystal clear, making communication a breeze. No more ‍worrying about ambient noises, these earbuds provide the perfect call every time. And with VoiceAware, we have control over the amount of our own voice we hear, allowing for a personalized listening⁤ experience.

The Bluetooth 5.3 technology with LE audio support takes our listening experience to the⁤ next level. It allows for low power consumption while streaming ​high-quality audio. We have the freedom to use either one or both earbuds, and thanks to BT 5.3, we can even⁢ share our favorite videos ⁣or music with a friend wearing headphones. The possibilities are endless.

One feature that ‌truly sets these earbuds apart‍ is the 48-hour battery life. With 12 hours of playtime and an additional ⁣36 ​hours in ⁤the⁤ case, we never have to⁤ worry about missing out on our favorite songs. And if we’re running low on⁤ battery, a quick 15-minute Speed ‍Charge gives us an ​impressive 4 ⁣hours of ⁤playtime. The JBL Tune Buds are designed to ⁤keep us connected to our⁢ music all ⁣day long.

The JBL Tune Buds -‍ True Wireless Noise⁤ Cancelling Earbuds in‍ black are more than just earbuds, they’re our gateway‌ to an immersive and uninterrupted listening​ experience. With JBL’s Pure Bass Sound and advanced technologies like Active ‍Noise Cancelling and four-mic technology, we‌ can experience music the way it’s meant to ⁢be heard. And with the long-lasting battery life and Bluetooth 5.3 support, these earbuds have become an essential part of our daily routine. So, whether we’re out and‌ about or simply relaxing at home, the⁣ JBL Tune Buds are always by our side, delivering exceptional sound and ‍endless possibilities.‌

Customer Reviews ‌Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis:

We’ve gathered a variety of customer‌ reviews for the JBL Tune Buds – True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds (Black), Small to provide you a comprehensive analysis of​ the product. Let’s dive into what customers ​have been‌ saying about‌ these earbuds.

First and foremost, one customer expressed their excitement about ​the​ fantastic ⁤bass and excellent fit of the⁤ JBL Tune Buds. They were pleased‌ with the inclusion of changeable plugs, a feature that was lacking in a previously owned pair of earbuds. This individual⁢ was‍ already in love ⁢with their new purchase.

However, not all customers had the same experience. One customer⁣ mentioned that although the sound quality was great, the earbuds did‍ not fit ‌snugly ‌due to the shape​ of ‍the buds. They experienced the earbuds slipping off.

On ​the other hand, another customer was ⁤delighted to declare​ the JBL Tune Buds as their​ favorite earbuds. Unfortunately, they did ‍not provide further details about their experience.

Moving on, there were mixed ‍opinions regarding the fit and sound‌ quality. Some customers expressed ⁣satisfaction with both, mentioning that the battery‌ life was ⁢good too. However, those with deeper ears⁤ did ⁤not find a secure fit and ‍experienced the⁢ earbuds falling ‌out regularly.⁤ They also reported that the noise cancelling feature was ineffective due to the loose fit.

Despite these challenges, ⁢one ⁢customer still found value in purchasing the JBL⁣ Tune Buds, especially for budget ⁤bass audiophiles.‌ They appreciated the decent sound ⁤quality and found the equalizer in the accompanying app to be ‌perfect for tailoring their ‍preferred sound. Adjusting the noise cancellation and ambient options did​ take ‌some getting used to, but they⁣ eventually found it to be a perfect fit.

Another⁣ customer ⁣mentioned‍ that while the⁣ sound was not ‍as strong as they would have liked, the noise isolation was helpful. They noted that the bass was​ acceptable, but⁢ the real issue was the earbuds not staying​ in place due to the shape of the plastic.

Lastly,⁤ one customer was ⁣dissatisfied, stating that the JBL Tune Buds were unable to stay in​ their ears, regardless of ‌the ear plug size chosen. Additionally, they found the noise suppression to be subpar.

To summarize, we found a mix ⁢of positive and negative‌ feedback from ‌customers regarding the JBL Tune Buds – True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds (Black), Small. While some customers were impressed with the bass, fit, ‍and sound quality, others experienced⁤ challenges with fit, ⁤particularly for those with ⁣deeper ears. The noise cancellation ⁢efficacy also⁤ seemed to vary among users. However, there were also customers who found‍ value in ⁤the product for⁤ its reasonable price, customizable⁣ sound through ⁤the app’s ‍equalizer, and⁤ overall‌ performance.

Pros & Cons

1. Exceptional JBL​ Pure Bass Sound: The JBL Tune Buds deliver powerful and immersive sound quality,‌ allowing you to fully enjoy your favorite music‍ with deep bass and clear audio.

2. Active Noise Cancelling: With the Active Noise Cancelling technology, you can block out unwanted background noise and focus on your music or calls. This feature is perfect for⁣ creating a ​peaceful environment during flights, commutes, ‍or busy office spaces.

3. Dual ​Mics for Clear Calls: The Tune Buds are equipped with dual microphones, ensuring crystal clear call quality. You can confidently make or ‌take calls without worrying ⁢about muffled or‍ distorted audio.

4. Bluetooth 5.3 with LE audio ​support: The next-generation Bluetooth technology provides​ a seamless and efficient connection. You can enjoy high-quality audio streaming with low power consumption, allowing for longer⁤ listening sessions.

5. Long Battery Life: With up to 48 hours of battery life (12 hours on the earbuds and an additional 36​ hours​ in the ⁤case), the Tune Buds won’t leave you ⁢stranded without music. ⁢Even if you forget to charge them overnight, a quick 15-minute Speed Charge will give you 4 hours of⁤ playtime.

1. Limited‍ Color Options: The JBL Tune Buds are only available in black, which may not appeal to⁢ those who prefer more colorful or vibrant options.

2. Lack of Wireless Charging: Unlike some other wireless earbuds on the market, the Tune Buds do not support wireless⁢ charging.‍ You will need to charge them⁣ using ⁢a USB-C cable, which may be ⁣slightly less convenient for some users.

3. OTA Update Availability: While the​ earbuds have the potential to support Bluetooth 5.3 with⁣ LE audio, this feature is not initially available and will be provided through an OTA update at a later stage. This ⁢may disappoint users who⁤ were eagerly anticipating this‍ functionality.

Overall, the JBL Tune Buds provide an exceptional audio experience with their powerful sound and ⁢noise-canceling capabilities. With long battery life and ‌clear call quality, they are a reliable choice for ⁢those seeking a true wireless earbud option. The limited‌ color options​ and lack of wireless charging may be minor drawbacks for some, but the overall performance and features make the Tune Buds a worthwhile investment.


Q: Can ⁢these ⁣earbuds ⁤be used independently or do they need to be used as a pair?

A:⁤ The JBL Tune Buds can be used either as‍ a pair or independently. With the Bluetooth 5.3 technology, you have the flexibility to use either earbud on its own, or use both ‍for a fully immersive audio experience. You can also share your favorite music or videos with a⁤ friend wearing headphones, as​ the BT 5.3 allows you to seamlessly stream audio to multiple listeners.

Q: How long does the battery last on these earbuds?

A: With the JBL Tune Buds, you ⁤don’t have to worry about running out of‍ battery too soon. These earbuds offer ‍an impressive 48 hours of​ battery‌ life. When the active noise⁢ cancelling feature is engaged, you still⁤ get 10 hours of continuous playtime, with an additional 30 hours ⁣in the‍ case. If you’re in a⁢ hurry, ⁢just a ‍15-minute Speed ‌Charge will‌ give you 4‍ hours of playtime. So, you can rock your world without any interruptions!

Q: Do these earbuds support noise cancellation?

A: Absolutely! The JBL Tune ⁤Buds come ⁣with active noise ⁤cancelling, allowing ⁢you to minimize distractions and immerse yourself in your music. Whether you’re in a noisy environment or simply want to focus on your favorite tunes, these earbuds have got you covered.

Q: Can‍ I answer calls with these earbuds?

A: Yes, ⁣you can! The Tune Buds are⁤ equipped with 4-mic technology, ensuring that your calls are crystal clear and hassle-free. With‍ the dual microphones, you can enjoy​ stereo calls with⁢ perfect clarity. Never hesitate to take or make a call again with these earbuds.

Q: ⁣Can I ​control the amount of⁣ ambient ⁣noise I ​hear while using these earbuds?

A: Of‌ course! The JBL Tune Buds come‍ with Smart Ambient technology, allowing you to control the amount of ambient noise you hear. With Ambient Aware, you can tune into‌ your surroundings whenever you need‍ to, for added safety‍ and awareness. And if you want to have a quick chat without removing ‌your ​headphones, TalkThru feature lets you do that⁣ seamlessly.

Q: How is the sound quality of these earbuds?

A:‍ The JBL Tune​ Buds deliver exceptional sound quality with JBL’s signature Pure⁤ Bass sound. The 10mm drivers are smartly designed to enhance the form factor of these earbuds, delivering ‍deep, resonant bass and crisp, clear⁣ audio. So, get ready to feel every beat and immerse yourself in a world of ‌high-quality sound.

Q: Can I control the amount of my own voice I hear ⁣during⁤ calls?

A: Yes, you can! With VoiceAware technology, you have the‌ flexibility to ‍choose how much of your own voice you ⁤want to hear during calls. You can control the ⁢amount ⁤of mic input that ⁣is routed back into your earbuds, giving you a personalized audio experience.

We hope this Q&A section has answered all your questions about ​the JBL⁣ Tune Buds. ​These true wireless noise cancelling earbuds are designed to elevate your audio experience, whether ⁢you’re ​listening to music, taking ⁤calls, or simply enjoying ⁢your surroundings. So go ahead, rock your world with JBL Tune Buds!

Experience Innovation

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the⁣ incredible world of JBL Tune Buds – the ultimate true ‌wireless noise ⁣cancelling ‌earbuds! We hope you’re ​as excited as we are about these small but powerful devices that are bound to rock your world.

The JBL Tune Buds are designed to tackle your day one song ⁣at a time, providing up to 48 hours⁤ of exceptional JBL Pure Bass Sound.⁤ With these earbuds,⁢ you’ll never miss a beat again. ​The active noise cancelling feature helps you tune out distractions, allowing you to fully⁤ immerse yourself in your music or work. And with the dual mics, you can have perfect ⁣calls every time without any ambient noises interfering.

But that’s not all, these earbuds also feature Bluetooth 5.3 with LE audio support. This next-generation Bluetooth technology ensures low power consumption while maintaining high audio quality. You can stream audio independently to each⁤ earbud​ or ⁢seamlessly share‍ your content with a friend‍ wearing headphones. It’s all possible with the JBL ‍Tune Buds.

We are ⁣also impressed by the active noise cancelling with smart ambient feature. You can hear more of what you want and less of⁢ what you don’t. With Ambient Aware, you ⁣can tune into your surroundings at any time, providing an extra layer of safety. And TalkThru allows you to have quick chats without removing your⁢ headphones, making your life more convenient.

The 4-mic technology ensures crisp and clear​ calls every⁢ time. You’ll never hesitate to take or make‌ a call ‍again. And with VoiceAware, ‍you can control the amount of mic input routed back into your earbuds, giving‍ you complete control over your listening experience.

With an incredible battery life of up to 48 hours, you’ll never have to worry about ‌running out‍ of power. ⁢And if you’re in ​a ​rush, a quick 15-minute‍ charge ‌will give you 4 hours of playtime.‌ It’s⁤ that convenient!

We couldn’t be more amazed by the JBL Tune Buds and their ability to deliver JBL’s signature Pure Bass Sound. The smartly ​designed 10mm drivers combined with the ergonomic form factor ensure that you’ll feel every pulsing beat.

If you’re ready to experience the next level ⁢of audio quality and convenience, click⁤ the link⁤ below and grab your own JBL Tune Buds from Amazon. ⁢Don’t miss out​ on this ‌incredible opportunity to enhance your audio experience.

Click here to grab your JBL⁢ Tune Buds now!

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